Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County

On Dec 8th, in Still Problems With Eminent Domain, I wrote about the threat by city officials to use their power of eminent domain in Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County to take property from up to 6,000 residents to develop a new marina.

Four-term Mayor Michael Brown, who grew up here, said the plan offers a singular shot at money, stability and self-esteem, the rebirth of a faded town that lost its way decades ago.”I am using the tools available to me to try to get more jobs and build our tax base,” he said. “I am trying to take our most valuable property and leverage it to benefit the entire city.”

You will be happy to know that developers are offering 130% of appraised value to owners. Some have received up to 3 times appraised value and the city has not had to exercise its power.

See that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The developer knows he is going to have to pay up and he factors that in to his developing costs. He will not go ahead if it doesn’t pencil.

It is not the job of the mayor to rob from the few to benefit the many.

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