There is no consensus!

Have US citizens finally had enough?

…the American flag vandal at Montebello H.S. (from Michelle Malkin)

The estimated crowd of 500,000 (in LA) proudly carried tens of thousands of Mexican flags and US flags.

We have some profound changes taking place in this country and there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on a solution to the problem. Let’s also stipulate that this guest worker or amnesty program passes. That doesn’t stop further immigration. What do we do when another 11 to 12 million move here illegally?



One Response to “There is no consensus!”

  1. We do nothing because the rich boys in Washington are too busy watching polling numbers to take a stand on ANYTHING. This is a very very complex issue – no easy solutions. American’s don’t want illegals in the country but don’t want to pay $10 for a bag of Apples either.What is saddest about the pictures and numbers in these demonstrations is that AMERICANS aren’t this passionate about anything – most not even showing up to vote.

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