Doncasters’ Sale Approved to Dubai Firm

From Tammy Bruce, US Approves Second Dubai Deal. British owned Doncasters has been approved to be sold to Dubai firm.

Doncasters makes engines for our military aircraft and parts for tanks. Their projects include the Stealth Joint Fight Striker.In buying Doncasters, the Arab Islamist country, which also does business with Iran, takes possession of operations in nine U.S. locations and manufactures precision parts for defense contractors such as Boeing, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney and General Electric.

I still say we are nuts to allow these things to happen.

Doncasters Dubai Finance

2 Responses to “Doncasters’ Sale Approved to Dubai Firm”

  1. I’m as big on free trade as you can get, but I still opposed the ports deal. Likewise, I think our politicians and military bureaucrats are frigging morons to do this.

    Let’s say I want to buy an alarm system for my house. The company I hire has a pretty good reputation, and none of the employees have ever caused me or my family any harm. However, some of the workers have relatives who have threatened and beat up my family in the past. They’re also very technically sophisticated and like to hang around the manufacturing plant. Am I going to risk that they’re doing so for fun, that they’re not hoping to discover some weakness in the electronics?

  2. Suppose you want to buy an alarm for your house. “The company I hire has a pretty good reputation,” but employs ex safecrackers and people who have connections to “fences”. In addition, if the alarm breaks and I need parts, these same people are responsible for geting me back up and operating ASAP. Oh, the company also close ties to the mob and people around the world who don’t like people like me. Do I feel Lucky?

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