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Here’s advance notice on a Wednesday Post. Mover Mike will be posting an interview of Terry Krohn author of Eye of the Pyramid. Books can excite, intrigue, inform, educate and take me to a whole different place. They can enhance existing interests or start me off into a whole new area of exploration. For me, Eye of the Pyramid was such a book. So come back Wednesday night late for the interview and there will be a special bonus.

I have become fascinated by the economics of the book publishing business. I had a conversation with published author Ron Franscell about this subject not too long ago. Ron says couple years ago, this was the rough breakdown on a typical $25 hardcover book:

–Amazon will earn about $13.50 as the bookseller (traditional booksellers actually earn slightly less.)
–The publisher keeps $8.50 to $10;
–The shipper/distributor will make about $2.50;
–The author will earn $1.25 to $2.50 (roughly 10% of the net or retail price, depending on the size of the publisher and/or the author, and their deal.)

Everybody pays their own expenses, of course. Amazon has employees, big servers and warehouses; publishers have skilled employees, printers, equipment, etc.; and distributors have trucks and shipping costs. Nobody is making an easy buck.

But the author has the worst cost/benefit ratio. He pays for all his own equipment, supplies, travel, phones, a 15%-off-the-top agent, a publicist, etc., too — although he earns the smallest share from his art.

Today, publishers require (not ask … require) authors to shoulder most of the promotion of their books, too. If an author does a book-signing in your town, it’s likely he’s there at his own expense. Publisher-underwritten book tours are reserved for only the biggest- and best-sellers … yes, exactly the people who need LESS promotion.

The great bulk of “successful” authors are selling 3,000 to 5,000 copies, and pocketing $10,000 to $15,000. Four of last year’s five National Book Award nominees reportedly had sold fewer than 5,000 copies.

So tune in Wednesday to my interview with Terry Krohn. I promise you some excitement!

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