Derivatives at Refco

I’ve written a lot about Refco and its quick and shocking descent into bankruptcy, and suspected much of its demise had to do with derivatives. I don’t believe I’ve written about the extent of its derivative positions.

Now today, I read in The Independent by Janet Bush: Mad, bad and dangerous to know … or do derivatives just need a bit of loving care?

In 2005, Refco, the fourth- largest futures broker in the US, filed for bankruptcy. In February 2004, it was reported to have had $69bn in off-balance sheet derivative contracts; that figure had risen to $150bn by May 2005.(emphasis added)

The article is an excellent capsule about a subject that has some clearly worried.

Janet Bush Refco Finance

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  1. It is amazing how Refco Inc continues to be on denial. Carlos Abadi put a plan to pay in cash as much as 80% of client assets plus a note for the remaining based on recoveries and Refco turns the nose. Abadi;s plan is supported by injection of capital, Dressner bank etc. I got my hands on the plan (i have a copy). Refco continue to play bad games while creditors still have the account frozen. AMAZING!!!!

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