Questions About the Valerie Plame Indictment

I just listened to Patrick Fitzgerald’s news conference and I have one question. He said Valerie Plame’s cover was blown in July of 2003. But, in fact wasn’t it well known that she was employed by the CIA? And wasn’t it Wilson, Valerie Plame’s husband that outed her?

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  1. You say it was a well known fact that Valerie Plame was employed by the CIA–well known by whom?

    When did Joe Wilson out her?

  2. Mike – where did you get your information? I’d be interested in reading it.

  3. Marsha and Sandi, thanks for your comments. See my latest post Valerie Plame Outed? and you might also Google “Everybody knew Valerie plame worked at the CIA” to get all sides of the controversy. Bottom line if you continue to read just the liberal side of things or just the MSM, you will not get all sides of an issue.

    Mover Mike

  4. Mike: I don’t have time to google right now but I will later. My question, though, is why do you think that I only read JUST the liberal side of things or just the MSM (which I have no clue what that stands for)? I do read different reports, listen to many different news channels and talk radio stations, so that I will get both sides. We should all listen to both sides. Marsha.

  5. Marsha and Sandi, all this happened back in July of 2003. When you ask the questions you asked, it means to me that you have never encountered alternate theories about the Wilson-Plame affair other than what has been fed to you by the Main Stream Media (MSM).

    My recollection from sometime after the news broke was that she wasn’t outed. It could have been spin, but the statement was made by the prosecutor that her cover was blown and no one asked a follow-up question. I am prepared to be wrong, but the question needed to be asked. As for Joe Wilson, I had read that he introduced his wife as Valerie Wilson, who works at the CIA or some such thing.

    Mover Mike

  6. Mike, I know all of this happened in July 2003…well actually it goes back earlier, to Feb 2002 when Joe Wilson made his trip to Niger. I have been following the Wilson-Pame affair for quite some time. The reason I asked you the questions I did is because I too have heard the rumors that Joe Wilson outed his wife, but have found no evidence to support that claim. The fact that people knew his wife’s name was Valerie Plame or Valerie Wilson does not “out her”. At what point, and by whom, was the information leaked that she worked at the CIA? Joe Wilson went to Niger in Feb 2002 and reported his findings to the CIA in March 2002. On Jan 28, 2003 Bush gives his famous State of the Uniion Speech where he declares “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa”. July 6, 2003 Joe Wilson writes his article in the New York Times “What I didn’t find in Africa”. July 14, 2003 Robert Novak writes a column that Joe Wilson’s wife is a CIA agent.

    I’m trying to do some critical thinking here. It seems to me there would be plenty of time between March 2003 and July 2003 for someone to leak the information that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent, making it a “”well known fact”. Why would Joe Wilson leak that information? What would he have to gain from it? Why would John Ashcroft investigate the leak, if there was not a leak? Remember, he recused himself from the investigation in December 03, and Patrick Fitzpatrick was appointed special prosecutor.

    Mike, I do not listen to just liberal media. I listen to and read various sources to try to find the truth. As you suggested, I googled ‘everybody knew valerie plame worked at the cia’ and the first 5 hits discredited that information.

  7. Sandi, I keep digging up more information, but you keep coming up with more questions. I posted Valerie Plame…Who Knew? on October 30th

    At what point, and by whom, was the information leaked that she worked at the CIA? I don’t know, maybe he was careless. My only thought was there was “smoke” indicating that naby knew she worked for the CIA before Fitzgerald claims Libby allegedly outed her.

    ‘everybody knew valerie plame worked at the cia’ and the first 5 hits discredited that information. So whatkeep digging. That doesn’t make them right. They may all be reporting based on the same news source. #6 was Wizbang – try starting there! My God the very first one was Rush Limbaugh asking the question and you say the first 5 discredited the info.

    Mover Mike

  8. Mike, I guess that asking questions is just my style. It’s how I learn things, and helps me to analyze the situation. This is the first that I heard that “Fitzgerald claims Libby allegedly outed her”. I again googled ‘everybody knew valerie plame worked at the cia’ and the first hit was “Media Matters for America” which says ‘Rush repeated the baseless assertion that the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame was “known to everybody”……’ Bottom line, I haven’t heard one neighbor or friend of hers say that this was true. I don’t have the time to look everywhere. Part of my research is asking questions. If you can direct me to credible information, I will certainly review it with an open mind.

  9. I repeat, go to Wizbang and follow his links and check out my follow up post to your question at

  10. Hi Mike – this will be my last post on this subject. I initially commented on your blog because I thought you had verifiable information about the outing of Valerie Plame. In the blogs and google searches you have recommended, I have not found any proof of your claim that Joe Wilson outed his wife. That it was well known by the media is another thing (Andrea Mitchell, Oct 3, 2003….”those of us who cover the intelligence communtiy…”). When did it become well known? Who outed her to the media? I cannot believe it was her husband, because he would have nothing to gain and much to lose. I still have not found a reference to one neighbor or friend who has said they knew she was employed by the CIA. Searching for this information in the blogs you have recommended is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Plus, I do not put much credibility in the opinions of other bloggers if they cannot substantiate their opinions with evidence. Since you have apparently done a lot of research on this subject, if you have a particular reference that proves your theory, you may email me directly. It’s been fun blogging with you (my first ever!!!!) Sandi

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