Pundita Cuffs McCain!

Pundita has an interesting post about Kennedy-McCain immigration bill? Now, first off if McCain is attached to it, that lowers the quality of the bill right off the bat! McCain-Feingold? McCain and 14 Senators bend over regarding the filibuster. Pundita says the bill “asks for studies of the security situation” and goes on to say

The United States is seeing a resurgence of infectious diseases that were wiped out in this country. The US is now on the verge of a leprosy epidemic. Not only leprosy but also tuberculosis, polio, and several other serious diseases are threatening the American population and with attendant costs to industry and families, not to mention “the taxpayer.

The path for reintroducing ‘extinct’ diseases to the US is via foreign visitors of all kinds–tourists, students, immigrants both legal and illegal, and so on. The question is how to set up health screening for the legal visitors, including temporary guest workers. This task should not be left to the US companies employing temporary workers. Nor should it be left to the companies that have come to depend on illegal workers. We need the screening program in place first, before making any legislation with regard to updating visa programs.

Ideally, we should quarantine all immigrants for some number of days, just like we did with astronauts when they returned from space. After all, with astronauts it was the future health of the world, here it is the health of the US. We show no inclination to round all of them up, let alone quarantine them. But, with a million illegals per year, we have plenty of time to study the situation. Maybe, as Pundita suggests, there are too many financial interests at stake to give a damn. Pundita, cites one–the real estate industry. I’ll cite others. Those coming here to make 10 times what they could make in Mexico, will be needing banking services, cars, TV’s, food and clothing and the Feds get workers paying into Social Security. And…the politicians get voters.


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