Gov. Kathleen Blanco!

Baton Rouge, LA:

Members of Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s staff are scheduled to move into the newly renovated offices on Tuesday. Some members of the governor’s staff will return from the three-day holiday on Tuesday to newly renovated offices at the State Capitol. Shortly after the two hurricanes, Gov. Kathleen Blanco decided to renovate some of her staff’s offices. At the time of her decision, Blanco also was hinting at deep budget cuts to state programs and the possibility of laying off 20 percent of the state workforce.The project cost $564,838.

When will we all say, Enough?

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Update: Betsy’s Page gets to the story on Jan 2nd

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  1. Gov. Kathleen Blanco!

    Gov. Kathleen Blanco!

  2. Gov. Blanco — Incompetent And Profligate

    Had we not seen so much of her incompetence during the days around Hurricane Katrina, I would be unable to believe that even the governor of Louisiana could be so self-serving, insensitive, and wasteful with government resources while her people…

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