Big Rise in “OTM’s”!

From Reuter’s, Non-Mexican immigrants swamp Texas border cityThe number of illegal immigrants from Central America and Brazil caught crossing into this Texas border city (Eagle Pass) jumped threefold in the past year as they rush to exploit a legal loophole, U.S. authorities said.

The U.S. Border Patrol has nabbed 15,195 non-Mexican migrants crossing over the Rio Bravo around Eagle Pass in the past eight months, a rise of almost 240 percent on the same period last year, officials said on Monday.

OTM = other than Mexicans

2 Responses to “Big Rise in “OTM’s”!”

  1. what’s otm stand for?

  2. The border patrol classifies people they catch as either Mexican or Other than Mexican (OTM). Mexicans are bused back across the border, OTM’s are flown back home like Honduras, for example. I believe OTM’s are treated differently here. They may get some kind of card that instructs them to appear in court in 30 days, but really allows them to proceed on their way into our country.

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