LAX Missile Attack?

WirNit has a story about an apparent missile attack on a plane out of LAX

A pilot on an American Airlines flight out of LAX to Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend called the Tower to say that as they were climbing after takeoff at about 6600 feet they saw a rocket fly up past them and just miss the airplane. The FBI interviewed the pilots and have detemined that it was probably a flare or a bottle rocket.

missile attack Mover Mike

Update: DECEMBER14, 2004 FOX News reported a year ago that

Counterterrorism officials are beefing up security at Los Angeles International Airport to protect jetliners from terrorists armed with shoulder-launched missiles.

I suspect there has been some “reaming” done over this embarassment!

3 Responses to “LAX Missile Attack?”

  1. Ha. I’d like to see the bottle rocket that can reach 6600 feet.

  2. Missile Attempt on American Airlines Flight

    Update: Daily Pundit (who named the blogosphere) and Mover Mike are starting to rumble over this story.

  3. 未確認情報:LAX Missile Attack? ロサンジェルス空港上空でアメリカンエアライン ミサイルに狙われる?!

    LAX Missile Attack? 

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