Hollywood and Che

The WSJ (by Subscrip. only) has on the opinion page an article titled Red Dusk, It’s time Hollywood gave up its love affair with communism. In it Bridget Johnson tells us that Hollywood is planning more movies about Che Guevera. This is the Che in Motorcycle Diaries that I wrote about on January 4, 2005. Just a reminder of the glories of Che that Hollywood, I suspect, would like us not to remember:

“…Che Guevara, whose legacy includes both ordering and conducting executions and founding forced labor camps. “Guevara . . . quickly gain[ed] a reputation for ruthlessness; a child in his guerrilla unit who had stolen a little food was immediately shot without trial,” writes Pascal Fontaine in “The Black Book.” Guevara also wrote in his diary about executing peasant Eutimio Guerra, a suspected informant, with a single .32-caliber shot to the head. Guevara, in his will, praised the “extremely useful hatred that turns men into effective, violent, merciless, and cold killing machines.” He tried to spread the havoc caused by the Cuban revolution in other countries from Africa to South America, rallying for “two, three, many Vietnams!”

Guevara oversaw executions at La Cabana prison; some of those executed were his former comrades who wouldn’t relinquish their democratic beliefs. “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary,” he said. He didn’t assuage his barbarity by being a brilliant statesman, either, helping drive the economy to ruin as head of Cuba’s central bank and minister of industries. “Though claiming to despise money,” writes Fontaine, “he lived in one of the rich, private areas of Havana.” Guevara told a British reporter after the Cuban Missile Crisis that the nukes would have been fired if they were under Cuban control–which would have wasted all of those future American suburban revolutionary wannabes.”

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