AI – Last Night for Kellie

How about American Idol last night. The judges appologized for their rude remarks to Katharine McPhee. Simon said it is a mistake to come out here and try to sing a Whitney Houston song. You are no Whitney Houston! He said he viewed the song again and admitted he was wrong. Did he think he was really wrong or did he yield to pressure from calls to FOX? The audience and America disagreed with the judges and made Katharine, singing the opening act, and Chris, singing the closing act, the top two vote getters. Hoo Ah!

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Kellie. She admitted she butchered at least one of the last two songs and paid the price (as I predicted).

Next week, I hear that the contestants will sing a song from the year of their birth and possibly one from the current charts. Two songs! We get to hear two songs from Katharine. What a treat! Hoo Ah!

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