Valerie Plame Outed?

So what did “everyone know” about Valerie Plame and the CIA?

Here’s a shot of Who’s Who from Wizbang:

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Quoting from Wizbang

I’m over generalizing here, but it seem like there wasn’t an outing of an agent until two non-secret bits of information were combined.Joseph Wilson’s wife’s maiden name, most would now agree, was not a secret. That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret [See Cliff May at NRO and Just One Minute].

Clifford May says “I learned it from someone who formerly worked in the government and he mentioned it in an offhand manner, leading me to infer it was something that insiders were well aware of.”
Just One Minute says “I can find plenty of references invoking the notion that Andrea Mitchell recently admitted that Valerie Plame’s identity was widely known amongst journalists and/or the Washington glitterati.”

Again from Wizbang

That Wilson’s wife was (or had been) a covert operative was only known to (if reports are to be believed) the Cuban government and perhaps those receiving information form Aldrich Ames, but it was still a secret. Novak puts two pieces of non-secret information together and gets this flashpoint.But how did that combination “out” a covert agent? It turns out the the Valerie Plame name (remember, according to many commenters her name’s no big deal) was her cover. If her cover name was Valerie Jones how exactly would Novak’s column as it was written have “outed” her? It’s wouldn’t have. As former federal prosecutor Joesph DiGenoa contends it sure looks like the CIA didn’t exactly bust a nut to “take every conceivable step to protect this person’s identity.”

That Wilson worked at the CIA was not widely known, but it was hardly a secret

That is the crux of the matter! We can argue the aformentioned or we can argue

Valerie Plame’s name wasn’t a secret.

The fact that Valerie Plame was married to Joe Wilson wasn’t a secret.

The fact that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA WAS a secret. (Hat tip G Spot1 at August 5, 2005 04:42 PM)

Since the indictment of Libby, Just One Minute has an update to who outed Valerie Plame

Unless there is more coming from Fitzgerald, it sure seems “Scooter” and Martha Stewart are in trouble over related charges. The “act” didn’t get them into trouble, but the lies did!

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3 Responses to “Valerie Plame Outed?”

  1. It took me a bit to figure out why Fitzgerald doesn’t want to admit that Plame was not a covert agent. See I’m A Little Slow

  2. Sorry mike, I deleted your trackback, I see no link to my post here, and my trackback policy is clearly stated on my site. If you do not link to the post, it is considered spam, and will be deleted.

  3. I’m sorry, Mike….but what am I missing? I don’t see any evidence anywhere that Joe Wilson ‘outed’ his wife. The “Who’s Who” lists Valerie Plame as his wife, but there’s no mention of her occupation. Who do you suppose leaked that information to the media so it became ‘well known that she was employed by the CIA’? Contrary to what you might believe, I don’t just listen to liberal media. I try to search for facts. Will you help me on this one?

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