How Important is the NPT?

Hat tip to Jim Sinclair: writes that a 250 page classified document addressing strategic issues for the next decade, declares that if Iran gets the nuclear weapon, other countries in the Middle East will want the weapon.

A substantial chapter addresses the nuclear threat to Israel. Iran is capable of kindling the entire Middle East and constitutes an existential threat to Israel. The committee finds that if Iran gets nuclear arms, other Muslim, Middle Eastern countries will try to follow suit.

And that is the problem. The NPT that has worked since 1968 when it was signed, now is threatened. That’s why President Bush has been so forceful on the issue. Tomorrow the UN’s 30 days ultimatum comes to an end. Will the UN extend the deadline and talk some more, giving the nation of Iran more time to perfect its bomb? Will Bush recognize the UN for what it is, a toothless bureaucracy, and take action on his own? Will Israel continue to sit back and wait? I suspect the UN will dither and dump the whole mess in Bush’s lap.


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