Palladium and Platinum

I posted information about Palladium in Metal of the 21st Century before I ran out the door to my Pilate’s class. I want to add some additional information. Yesterday, I read at Le Metropole Cafe that the price of Palladium was up $9 to $221. That’s a darn good gain in one day. I took a look at the monthly chart and again, darn, if it doesn’t look like it wants to go a lot higher. It was over $340 last year in mid-April and over $1100 in January, 2001.

My guess, it has made a huge base and if it breaks out, $340 would be the first target (up 53%).

Palladium has an advantage over gold, in that there doesn’t seem to be the concerted effort by federal officials and politicians to hold the price down.

The monthly chart of Platinum looks similar to the gold chart, up 100% from its lows in 2001, and also doesn’t have the gold stigma attached.

One ounce Palladium coins sell close to the price of the metal content and IMHO seem to have a big potential. One other thing Palladium seems to be used or is researched to being used in the latest technologies, solutions to many of our problems.

Palladium Platinum gold
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