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In The Right Place Celebrates One Year

The Right EVIL Place celebrates Halloween and a one year blogiversary. Congrats!

I noticed three pictures on the site of Mr. Right and Stephan Johnson, of the Democratic candidates, Al Gore holding his fingers in a “L” shape for 2000, John F Kerry as he appeared in high school or college, looking like Lurch in the Adams Family for 2004, and this for 2008:

Happy Halloween!

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Refco Bankruptcy, 17 Billion?

What’s this! From the WSJ, Refco Creditors Dispute Claim
Their Funds Are Unprotected

Refco says it owes creditors, including dozens of companies that traded through those unregulated units, a total of $17 billion.

Those dozens of companies claim their funds should not be in in unregulated accounts that offer few protections in bankruptcy proceedings.

They say they should be considered customers entitled to full access to all of their money — just like any other customer of a regulated brokerage firm.

Among those making that argument are two commodity funds founded by investor Jim Rogers. Those funds have filed a lawsuit to recover more than $360 million they say should have been deposited in Refco’s regulated futures arm.

If this Refco bankruptcy escalates to $17 Billion, expect some real financial fireworks!

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Who is 990N?

Cascadia – A Megapolitan

According to Money CNN, The Brookings Institute and Virginia Tech urban planning professor Robert Lang, in a new report say

There has been an impressive amount of construction in the United States over the last three centuries: All told, we’ve built more than 300 billion square feet of homes, offices, factories and other structures.

They predict

it will take just 25 years to erect the next 200 billion square feet, which we’ll need to accommodate 70 million more people and to replace homes and offices erased by everything from disasters like Hurricane Katrina to plain old obsolescence.

The report looks at the 10 “Megapolitans” and of interest to us in the Northwest, what they call Cascadia, a Megapolitan that intertwines from Seattle to Eugene!

The topper:

Researchers estimate that the massive buildout will constitute a $25 trillion development market by 2030, more than twice the size of the U.S. economy today.

seattle portland eugene Megapolitan mover mike

Carnival of the Capitalists! 10-31-05

This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists! is up at Triple Pundit. Mover Mike is represented, and check out Lip-Sticking about marketing to women.

Happy Halloween!

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Pierre Lassonde Update

On Sept 21, I wrote Who is Pierre Lassonde?
Pierre Lassonde is President of Newmont Mining, the world’s largest gold producer. Dorothy Kosich at Mineweb reports on a conference call in which Lassonde comments on Dr. Ben Bernanke. Bernanke was nominated to head the Federal Reserve and take Alan Greenspan’s place upon his retirement.

During a conference call to discuss Newmont’s third-quarter financial results, Lassonde described Bernanke as a “reflationist” with a Chicago School-economist orientation (The Chicago School is renown for its belief in the power of markets).Lassonde predicted that there will be a slowdown in the U.S. economy, which will motivate the Fed to become “commodative,” which will be good for gold. Meanwhile, he noted, “China continues to defy expectation” in terms of demand.

Gold “supply continues to be challenged,” Lassonde forecast as the production of Newmont and other international gold mining companies is down. As a result, he predicted the gold price will reach $525 an ounce before the beginning of next year.

gold Lassonde
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Valerie Plame…Who Knew?

On July 14th, 2003, Robert Novak wrote his column that formally outed Valerie Plame as CIA.

Wilson never worked for the CIA, but his wife, Valerie Plame, is an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me Wilson’s wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report. The CIA says its counter-proliferation officials selected Wilson and asked his wife to contact him. “I will not answer any question about my wife,” Wilson told me.

From the indictment:

page 3Joseph Wilson was married to Valerie Plame Wilson (“Valerie Wilson”). At all relevant times from January 1, 2002 through July 2003, Valerie Wilson was employed by the CIA, and her employment status was classified. Prior to July 14, 2003, Valerie Wilson’s affiliation with the CIA was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community.

I challenge the the prosecutor’s claim that the affiliation with the CIA was not well known and that she was outed by Libby or Robert Novak. In fact Joe Wilson may have outed her!

Clifford D May says:

That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret [See Cliff May at NRO)

Who is Clifford D May?

Before moving to Colorado Mr. May spent nearly a decade with The New York Times as a reporter in both New York and Washington, an editor of The New York Times Sunday Magazine and a foreign correspondent. He established the Times’ West Africa bureau and, as Bureau Chief, covered more than a score of African nations.

So the question is “Who didn’t know?”

Why would Matt Cooper, on July 12th 2003 ask the question of Libby:

Basically, I asked Libby if he had heard anything about Wilson’s wife having been involved in sending him to Niger.

Mr Russert was out of the loop according to his testimony:


told the Special Prosecutor that, at the time of that conversation, he did not know Ms. Plame’s name or that she was a CIA operative and that he did not provide that information to Mr. Libby. Mr. Russert said that he first learned Ms. Plame’s name and her role at the CIA when he read a column written by Robert Novak later that month.

Here are some others that are asking who knew about Valerie’s CIA connections?

Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom

That is, Valerie Plame, it now seems, was not “outed”—at least not by Novak’s report.So I ask again: was Plame “outed”? If so, where are the charges suggesting that?
I still maintain that Plame’s CIA ties were already known publicly. She did, after all, work at the CIA. And so if she wasn’t “covert,” then how the hell was she compromised?

The issue, as a matter of law, is whether she was classified as covert by the CIA, and whether the CIA took steps to protect her identity.

In The White House, the CIA, and the Wilsons Stephen F. Hayes writes:

The promised CIA follow-up came quickly. That same day officials at the agency’s Counterproliferation Division discussed how they might investigate further. An employee of the division, Valerie Wilson, suggested the agency send her husband, Joseph Wilson, a former U.S. ambassador to Gabon with experience in Niger, to Africa to make inquiries. In a memo to the deputy director of the Counterproliferation Division, she wrote: “My husband has good relations with the PM [prime minister of Niger] and the former Minister of Mines (not to mention lots of French contacts), both of whom could possibly shed light on this sort of activity.” Mrs. Wilson would later say she asked her husband, on behalf of the CIA, if he would investigate “this crazy report” on a uranium deal between Iraq and Niger. Wilson agreed to go.

On June 14, 2003, Joe Wilson is scheduled to speak at the 2003 Iraq Forum. The website EPIC – Education for Peace in Iraq Centerhas this bio:

Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, IV served as a member of the U.S. Diplomatic Service from 1976 until 1998. From 1988 to 1991, Ambassador Wilson served in Baghdad as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy. As acting Ambassador during “Desert Shield,” he was responsible for the negotiations that resulted in the release of several hundred American hostages. He was the last official American to meet with Saddam Hussein before the launching of “Desert Storm.” Ambassador Wilson graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1972. He has been decorated as a Commander in the Order of the Equatorial Star by the Government of Gabon and as an Admiral in the El Paso Navy by the El Paso County Commissioners. He is married to the former Valerie Plame and has four children.

Again recall Wizbang:

I’m over generalizing here, but it seem like there wasn’t an outing of an agent until two non-secret bits of information were combined.Joseph Wilson’s wife’s maiden name, most would now agree, was not a secret. That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret

Plame wilson Libby

Update: Captain’s Quarters has covered this issue a number of times with Oct 30th being the latest: The Myth Of Dragging Wilson’s Wife Into The Niger Case

If anyone other than Plame bears responsibility for Plame’s outing, it’s her martyr-playing husband, Joe Wilson.

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Hurricane Beta

It’s now a hurricane!

Sustained winds of 85 MPH. Looks like people least able to afford it, from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guateamala, will be hit hard.

beta mover mike

Valerie Plame Outed?

So what did “everyone know” about Valerie Plame and the CIA?

Here’s a shot of Who’s Who from Wizbang:

“Copyright (c) 2002 by Reed Elsevier, Inc.”

Quoting from Wizbang

I’m over generalizing here, but it seem like there wasn’t an outing of an agent until two non-secret bits of information were combined.Joseph Wilson’s wife’s maiden name, most would now agree, was not a secret. That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret [See Cliff May at NRO and Just One Minute].

Clifford May says “I learned it from someone who formerly worked in the government and he mentioned it in an offhand manner, leading me to infer it was something that insiders were well aware of.”
Just One Minute says “I can find plenty of references invoking the notion that Andrea Mitchell recently admitted that Valerie Plame’s identity was widely known amongst journalists and/or the Washington glitterati.”

Again from Wizbang

That Wilson’s wife was (or had been) a covert operative was only known to (if reports are to be believed) the Cuban government and perhaps those receiving information form Aldrich Ames, but it was still a secret. Novak puts two pieces of non-secret information together and gets this flashpoint.But how did that combination “out” a covert agent? It turns out the the Valerie Plame name (remember, according to many commenters her name’s no big deal) was her cover. If her cover name was Valerie Jones how exactly would Novak’s column as it was written have “outed” her? It’s wouldn’t have. As former federal prosecutor Joesph DiGenoa contends it sure looks like the CIA didn’t exactly bust a nut to “take every conceivable step to protect this person’s identity.”

That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret

That is the crux of the matter! We can argue the aformentioned or we can argue

Valerie Plame’s name wasn’t a secret.

The fact that Valerie Plame was married to Joe Wilson wasn’t a secret.

The fact that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA WAS a secret. (Hat tip G Spot1 at August 5, 2005 04:42 PM)

Since the indictment of Libby, Just One Minute has an update to who outed Valerie Plame

Unless there is more coming from Fitzgerald, it sure seems “Scooter” and Martha Stewart are in trouble over related charges. The “act” didn’t get them into trouble, but the lies did!

Plame Libby
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What’s Mine is Mine, What’s Yours is Mine!


Lawyers for collapsed futures trading giant Refco Inc. are trying to treat investors’ cash and investments as debt that doesn’t need to be immediately returned to the bankrupt firm’s customers.[…]

“Any way you look at this, many of the Refco Capital Markets clients are going to have to take some [loss] on their positions,” said an investor in Refco’s junk bonds. “There are no hard assets to be sold, and the cash from the sale of the units is going to go to pay down bondholders,” he said.

There’s never an end to outrage!

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Questions About the Valerie Plame Indictment

I just listened to Patrick Fitzgerald’s news conference and I have one question. He said Valerie Plame’s cover was blown in July of 2003. But, in fact wasn’t it well known that she was employed by the CIA? And wasn’t it Wilson, Valerie Plame’s husband that outed her?

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