Joel Rosenberg’s Three NOs!

I received an email from Joel Rosenberg, author of The Ezekiel Option and The Last Days regarding the election in Palestine. Rosenberg urges Pres. Bush to offer three NOs!

NO RECOGNITION — The United States must refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a Hamas-controlled Palestinian government unless and until Hamas and all its members and factions renounce the use of political violence of all kinds; recognize Israel’s right to exist and live in peace; and acts to insure the fundamental right of all Christians, Jews and Muslims in the region to practice their politics and their faith without fear of persecution and intimidation.

NO NEGOTIATIONS — The United States should declare an end to all negotiations with a Hamas-controlled Palestinian government, unless and until the previous conditions are met. No more shuttle diplomacy. No more trips by the Secretary of State or other top officials to Ramallah or Gaza. No more Palestinians officials invited to the White House or State Department. Period.

NO FUNDING — In his 2005 State of the Union address, President Bush called for some $350 million in new aid for the Palestinian Authority. In October, $50 million was transferred to the PA. Not one more dime. All aid should be frozen and all U.S. aid workers in the West Bank and Gaza should be withdrawn. Better yet, the U.S. should redirect Palestinian aid to the Israelis to finish the security fence more quickly and thus prevent more innocent Israelis and Americans from being killed by Hamas suicide bombing attacks, of which there have been 60 in recent years.

President Bush, in a proud moment for the US said Thursday

…that Hamas cannot be partner for Middle East peacemaking without renouncing violence, reiterated that the United States will not deal with Palestinian leaders who do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

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2 Responses to “Joel Rosenberg’s Three NOs!”

  1. This is a good idea. It would be great if governments everywhere would adopt rules like this when dealing with terrorist states. First, in order to participate, you have to “renounce political violence of all kinds.”

    This would give the president a lot more time to work on domestic issues, as the United States would never be recognized as legitimate, so we would not be party to any negotiations about anything anywhere. We would be officially recognized as the greatest exporter of “political violence” (aka state-sponsored terrorism) the planet has ever seen.

    Or, the president could just use the extra time to vacation at his faux ranch. Either way, it’s a win for the American people.

  2. The election does create a group of political refugees.

    Let the brain drain begin, as has happened so often around the world. The best and brightest can hold out here until the current episodic frenzy of the cult of death passes, if ever.

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