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Multi-lateral vs Bi-lateral Talks with N Korea?

It was obvious in the debate tonight that Kerry (favors Bi-lateral talks) and Bush (favors multi-lateral talks) have different opinions about dealing with N. Korea. If both agree that Nuclear Proliferation is the biggest threat to the USA, then it is very important that we get this issue right. Not getting it right could mean WAR again with N Korea and this time there is evidence that missiles fired from N Korea could hit the West Coast!

As reported in Military Connections on August 2, 2003

N. Korea Warns US Not to Bring Nuclear Issue to UN Security Council
By Steve Shayman
Voice of America News

“Tokyo, August 2, 2003 — North Korea says planned six-country talks about its nuclear weapons program could be scuttled if the United States persists in moves to bring the issue to the U.N. Security Council. While Washington and its Asian allies express optimism for the talks, North Korea continues to keep the world guessing with its rhetorical blasts.

North Korea’s official news agency says any move by Washington to discuss North Korean’s nuclear program in the U.N. Security Council would “hamstring” negotiations on the issue, and would be a “prelude to war.”

Two days ago, North Korea agreed to a U.S. demand for multilateral talks on the program, which would include the United States, North Korea, and the North’s Asian neighbors. U.S. and South Korean officials say the meetings could start in Beijing next month.

Agreeing to six-party talks was a major concession by Pyongyang, which had been holding out for one-on-one talks with Washington.”

Several questions come to mind:
1) Why does Kerry argue in favor of N Korea’s demand, a position that this article calls ” a major concession”?

2) Kerry seems to favor using the UN as a problem solver, but N Korea would consider involving the UN Security Council “prelude to war”. Would Kerry be a president that favors appeasement to avoid war?

3)Kerry favored continued use of the UN in regards to Iraq. The UN issued 18 demands for compliance, and only Bush backed the demand (carrot)with a threat (stick) and did not back down leading to the overthrow of Sadaam. Would Kerry have ever gone to war with Iraq? Would the Iraqi people be better off today? Would Libya and Iran respect our word more or less under Kerry?

Sometimes, like Iraq, we have to fight, and that makes it easier to avoid a bigger fight in the future. The enemies read our strength and resolve and decide to wait until our faith in our right actions…weakens.

Mt. Rainier is Becoming Active, and Also Mt. Hood??

Mt. Rainier and Mt Hood are active. Does anyone know if the seismographs on Mt Rainier or Mt Hood registers only local events or could they be picking up almost continuous events at Mt St Helens?

Chart from 9/29/04 and 9/30/04

Haiti and Hurricane Jeanne Update

A Christian missionary located in Haiti, by the name of Karen Davis talked with Haven Today about conditions in the city of Gonaives in Haiti. She said that in parts of this city of 250,000, flood waters ran over eight (8) feet deep. “Much of the ramshackle housing in the city was swept away by the flood. Five full days have elapsed since Jeanne went through the area ( at the time the program was recorded for broadcast, today), and many of the homes not destroyed are in shambles.”
If you or your friends want to help, I’m sure Haven Ministries would love your support

September 28, 2004

Andrew Hofer asks a great question:

“How can the Democrats possibly have gotten themselves into a position where they even suspect that a victory for the Zarqawi or Bin Laden forces would in some way be welcome to them? Or that the capture or killing of Bin Laden would not be something to celebrate with a whole heart?”

David Limbaugh asks the same question in an article “Christopher Hitchens on Mrs. Kerry and Dems Rooting Against American Success”

The Door Is Closing, is an article at Belmont Club suggesting Iran may be four (4) to six (6) months away from joining the Nuclear Club. Most agree that Iran must not be allowed to join and are trying desperately, with diplomacy, to head off the Mullahs. “What President Bush will do with the clock running out is anyone’s guess. But it’s three points down and five seconds to go.”

Over at GeorgeBush.Com “Rudy Giuliani Unveils John Kerry’s Debate Briefing Book”.

“Senator Kerry has taken so many different positions on the issues facing the country that we thought he would benefit from the overview of the most interesting debate — the one John Kerry is having with himself. He’s been for the war, against the war and for it and against it again. Last week, he became an anti-war candidate again. This is a fatal flaw and the American people see through it. John Kerry is not able to take a principled position and is the wrong choice to guide America through this critical time.”

Get your copy of Senator Kerry’s Debate Briefing Book by clicking here.

At Marine Corps Moms the reception for returning troopers is a far cry from the way we greeted VietNam Vets. We still have a way to go, though, to protect their jobs when they return!

Finally at Regan’s Rubric the question is asked, why, if two soldiers are equal in time and grade, but he is married and I am single, and we do the same job, should he make thousands more than I do? Is this a legitimate question? I think so! It wouldn’t happen in private industry that I am aware of. Although we have taxed marrieds differently than singles (and we tax homosexual couples as two singles. The marriage deduction is not available to them). This seems to be one of those “life is not fair” things that we can fix.

Did The President Lie About Iraq?

The FactCheck.org, an affiliate of the Annenberg Center, critiques the ad of Bush calling Kerry inconsistent on Iraq. They say the quotes are taken out of context. Their bottom line on the ad is: “But aside from the $87 billion matter(which shows inconsistency), this Bush ad is a textbook example of how to mislead voters through selective editing.”
When I read the actual quotes, sure Kerry says other asides, but they do not appear out of context to me. I also think you have to look at a longer period of time than the year they looked at to see Kerry’s true pattern. To really look at Kerry being inconsistent, you need to look at the last ten years or so and Kerry “Flips and Flops” all over the lot. Judge for yourself by going to the FactCheck.org’s site.

While you do that research also consider the Kerry question: Did Bush lie? Read the article in Insight ON THE NEWS “Did the President Lie about Iraq?” By Buddy Eberle. You will have to conclude the president did lie!. What was Kerry saying at this time?

Let me ad this reference to an article in Commentary about “The 1997 Speech That Damns John Kerry” He concludes by writing:

Kerry gave this blistering speech in response to the fact that on October 29, 1997, Saddam Hussein kicked U.S. weapons inspectors out of Iraq. Kerry argued it was “unthinkable” that Saddam be allowed to scuttle the inspection process and defy the will of the international community.

Yet despite more resolutions by the UN Security Council AND the passage of a law by Congress making regime change in Iraq the official policy of the US government AND a four-day bombing campaign against Saddam Hussein in late 1998, weapons inspectors did not set foot on Iraqi soil again until the Bush administration forced them back in in November 2002.

In the intervening four years America suffered terrorist attacks on her embassies in Africa, on her warship in Yemen, and on her homeland on September 11.

So is it plausible for John Kerry to have believed in 1997 that Saddam was a grave threat requiring the use of significant, preemptive, and unilateral military force but to now, more than five years later and in a post-9/11 world, stand before us and argue the opposite? It is not.

John Kerry’s own words both then and now damn him as a man who changes his beliefs and positions based on political expediency and nothing more.


45 Million Uninsured

I have been having a friendly little debate with Jon’s Corner of the Whirled and after my last response I went surfing some of the links on my website. I went to TCS Tech Central Station and came across the article “Good Bye, Joan” by Duane D. Freese. It chronicals the fight his sister went through fighting colorectal cancer. She was one of the 45 million uninsured.
Freese says, “The facts are that the goals of universal, affordable, quality health care are not partisan goals. The debate is about methods, not goals.”

President Bush has put in place new prescription drug benefits for seniors — one reason the costs of Medicare for seniors will rise but their cost for health care will go down. Part of that reform also will require seniors get a physical exam when they enter Medicare — a step that should encourage early treatment. The Bush administration also is instituting reforms that will encourage the use of information technology to eliminate the communications gaps that cost so much in money, patient suffering and even lives. And he wants to promote personal health accounts to provide additional coverage to 4.7 million now uninsured Americans. Cost over 10 years: $120 billion.

Kerry’s health plan essentially would create a reinsurance pool for small business, encourage people to sign into plans like those for members of Congress and reputedly help 27 million uninsured. Cost over 10 years: $653 billion, according to Kenneth W. Thorpe of Emory University, who drew up the cost estimates for the Clinton administration’s health proposals, to $1.5 trillion, according to an American Enterprise Institute study directed by Joe Antos, formerly assistant director for health and human resources at the Congressional Budget Office. The National Center for Policy Analysis has provided a middle ground figure for the cost of Kerry’s program, but says unintended economic consequences of the plan could leave as many uninsured in the end as there are today.

The costs of insuring all are staggering from $120 billion to as much as $1.5 trillion over 10 years. Before we spend that kind of money there should be a debate about our priorities in light of the hugh numbers we are spending now whether you calculate that amount on a Unified budget or a GAAP accounting budget. We also need an assessment of Tort reform, which the democrats oppose which is costing $250 billion per year.

September 25, 2004

Interesting story from Slate: The Cult of Che, Don’t Applaud The Motorcycle Diaries

Paul Berman writes about Che Guevera and for what he really should be remembered.

Belmont Club writes about Cat Stevens being turned away from the US. A lot has changed since 9/11. But not enough according to Michelle Malkin whose book “Invasion: How America Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores” is a must read.

Chrenkoff writes about “The Boss” who says the vast right wing conspiracy and Fox has forced the MSM to be objective, concluding that is amoral and in his eyes that’s BAAAD.

Critical Distance BV Weblog has a great graphic of two galaxies colliding.

David Limbaugh.com finds a study done by The Heritage Foundation that says Kerry, if elected, would increase the budget deficit not reduce it:

Realistically, Senator Kerry’s current tax and spending proposals would actually increase the budget deficit. Third-party estimates project that Senator Kerry’s proposals would raise the 2008 budget deficit to $525 billion. Even a rosy projection that, whenever possible, relies on the Kerry campaign’s own numbers reveals a 2008 budget deficit of $443 billion.

Now, by now you should know that we are talking about a unified budget, which understates the problem versus a GAAP budget

“Good News for Tortuga Island; But Still Deadly”

By Mitch Battros – ECTV
Sep 24, 2004, 23:11

“Although a tragic and deadly catastrophe has in fact occurred, the latest news sheds light on a better ending for Tortuga Island.

“Having gathered several news sources, the task of putting a puzzle together has taken place. The original confirmation as reported by several international news agencies, some of which were provided in the last ECTV newsletter, was authentic and based on eyewitness reports. The main source of those reports came from two United Nations helicopter crews who were dispatched to assess the damage to Tortuga caused by hurricane ‘Jeanne’. When they made their first few flybys, all they could see was washed out land. Or perhaps better put, no land at all. It has been reported the broadcast which came over the UN radio was (parts may be lost in translation) “the island is gone. I can only see large waves”.
Mover Mike
“As this UN tandem helicopter crew continued aerial surveillance, bodies were seen floating in the water. It may have been hundreds washed away by high winds and tsunami like waves. It is not hard to see how this tandem crew put two and two together to complete a visual, and make their report as posted by several news agencies including ECTV.

“What was officially reported by UN representatives was based on the above observations. So indeed, it looked to them as though the Island of Tortuga had vanished, and all its 26,000 inhabitants were gone. The not so good news is that in fact, thousands have died, many of which were seen floating in the waters around Tortuga and Haiti. The search & rescue operation continues.”

When I first heard about Tortuga Island last night, the thought that 26,000 people could cease to exist was horrifying. Then came confirmation from six (6) foreign newspapers confirming the worst, that the island had disappeared. Now we have reports that though the island has been devastated by Hurrican Jeanne, it still exists. I pray the story ends here. When so many of us living so close to the coast, it is miraculous that we have avoided such a huge disaster.

Here’s the link to the Belfast Telegraph

Tortuga Island Disaster – UPDATE

Six newspapers have confirmed the disaster on the Tortuga Island, in which 26,000 people have disappeared:

Italy Global News Agency

The International – Portugal

Belt Iberica News Agency – Spain


Noticias News Agency- Barcelona

Gorodfm News – Russia

“The Kid Did Good”

Quoted in The Daily times, Ed Morrisey, Jr., who swore Gorge W Bush into the Texas Air National Guard:

Morrisey said the commander he worked for at the unit in Texas was sent there to rebuild the image of the unit. There were only two to four pilot training slots given to them per year, he said. Individuals questioned by an evaluation board and then chosen by the commander had to be the best.

“Bush was selected and he turned out just fine,” he said.

According to Morrisey, after Bush began working as a fighter pilot, he became regarded as one of the best pilots there. Unit commander Col. Maurice Udell considered Bush to be one of his top five pilots, Morrisey said.

“The kid did good,” he said.

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