Get Mobile: 5 Moblie Marketing Tips to Boost Revenue Fast

Get Mobile: 5 Moblie Marketing Tips

Get Mobile: 5 Moblie Marketing Tips

Have you been struggling to increase your revenue from Internet marketing? If so, it might be because your notion of what going online means is no longer really valid. Mobile marketing stats reports that just about two out of every three Americans have a smart phone. Even more interesting for mobile marketers is the fact that an increasing number of these people use their phone as their primary or even their only access to the Internet. Even when consumers do have access to desktops and laptops, Google’s research indicates that mobile use is more strongly associated with an immediate intent to purchase then traditional Internet use. This means that businesses who want to rapidly increase revenue from Internet marketing cannot afford to ignore mobile solutions.

Five Mobile Marketing Action Tips

It’s well established that businesses need to pursue mobile marketing to keep growing online. To understand how to use mobile to grow your own revenues rapidly, consider these five tips that might work for your business.

  1. Make Your Website Friendly to Mobile Visitors

This might seem obvious, but many company websites still don’t look right or function well on small and handheld devices.The first thing your business needs is a responsive website or a mobile app that visitors can access when they’re on the phone or other mobile device. Mobile web surfers are even more notoriously impatient than folks who use desktops and laptops. Make sure your Internet platform can accommodate smaller screens and function well on phones.

  1. Make Mobile Signups Easy

Marketers can use new technologies like short codes to make it easy for prospects to sign up for newsletters or special offers. With short codes, consumers can sign up to a list simply by replying to a text with a special code. This reply signals the consumer’s interest and gives the business permission to keep communicating. Many businesses offer incentives, like discount coupons, to attract more signups.

  1. Automate Marketing Campaigns

With the right software, businesses can deploy highly targeted marketing campaigns to different targeted market segments. For example, marketing automation can base promotions upon recent purchases, website activity, or demographics. If a customer left your website without paying for their shopping cart, texting them a 10 percent off or free shipping coupon might get them to go back and complete their purchase. If another customer just purchased a jogging stroller, perhaps she would also appreciate a discount on jogging shoes.

  1. Enhance Social Media

It’s always helpful to make mobile content as socially friendly as possible. To move beyond normal icons for likes and shares, some businesses have used in-store QR codes to allow customers to like and share products easily with their smart phones. As an incentive, the business can offer to text back an automatic promotional discount on that item. This gives consumers both an extra incentive to buy and an incentive to share socially.

  1. Allow Customers to Book Online

When consumers are actually out on the streets, they are more likely to patronize your brick and mortar business. Hairdressers, dentists, and restaurants are just some examples of businesses that can benefit from allowing last-minute, real-time bookings. For example, a business could either allow a consumer to request a time or have a way to display available openings that consumers can choose from. Knowing that you can fit them in, gives customers, clients, or patients an extra incentive to do business with you.

Get More Action Tips to Use Mobile Marketing to Boost Your Business

These five tips are actionable and affordable for most businesses. However, they barely scrape the surface of the ways that a company like Trumpia can help you grow your business with mobile marketing online.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

College Football Upsets Week 12

#3 Ohio State 14, #9 Michigan State 17

#6 Oklahoma State 35, #10 Baylor 45

#13 Utah 9, UCLA 17

#15 LSU 17, #22 Ole Miss 38

#19 Houston 17, Connecticut 20

#21 Memphis 12, Temple 31


#23 Oregon 48, #24 USC 28

Oregon State 7, Washington 52

Portland State 34, Eastern Washington 31

Another Global Warming Fail

Another global warming fail as Sioux Falls experiences 14 inches of snow which  crushes record.

Sioux Falls saw record snowfall Friday, with a significant variety of snow totals within the city. Snow started at about 7 a.m. and by noon there was 4 1/2 inches at the airport in the north end of town, and more than 10 inches on the southern end. By 5 p.m., there was 7.1 inches at the airport and 14 inches south of 57th Street.

In addition to the surprising gradient is the unexpected levels. It was just Wednesday that the forecast for today in Sioux Falls was for less than an inch of snow possible. On Thursday, forecasters expected to 1 to 3, and just this morning the prediction was 4-6 inches.

The previous snowfall record for the day was 3.8 inches in 1975.

Is Your Brand Easy to Remember

Is Your Brand Easy to Remember

And Things You’re Probably Doing that Damages Your Brand

Is Your Brand Easy to Remember? Branding has become a norm in the current business culture of today. Every business tries to develop a brand for itself so that more and more people are attracted towards it. The level of competition among businesses is at an all-time high and you need to keep up with them to stay in the market. Simply speaking, branding can prove to be the difference between success and failure of your business. Even a small, local business has to engage in some form of branding to attract customers.

How to Make Sure Your Customers Remember Your Brand

Branding is a process by which you create an image or face for your business. The tick mark representing ‘Nike’ is one of the million branding symbols used by businesses around the globe. Effective branding can be the vehicle for your business’s success.

  •  Consistency

Consistency is important for sustained success. There are many businesses which have been using the same logo for over half a century and are among the most recognizable brands in the world.

Generally, people identify with the brands which they have been seeing for a long time. This has been possible because they have remained consistent in their branding. Over the years, people have become familiar to their brands, even though generations have passed since their inception. Keep your brand consistent and you will be able to carve a niche for yourself.

  •  Creativity

Being creative with your branding is just as important as being consistent. If you decide to play it safe and keep a simple design, there is a chance it may be considered by your customers.

Thinking out of the box is the way to go nowadays and taking a little risk with your branding may prove to be the best option. Thinking out of the box doesn’t mean that you come up with an idea that alienates your consumer base. The idea for your brand has to be creative, original, interesting and appealing while keeping your customers in mind.

  •  Relevance

Your business’ branding should be relevant to your target audience. Customers are the lifeblood of every business and you have to make sure that your brand relates to them. There are several criteria you can use when it comes to relevance. Figure out the age group you are targeting.

The branding ideas which appeal to twenty year olds are different than those for senior citizens. Similarly, your brand has to reflect whether it is for males, females or both. If your customers are able to relate with your brand, you will be able to develop long-term relationships.

Consistency, creativity and relevance are the three ingredients for a brand which will make sure that your customers remember it. You have to consider these three factors before you start off with the branding process.

Incorporating them from the start will serve you well and ensure that your customers are familiar with your brand rather than the business name from the start. All in all, these three factors determine whether your brand remains etched in consumers’ minds or not.

5 Things That Could Damage Your Brand

A brand name is a unique design, symbol or a logo that represents a particular company or organization providing the public with its products and services. Branding your products and services has many benefits for your business, including differentiation in a crowded marketplace. You can charge your customers for the credibility you offer and thus alleviate your product costs. This it can provide you with many permanent loyal customers.

Having a good reputation for your brand is not easy. You will have to provide your customers with credible, meaningful, original, durable and superior products and services than your competitors. Building a reputed brand is difficult but maintaining it is harder. It is because even a slight mistake, wrong decision or unethical activity will have a drastic affect on your brand name.

Your brand name is fragile and vulnerable and you always need to protect it for the betterment and prosperity of your business. Below are some mistakes that are not usually considered, but may ruin a brand name easily.

  1.  Business Owner’s Personality –  Being a businessman is not easy, as your activities directly affect the image of your business. A businessman should always use P.A.K (Pleasant, attractive and knowledgeable) to maintain and build his/her brand’s image. P.A.K says that a businessman should always maintain a pleasant, attractive and knowledgeable personality while interacting with the people. An uncharismatic personality will not leave a good impression of your business.
  2.  Unethical Sales Practices – Many small business owners use unethical practices to increase their sales, although such practices result in nothing but ruining your credibility. Unethical practices include making false promises and commitments to your customers and badmouthing your competitors. False promises leave a very bad impression on your prospects and will get them irate easily while bad mouthing your competitors will make them feel as if you are not confident about your products and services.
  3.  Employee’s Behavior – The behavior of your employees is one of the biggest factors affecting your brand name, because it is they who interact with your customers directly. If they don’t behave in a polite and clear manner with your customers, they will never return. Therefore, it is essential to train your employees with the necessary communication skills.
  4.  Cheap Website – Nowadays, websites are mostly the medium of first interaction with your prospects. The first impression leaves its mark. A cheap website, where it is hard to explore your products and services without any clear information will simply exasperate your customers.
  5.  Bad or Delayed Response – When a customer needs your services, be it for the first time or for a complaint, if you fail to respond immediately you will make them feel that you don’t care about them. People don’t like to be where they are not valued and their problems are not dealt with easily. This could be bad phone line connections, long lines or simply no one responding to questions on the phone or through e-mails.

Eva is a brand management consultant and has helped many businesses to strengthen their brand image through promotions. She works for Custom Gear and is a regular contributor in marketing online publications.

College Football Upsets Week 11

#6 Baylor 34, #12 Oklahoma 44

#7 Stanford 36, Oregon 38

#9 LSU 14, Arkansas 31

#10 Utah 30, Arizona 37 2OT

#19 UCLA 27, Washington State 31

#21 Memphis 34, #24 Houston 35


Portland State 24, Southern Utah 23

Oregon State 24, California 54

Heavy Snow Around Reno


Reno, Nevada, November 10, 2015 (National Weather Service)

A vigorous storm system tracking across the western U.S. dumped extremely heavy snow around Reno, Nevada Monday afternoon and night. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported 6-18 inches fell in the region, “one of the highest single storm snowfalls … in years.”

Aaaah, Global warming!

Top 5 Precious Metals to Invest In

Gold in Bullion and Coins


Following the recession of 2008, investors have found a better way to protect their investment by pouring their hard earned money into precious metals. Here, we’ll be discussing the Top 5 Precious Metals to Invest In worldwide.
Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a descending trend in gold prices. However, the fact that gold outlays better than other types of investment is because of its trustworthiness, as it is not as prone to fluctuating prices. The factors that are responsible for its prices are the US dollar value, supply and demand, and interest rates.
The most common uses of gold are for investment, electronics, dental treatments, and the obvious one, jewelry.
Investing in silver is a reliable way of making sure that you have a stable capital investment. It’s a much better way of preserving assets regardless of the position the financial system is in and it is particularly well suited for holding in tough economic times.
This passing year, 54% of the total silver demand was for industrial uses, which ranged from automobile industries to electronics. Another factor that affected demand for silver was the solar explosion in Japan. China was reported to have imported most of the world’s silver last year, about 1,154 tons.
The most common uses for silver are electronic devices, water filtration, Silver Oxide Batteries, piping, and solar panels.
Platinum is one of the world’s scarcest metals. Platinum provisions are concentrated to the region of South Africa, which results in about 80% of the total provisions. Meanwhile, Russia has about 11%, and North America has about 6%. This metal holds high significance as a manufacturing material; its prices are however, fairly unpredictable due to limited suppliers. For this very reason, investors find it an attention grabbing investment.
The value of platinum is about twice of that of gold, which fluctuates according to the supply and demand. In harsh economic times, the value decreases due to fall in demand, and has been known to decline even below the price of gold. To give you a fair idea, the high and low of platinum prices for the year 2014 were $1,178 and $1,520.
Palladium is a metal that is in the same group as platinum. In addition to the supply and demand factors it shares with platinum, palladium is affected by the following three factors; the crises in Ukraine, vigorous venture demand, and the vehicle industry. 40% of the palladium is mined in South Africa, while Russia produces about 44%, and the rest is produced by Canada and US based mines.
Up until a couple of years ago, rhodium was the most posh metal around, with the price of an ounce touching $10,000. Not only is it a 100 times rarer than gold, but apart from that, it is imperative for use in the automotive industry, as its application as a catalytic converter is unparalleled.
Nevertheless, the trio of platinum, palladium, and silver are the most in demand in the current times, with the demand being driven by industrial needs rather than being used as a safety investment. Continued manufacturing in industries will also only improve their appeal in the upcoming years.

College Football Upsets Week 10


#24 Toledo 27, Northern Illinois 32


#2 LSU 16, #4 Alabama 30

#7 Michigan State 38, Nebraska 39 – Mike Riley gets his first BIG win.

#8 TCU 29, #14 Oklahoma State 49

#13 Memphis 20, Navy 45

#18 Ole Miss 52, Arkansas 53 OT

#19 Texas A & M 10, Auburn 26


Oregon 44,  California 28

Oregon State 0, #23 UCLA 41

Portland State 32, Northern Colorado 34


College Football Upsets Week 9

#22 Duke 27, Miami (FL) 30
#23 Pittsburgh 19, North Carolina 26

Oregon State 12, #13 Utah 27
Oregon 61, Arizona State 55 3OT
Portland State 35, Montana 16

College Football Upsets Week 8

#20 California 24, UCLA 40

#3 Utah 24, USC 42
#9 Florida State 16, Georgia Tech 22. Florida State vs Georgia Tech Game Winning Blocked FG Returned for Touchdown

#15 Texas A&M 3, #24 Ole Miss 23

Portland State 38, Cal Poly 35 Final
Oregon State 13, Colorado 17 Final
Oregon BYE

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