Carnival of the Capitalists 11-28-05

Gill Blog sponsored by Gill Advisors Inc., where their work focuses on business continuity and risk management has the latest Carnival of the Capitalists.

Mover Mike is represented with post about hedging and the proposed Barrick acquisition of Placer Dome.

BTW, Bloomberg has a story about President Pierre Lassonde of Newmont Mining Corp., the world’s largest producer of gold.

He says the price of the precious metal may rise to more than $1,000 an ounce in the next five to seven years as demand from Asian economies outstrips the global supply.

Actually, he said the price of gold would be some number followed by three zeros! And he doesn’t mention that the central banks are running out of gold to sell to suppress the POG.

Carnival of Capitalists gold Pierre Lassonde Mover Mike

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