The news from SE Asia is bad enough without News for Yahoos from Yahoo News reporting Maldives loses 42 islands as tsunami toll hits 117

MALE (AFP) – At least 42 islands in the tourist paradise of the Maldives were flattened with 117 people killed and missing after tsunamis raved the low-lying atoll nation, the president said.

Not only is the title misleading, but further in the article is this piece of nonsense:

The tragedy struck the atoll nation of 330,000 Sunni Muslims which is already facing the prospect of extinction from sea level rise caused by global warming. Gayoom had warned that a one-meter (three foot four inch) rise in sea levels could submerge his country.

Not only is Global Warming just a theory, but there is no evidense of rising sea levels; As Michael Chrichton wrote about in State of Fear
Mover Mike

I wondered if the 9.0 Earthquake would have an effect around the Ring of Fire. Mitch Battros at Earth Changes TV says both Yellowstone and Mt. St. Helens have been relatively quiet. Here’s the link for viewing Mt. St. Helens.
Mover Mike

As if India hasn’t had enough, now Drudge is reporting the last volcano in India is erupting.
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