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Get Prepared!

I can’t begin to imagine the suffering of over 1,000,000 people caught in the way of hurricane KATRINA. Wizbang brings up some interesting points that can challenge us here in Portland. If there were a natural disaster in Portland, one of the first things people need is information about their neighborhood and the family and friends who live there.

Somebody try to find and compile (reliable) damage reports from specific neighborhoods.

How does FEMA work?

Somebody read the news reports on what FEMA is doing and what it is not… Somebody read their site and distill it for those of us who don’t have time for red tape.

How do you get money from the Red Cross? Is it a grant or loan?

What happens to my utilities? How do I cancel my auto-pays?

How do I get new glasses? How do I get prescriptions refilled?

Portland has Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs)

In the event of a citywide or regional emergency such as a severe winter storm, flood or major earthquake, households need to be prepared to be on their own for the first 72 hours. Neighborhoods need to be prepared for self-sufficiency, too. Volunteers will naturally be the first on-the-scene emergency responders in their own neighborhood, especially when firefighters and police are overwhelmed with requests for help and could be slowed down by impassable streets and other damage.

You can volunteer for the 26 hours of training. The training includes:
Disaster Awareness—Earthquakes and Other Disasters
Utility Control
Disaster Medicine – Treating Life-Threatening Injuries/Medical Triage
Disaster Medicine – Treating Common Injuries
Light Search & Rescue – Visual Assessment of Damaged Buildings
Light Search & Rescue – Rescue Techniques
Disaster Psychology and Trauma Intervention

The American Red Cross offers Family Disaster Planning. Take some time and learn their Four Steps to Safety

My new motto is WWMD! What would a man do – to protect his family, help his neighbors, and save lives. Looking at the scenes from the south, it is apparent that when the government is overwhelmed, civilization is not made of solid wood, but a thin veneer. It is incumbant upon all of us to be prepared.


Chasing Your Tail, Anti-Dumping Duties

Concerned with dumping by China, the US imposed some small anti-dumping duties on Chinese furniture imports. According to FURNITURE Today, there were some unintended consequences. China outsourced to Vietnam where labor costs are lower than in China and exports of U.S. hardwoods, including red and white oak, ash, maple, yellow poplar, cherry and walnut from to Vietnam has increased from $926,640 in 1999 to $11.3 million in 2003 to $22.9 Million in 2004. Right now, a lot of the hardwoods are being used in furniture produced for customers in Europe. Vietnam now hopes to expand their furniture imports to the US.

look for Europe, hurt by competition from furniture manufacturers in Vietnam, to impose anti-dumping duties. Look for more stress on US manufacturers as Vietnamese imports surge, leading to more anti-dumping duties. And so it goes, as nations strive to protect their own.


At FreeRepublic, My Favorite Headache is reporting a conversation with his best friend, a paramedic. The paramedic said

Thousands of bodies have been discovered throughout Mississippi in Gulf Port, Waveland,Hancock County,Bay of St.Louis.

They are hanging in trees and they are pulling them out 30 at a time. Entire families found drowned in their homes and washing up on shore.

I haven’t seen confirmation from MSM. I pray it is not true.

KATRINA: You Can Help!

You Can Help Storm Victims

American Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW | FEMA | Catholic Charities | Salvation Army | Cash Donations Sought for Katrina Victims |

Larry Kudlow, Wrong Then and Wrong Now!

I’m getting sick of the sort of pablum Wall Street feeds us particularly Larry Kudlow. I’ve taken after Kudlow before, here for example. Get this from a recent post of his:

Other inflation-sensitive market price indicators continue to show broad-based domestic price stability. Gold prices have slipped back toward their $431 average range that has prevailed year to date. The 10-year Treasury continues to hover around its 4.25 percent range that has been in place since last October. The CRB spot commodity index has dropped slightly below its average 295 zone, in effect since last July.

In other words, outside of oil and energy, domestic prices in the aggregate look to be stabilizing in the wake of Federal Reserve money-tightening and rate-hiking moves dating back to June 30, 1994.


Domestic price stability and relatively low tax-rates are key policy indicators for continued non-inflationary prosperity. Add in the world economic boom, high domestic productivity and profits, a shrinking budget gap, and a new CAFTA free trade agreement, and you have a solidly bullish stock market and economic outlook for the next couple of years.

You know that gasoline at the pump is up 50% or so. My car uses premium and holds 17 gallons. Before taking off this weekend for Bend and a wedding, I filled the tank; $36! Now, we just called 1st Call to fill the oil tank for the winter. I know we paid about $300 for 263 gallons last year in November for oil. This year the price of heating oil is up 44% 152% to $2.88 a gallon. We will be paying over $400 $586.08 for 203 gallons for oil this year, but Kudlow says,

…In other words, outside of oil and energy, domestic prices in the aggregate look to be stabilizing…

Larry, the CRB hit 334 today! And you can’t say anymore, as you did, that adjusted for inflation Oil is well below its highs of the 70’s.


Mover Mike to Host Carnival of Liberty X

Carnival of Liberty X, on September 6th, will be hosted by Mover Mike.

Send your contributions to the Carnival of Liberty e-mail address:


or, use the Carnival Submit Form from Conservative Cat.

Be sure to check back here next Tuesday (night time!) for the Carnival of Liberty.

USA & Iran: Clash of Civilizations

If you are not reading Regime Change Iran, you are missing some of the best information about this nation that’s out there. Monday, in A Clash of Civilizations Amir Taheri, of Newsweek International says

The stage is thus set for a confrontation with the United States. Iran is confident it can win, and history hasn’t given it much reason to fear otherwise. Student radicals like Ahmadinejad watched in 1980 as the United States did nothing but issue feeble diplomatic protests over the seizure of its embassy. They saw Ronald Reagan fulfill Ayatollah Khomeini’s notorious dictum—”America cannot do a damned thing!”—when Lebanese suicide bombers recruited by Tehran killed 241 Marines near Beirut in 1982. Bill Clinton talked sanctions but then apologized for unspecified “past wrongs.”

Even George W. Bush’s war on terror, which initially worried the mullahs, has turned to their strategic advantage. Enemies on either side—the Baathists in Baghdad and the Taliban in Kabul—are now gone. The expulsion of Syria from Lebanon under U.S. pressure has left Iran as the major foreign influence in the country. Bush’s advocacy of democracy has undermined Washington’s traditional allies—and Iran’s rivals—like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. “The Americans have their so-called Greater Middle East plan,” Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini Khamenei said in a speech recently. “We, too, have our plan for the region.”

Iran can wait us out, collect at least $200 Million a day from oil sales, bleed us with casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, continue work on nuclear weapons and hope that a new president in 2008, influenced by a growing anti-war movement will in this country, will turn tail and run as has been our practice.

We have a car dealer in Portland whose motto is, “If you don’t see me today, I can’t save you any money!” In the case of Iran, I’d say, “if you don’t deal forcefully with the problem today, it’s going to cost us a lot of money (and boys and girls lives)!”

Super Typhoon Talim in Taiwan

Looks like Witnit will be blogging from Typhoon Talim in Taiwan. A catagory 5 SuperTyphoon is taking direct aim at Taiwan.

Winds are expected to strengthen to 250 kph later today with gusts as high as 304 kph, the center said. That would make Talim, which means sharp, or cutting edge, in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, a Category 5 storm under the Saffir-Simpson scale, or a super typhoon under Pacific rankings.

Captain’s Quarter: The Great Wall of FISA

On August 12th, I posted Who is Jamie Gorelick? I quoted a piece from ChronWatch,

What is becoming increasingly obvious is that the Gorelick Memo itself was perhaps part of a much larger effort by the Clinton Administration to shield itself from investigations that would imply its complicity in the passing of sensitive military and nuclear intelligence to the Chinese in return for millions in illegal campaign donations in the run-up to the 1996 election.

Now, Captain’s Quarters, in an awesome piece of reporting, titled Dafydd: the Great Wall of FISA, has this to say about the Chinese connection:

It is now generally conceded that the People’s Republic of China…established a spy network of stunning breadth during the Clinton administration, primarily focusing on obtaining our most up-to-date nuclear technology and strategy. Of more controversy is why: (emphasis added) the Right asserts, and the Left hotly denies that Clinton himself turned a blind eye to Chinese espionage because of the very large campaign contributions funneled into the Clinton war chest by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) and various intelligence agencies of Red China; the last estimate I saw indicated that the PLA eventually donated as much as $4 million to Clinton’s campaign and library funds and to the Democratic National Committee, channeled through various cutouts, including Maria Hsia, Johnny Chung, John Huang, and Charlie Trie.

Do you remember Dr. Wen Ho Lee? The FBI wanted a FISA warrant on Lee’s personal computer for evidence he was passing on nuclear secrets to China. The warrant was denied. Lee was charged with 59 counts of espionage, all but one was dropped, and the penalty was time served! Is it possible this failure to okay a FISA warrant was quid pro quo? The evidence that Captain’s Quarter presents sure points that way.

Peter Paul v Hillary Rodham Clinton Civil Suit Update

While I was “down” last week, WND carried an update on the fraud lawsuit brought by Peter Paul, involving David Rosen and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Clintons with Peter and Andrea Paul (photo: hillcap.org)

David Rosen, the former national finance director of Sen. Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign

was acquitted of making false statements to the federal government, but the trial established that Paul contributed more than $1.2 million of his personal funds to Clinton’s campaign in an attempt to persuade President Clinton to become a spokesman for his businesses when he left office.

Paul charges in a civil suit that Sen. Clinton not only knew of the actions taken by her finance director, which she denies, but she directed those actions and others in violation of federal campaign statutes and regulations.

Paul expects the case to proceed at the beginning of the year, just as Hillary Clinton prepares to defend her Senate seat.


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