September 25, 2004

Interesting story from Slate: The Cult of Che, Don’t Applaud The Motorcycle Diaries

Paul Berman writes about Che Guevera and for what he really should be remembered.

Belmont Club writes about Cat Stevens being turned away from the US. A lot has changed since 9/11. But not enough according to Michelle Malkin whose book “Invasion: How America Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores” is a must read.

Chrenkoff writes about “The Boss” who says the vast right wing conspiracy and Fox has forced the MSM to be objective, concluding that is amoral and in his eyes that’s BAAAD.

Critical Distance BV Weblog has a great graphic of two galaxies colliding.

David finds a study done by The Heritage Foundation that says Kerry, if elected, would increase the budget deficit not reduce it:

Realistically, Senator Kerry’s current tax and spending proposals would actually increase the budget deficit. Third-party estimates project that Senator Kerry’s proposals would raise the 2008 budget deficit to $525 billion. Even a rosy projection that, whenever possible, relies on the Kerry campaign’s own numbers reveals a 2008 budget deficit of $443 billion.

Now, by now you should know that we are talking about a unified budget, which understates the problem versus a GAAP budget

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