Sen. Kerry, Sign the Standard Form 180

Had dinner last night at a very nice restaurant (my first time) in Lake Oswego called Tucci”s. It was a wonderful experience, the food was very good and our waiter James was very nice to us all as we celebrated my wife’s birthday. I am not allowed to talk politics with our friends anymore, but I was goaded by the statement that Kerry has released all his military records and it is Bush that has been AWOL, yada, yada, yada…

Today I was told that the “Bush Bounce” was gone and that the race is all tied up again. You know, I don’t care if my friends vote for Kerry for legimate reasons, but I sure get tired of them reciting “facts” and suggesting that that is why they are voting the way they are (if we could vote today); or giving me stories that just are not true. CNN and CBS are hoping that Kerry will win so they do all they can to influence the electorate, including using a Pew Poll showing the results even and ignoring polls to the contrary.

The biggest lie: Kerry has released all his military records!

Navy Contradicts Kerry on Release of Military Records ^ | September 16, 2004 | Marc Morano

Posted on 09/16/2004 3:45:11 PM PDT by blogblogginaway

( -The U.S. Navy released documents Wednesday contradicting
claims by Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry that all of his
available military records have been released.

The Navy, responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from the
legal watchdog group Judicial Watch, also referred interested parties to
Kerry’s campaign web site for government military documents.

Navy Personnel Command FOIA Officer Dave German wrote in an e-mail to
Judicial Watch that the Navy “withheld thirty-one pages of documents from
the responsive military personnel service records as we were not provided
a release authorization.”

A “release authorization” would have to come from Kerry filling out and
signing a Standard Form 180, something he has yet to do. A Standard Form
180 would authorize the complete release of all his military records. Judicial
Watch filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in August to obtain
Kerry’s military records.

The official U.S. Navy response was received by Judicial Watch on
Wednesday, the same day that Kerry told syndicated radio and MSNBC TV
host Don Imus that “We’ve posted my military records that they sent to me,
or were posted on my website. You can go to my website,
and all my — you know, the documents are there.”

When Imus pressed Kerry as to whether all of his documents were in fact
included on the campaign website, Kerry responded, “To the best of my
knowledge. I think some of the medical stuff may still be out there. We’re
trying to get it.

“We released everything that they (the Navy) initially sent me,” he added.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the Navy’s correspondence
confirms that Kerry has not been forthright in releasing his military files.

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