Re: The Bush ANG Records

The Boston Globe today issued a story, based on newly released records, that charged George W Bush was AWOL from Guard Duty. Byron York has issued a rebuttal which I find

I’m writing about this because I served my country by being in the Army Reserve beginning in 1966, just like George W Bush. Some believe that only those who toured Vietnam served their country. My duty of Active Reserve lasted for six years and then inactive reserve for some unremembered time, just like George W Bush. I interrupted college for three months Basic training at Ft. Lewis and three months AIT at Ft. Ord. We were good troops, a cut above, but denigrated by our DI’s for avoiding Vietnam. Our active duty lasted 119 days! If we had served 120 consecutive days, we would have been eligible for GI Benefits. After our six months of active duty, we drilled one night each week and a weekend for 5 1/2 years. During that time we worried about being called up for Vietnam. I was 11Bravo, a grunt, a foot soldier. I know where I would have gone if activated. Several of my buddies in the Air force Reserve were called up and sent for a year to Korea. Like Kerry, my buddies and I served our country, just like George W Bush. We didn’t choose to go to Canada. I want this rebuttal on the record so we don’t forget that George W Bush is an honorable man. His records have been released. Kerry can authorize the release of all of his records, just like George W Bush!


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