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Late January 31st

Researchers find diabetes trigger, possible fix

The researchers, from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, discovered a genetic ”master switch” in the liver that is turned on when people become obese. Obesity has long been linked to diabetes, but the reason, until now, has been unknown. Joslin researchers found that once on, this switch produces low-level inflammation, which disrupts the body’s ability to process insulin, causing type 2 diabetes.

Reasoning that aspirin-like drugs are used to quell inflammation, they successfully used the drugs, called salicylates, to eliminate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice.

Mover Mike

Eight more quakes in Andaman-Nicobar – aftershock epicenters moving northwards…

The strangest thing observed is another smaller but very similar quake in Uttar Pradesh (a state in India), which is in the Northern India adjacent to the Himalayas.

When the epicenters of these quakes are joined with a straight line, it seems that the aftershock epicenter is moving along this line. The aftershocks are between 5.2 and 6.2 in Richter scale. After a series of aftershock there is approximately 78 hours of gap before the next series appears.

There were no quakes reported Monday in this area after four days of activity.

Mover Mike

Please welcome these new links:

Iowa Geek – The State is no substitute for personal responsibility. Good post on the 29th about How the press originally treated Lincoln after the Gettysburg Address

The Glittering Eye – Caught my eye with his posts on a number of topics.

The Tomo Report – Daily news and reporting from around the world…. Independent, conservative commentary… And links to the stories you won’t see anywhere else…

Mover Mike

Freedom is Contagious!

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin: you want to know about Cuba read Babalu. Now that the Iraqis have voted, how about Cubans having the same rights? Let’s focus our prayers and attention on the Cuban people. What will it take for Cubans to flash a blue finger?
And Tyrants of the world, you can’t keep out the images of people voting in Iraq. Your people will be asking the same question, “When shall we exercise our right to select our leaders?”


Sometimes it just takes me awhile…to read a book. Sitting on my desk has been a small, 3/8 inch thick, book with an orange spine on which is written
I started this book and then something more exciting or pressing came along, and there it sat, flirting with me. Something about that spine caused me to pick it up Saturday, and inside the cover I found this inscription:

For Mike on his birthday. 1-15-03, Bill & Connie.

On the next page were these words

The editor-in-chief of French Elle, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a stroke that resulted in locked-in syndrome when he was 43 years old. He died just two days after the French publication of his book.

I like to think that people and books, ideas or things, present themselves at appropriate times. I started to read and discovered this young man of 43, after his stroke, could only move his left eye and head (and his head only 90 degrees). He wrote this book using a special alphabet based on the frequency of a particular letter’s usage in the french language. A friend would read each letter aloud and he would blink his eye when the correct letter was read, thus building a word, then a sentence, a paragraph, and finally this small book.
“Locked-in” he was especially conscious of his memories; the tastes of strawberries, the sour smell of a New York bar, the odor of poverty of a Rangoon market, the smell of french fries at the end of the pier. And then would come flooding back all the memories of events associated with that smell. For me the smell of Emeraude perfume, immediately takes me back to a city south of San Francisco in 1963, while on choir tour with the Willamette Univ. Choir. “She” wore it! She was a painter of landscapes or seascapes, Joan T., who gave me my first original piece of art. Unfortunately, she wanted it back, after our romance was over.

Bauby has time to think about his short life. He isn’t bitter, he is positive, but misses being able to comfort his two children by hugging them to him and kissing their forheads. He misses sliding up next to his wife in bed and feeling her warmth. As I sat there in my overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace, I noticed there were two cup hooks and a yellow stick pin in the wood. Cup hooks for the Christmas stockings hand made by Beverly’s mom sister Carol for each member of the family (I received mine that first Christmas after we married) and a stick pin for the smaller stocking that is Amber the dog’s. It’s wonderful to be alive; to notice the plum trees are already adorned in pink bloom, to notice that the daffodils are pushing green up through the ground. Bauby was thrilled to be alive, and had just enough time to write this book about life, one eye blink at a time.

Mover Mike

Sunday, January 30th

And the Beat Goes On…

2005/01/30 21:39:02 8.25N 94.25E 15.0 5.2 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/30 15:33:13 8.13N 94.09E 15.9 5.6 Nicobar Islands

Mover Mike


Today the people of Iraq have spoken to the world, and the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East…

In great numbers, and under great risk, Iraqis have shown their commitment to democracy. By participating in free elections, the Iraqi people have firmly rejected the anti-democratic ideology of the terrorists. They have refused to be intimidated by thugs and assassins. And they have demonstrated the kind of courage that is always the foundation of self-government.

A whole new meaning to “Giving the Finger”!

Mover Mike

Arabs Mesmerized by Iraqi Elections And the real fear of the Middle Eastern leaders in Syria (where Iraqis voted by absentee ballot), Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt

The Egyptian student, Ahmed Abdel Rahman, openly spoke about not trusting U.S. intentions in Iraq, saying the new Iraqi ruler “will be a follower of America.”

But when asked if democracy can grow in Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak is widely expected to seek a fifth term in power, the 20-year-old looked over his shoulder and said:

“Let’s talk about Iraq. Let’s stay away from talking about Egypt.”

Mover Mike – 4000

From Iraq the Model this addition

I walked forward to my station, cast my vote and then headed to the box, where I wanted to stand as long as I could, then I moved to mark my finger with ink, I dipped it deep as if I was poking the eyes of all the world’s tyrants.
I put the paper in the box and with it, there were tears that I couldn’t hold; I was trembling with joy and I felt like I wanted to hug the box but the supervisor smiled at me and said “brother, would you please move ahead, the people are waiting for their turn”.

Mover Mike

Pray for the Iraqis!

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for his mention of Powerline’s picture of the day. Pray for the Iraqis who go to the polls this weekend.

Mover Mike

Saturday January 29th

Many of us know someone who has MS. I saw this article today “Chronic Lyme borreliosis at the root of multiple sclerosis – is a cure with antibiotics attainable?” written by Fritzsche M. of the Clinic for Internal and Geographical Medicine in Adliswil, Switzerland.

Worldwide, MS prevalence parallels the distribution of the Lyme disease pathogen Borrelia (B.) burgdorferi, and in America and Europe, the birth excesses of those individuals who later in life develop MS exactly mirror the seasonal distributions of Borrelia transmitting Ixodes ticks. In addition to known acute infections, no other disease exhibits equally marked epidemiological clusters by season and locality, nurturing the hope that prevention might ultimately be attainable.

What if?

Mover Mike

Chrenkoff in Through the Glass Darkly has an excellent post on how those like Slate’s Fred Kaplan are part of a “school” that think America is a declining country. In the post he talks about the future of China and I was reminded of a recent (Jan. 14th to the 22nd of 2005) series of articles in the Asia Times:

Part 1) The Great Wall of shopping

But in a country where in 2003 (the latest data available) the average per capita disposable income in urban areas was 8,472 yuan ($1,033) a year, while for farmers it was only 2,622 yuan ($319) a year, who’s really climbing the Great Wall of shopping?

Part 2)Selling China to the world

Made in China, move over: make way to Bought by China. The Middle Kingdom is no longer happy to be “just” the factory of the world, inundating us all with low-tech and mid-tech goods, from textiles to cell phones, from computers to toys, from cameras to bedside lamps.

Part 3)The hottest label: China chic

China entered 2005 celebrating a textile Big Bang: the end of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, with all quotas on textile imports lifted by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Textiles represent 6% of world trade. China’s current share of the US market is around 17%; it may soon rise to 50%. China’s current share of the European Union market is 18%; it may soon rise to 30%

Part 4)The peasant Tiananmen time bomb

Last October, The Chinese Peasant Study (more than 7 million pirated copies have been sold. The 460-page yellow-bound volume with the title in black characters can be easily found under the counter, even in some bookshops, for 22 yuan {US$2.65}) won the prestigious Lettre Ulysses Award, sponsored by the German magazine Lettre. The gritty, emotion-packed literary reportage depicts economic exploitation, social injustice and political oppression in rural China – as well as some extraordinary tales of resistance. It took three years to write and consumed all of Chen’s and Wu’s savings. They visited more than 50 towns throughout agricultural Anhui province, talked to scores of senior officials in Beijing and interviewed thousands of peasants to explain how, in its mad urbanization drive, the party not only neglected the lot of 900 million peasants – deprived of decent health care, welfare, education, the right to have more than one or two children – but also treated them harshly, plunging them in a guaiqian (vicious cycle) in which nothing has fundamentally changed a social structure that has been systematically exploiting Chinese peasants for centuries.

I suspect the MSM have created another Super Power that threatens the growth or life of the US, much like they did with the Soviet Union and the Economy of Japan and now China. China is undergoing tremendous growth and has put awful pressures on wages and employment of workers here and around the world. However, let’s not ignore their problems.

I am always amazed at how this country continues to thrive and create new businesses even with the politicians and taxes and regulations.

Mover Mike

Do You Want Fries With That?

My last time through a McDonald’s or Burger King, I noticed from my car that the person taking my order, had a head set on and was multitasking. Taking my order, drawing a coke or milkshake, making change, asking if I wanted salt or ketchup, and then handing me my food, drink first. Now I read KXMC has this from Hermiston in Eastern Oregon near I-84:

(AP) _ The McDonald’s restaurant in Hermiston, Oregon is outsourcing customers drive-thru meals to North Dakota.

When a customer drives through, they’ll be patched through to Grand Forks, North Dakota to place the order. Why? Because the minimum wage in North Dakota is five-dollars and 15 cents, compared to Oregon’s seven-dollars and 25 cents.

I see several problems. The owner would still need someone to do the other jobs that were being done by the order taker. (I can’t figure out how that saves any money.) And, if the order taker is in North Dakota, won’t my fries get cold, waiting for my order taker to hand them to me? ” I am sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen, but your fries will be a little bit late, due to a head wind out of Montana.”

Mover Mike

VW is Suing

You remember the other day when Mover Mike linked to BuzzMachine saying he had an interesting post Advertisers: You have lost control of your message. Get over it. about that VW ad and how advertising is changing, saying the customer is democratising advertising.

Well now WorldNetDaily is reporting that VW is going to sue the perpetrators. Come on, VW you just got the best publicity ever for the POLO! See, I remember the name of the car. Isn’t that what you want?

Mover Mike

And from Earth Changes TV Unusual Quake Pattern Observed in A-N Islands

Experts today said that there was “unusual earthquake pattern” in Andaman and Nicobar Islands with more than 120 tremblors recorded in the last one month releasing a large amount of seismic energy.

Mover Mike

Earth Quakes in India and Sumatra

I have been fascinated with the Earth Quakes that have come from the India/Sumatra region. I recognize that after a major quake of 9.0, there are going to be after shocks, but this goes against everything with which I’m familiar! I don’t know if the people in those area can feel these quakes, but one 5.0+ is frightening and noisy. Imagine 5 6 7 Quakes on 1/29, 6 10 11 13 quakes on 1/28, 16 on 1/27, and 15 on 1/26. When I see these listed, I seem to hear an explosion of sound after each one. From the USGS:
2005/01/29 20:01:55 8.08N 94.16E 22.2 5.2 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/29 18:20:56 5.49N 94.30E 14.9 5.2 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
2005/01/29 06:10:43 3.30N 93.68E 27.3 5.5 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/01/29 05:44:12 13.10N 93.03E 20.0 5.6 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/01/29 03:38:01 8.16N 94.23E 16.7 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/29 02:55:18 5.07N 94.71E 37.9 5.3 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
2005/01/29 01:13:44 7.31N 92.54E 34.1 5.1 Nicobar Islands

2005/01/28 19:18:51 7.99N 94.11E 19.9 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 17:49:40 8.07N 94.14E 30.0 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 17:31:58 8.02N 94.27E 30.0 4.8 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 17:26:18 7.98N 94.25E 30.0 4.9 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 17:04:53 8.18N 94.45E 30.0 4.9 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 12:37:10 8.05N 94.06E 14.1 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 08:47:18 7.98N 93.97E 30.0 5.1 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 08:29:46 7.88N 93.99E 20.7 5.3 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 07:49:18 8.07N 94.15E 30.0 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 06:13:26 7.98N 94.02E 30.0 5.7 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 06:10:31 7.94N 94.04E 42.2 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 03:31:27 8.19N 93.97E 30.0 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/28 03:26:28 7.95N 94.06E 30.0 4.8 Nicobar Islands

2005/01/27 22:40:48 8.06N 94.09E 30.0 5.3 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 20:09:52 5.56N 94.36E 30.0 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 17:40:48 8.05N 94.09E 22.4 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 16:58:51 7.95N 94.07E 30.0 5.8 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 13:57:06 7.97N 94.15E 30.0 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 13:54:15 7.92N 94.24E 30.0 5.2 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 12:11:55 7.90N 94.33E 30.0 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 11:47:38 8.10N 93.98E 36.6 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 11:44:04 7.96N 94.17E 30.0 5.2 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 08:42:17 7.97N 94.29E 35.3 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 08:19:07 7.97N 94.02E 30.0 5.5 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 07:20:26 7.97N 94.02E 43.1 5.0 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 06:56:59 7.98N 94.03E 41.4 5.7 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 05:35:23 13.30N 92.88E 30.0 5.0 Andaman Islands,INDIA REGION
2005/01/27 05:22:19 7.89N 93.96E 37.6 5.3 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/27 03:58:45 8.03N 93.95E 30.0 5.4 Nicobar Islands

2005/01/26 22:46:56 8.05N 94.09E 4.4 5.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 22:46:33 8.04N 94.08E 72.6 4.6 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 22:00:40 2.74N 94.52E 10.0 6.2 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/01/26 20:39:18 7.99N 94.07E 10.0 4.8 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 17:30:29 8.30N 93.98E 25.8 5.6 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 16:50:08 3.23N 96.23E 32.5 5.1 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
2005/01/26 15:46:54 7.99N 94.31E 30.0 4.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 14:25:53 8.07N 94.29E 30.0 4.4 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 11:42:24 7.84N 93.69E 20.9 4.8 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/01/26 11:39:18 3.62N 94.81E 28.0 4.4 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/01/26 08:34:05 4.65N 93.26E 41.0 4.7 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/01/26 05:46:39 5.40N 92.90E 47.6 4.6 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/01/26 05:14:36 13.49N 92.58E 30.0 4.3 Andaman Islands
2005/01/26 03:38:15 8.01N 94.05E 30.0 4.8 Nicobar Islands
2005/01/26 00:29:48 10.68N 92.49E 30.0 4.3 Andaman Islands

India Daily reports UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean – sub tectonic experiment?

What is really strange is that during low tide or any time when ocean recedes leaving a wider beach area, the sea birds have a feast on the fishes left in the beach. But these days the sea birds actually fly inland when this is happening. The number of wild animals in the coastal areas also has diminished. Why are animals not coming back to the ocean coastal areas? Are they sensing possibility of another Tsunami?

Mover Mike

Ahh Fashion!

On January 18th I quoted Pierre Cardin

Modern clothes are unwearable and the fashion industry has been disfigured by big business and nudity, says legendary designer Pierre Cardin

From Yahoo today are examples of what Cardin is talking about.

Haute Couture : A model presents a creation by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier as part of the Spring/Summer 2005 Haute Couture collections presentations in Paris. (AFP/Francois Guillot)

This combination photo shows a model presenting a creation as part of Cavalera’s 2005 Fall/Winter collection show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, January 25, 2005. Picture taken on January 25. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Mover Mike

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