The Door In The Wall

Last week I took a physical for my CDL. I failed the eye part of the test. They asked if I wore glasses and I said I have some, but I didn’t bring them with me. It has been since 1999 that I had these glasses made that I went ahead and made an eye appointment. The Doc said if I find my glasses check back and he’ll get me right in. I found my glasses so I went back to the eye doc and passed the eye test.

I still had the appointment, so I figured what the heck, and went in on the 27th. I was met by a nurse who checked my eyes. We kidded back and forth and then she escorted me to the eye doc’s examining room. The room was connected to a long hallway. The nurse had me sit in the chair and told me to wait.

While I’m sitting there, I notice that right next to the entry door, on the same wall, is another door just like the first.

I assumed it opened on the hall. I got to thinking, why would they build an office with two doors the same size, completely framed, abuting each other, opening on the hall. The second door had two of those metal doctor office chairs in front of the door. They were situated in such a way that they blocked the use of the door.

I got to wondering if they blocked the door to keep something from coming into the room or to keep me from going out. But out…where. If I opened the door would I go out into the hall or someplace else? It appeared the wall by the second door was the same thickness as the wall by the door I used to enter the room. One would think, since the doors are next to each other and both on the hall, that the second door would open on the hall. There were only two ways to solve the puzzle. Open the second door to see if it opened on the hall or go through the first door and look to see if there is a door in the wall on the hall side of the office.

I got scared, too scared to move the chairs and open the door. Instead I got up from the chair and poked my head our the first door into the hall and looked to see if there was a hall door next to the first. There was! I can’t tell you how relieved I was. Just then I heard footsteps and ducked back and sat back down.

I keep wondering about those chairs. Would I have found the hall on the other side of the door if I had moved the chairs and opened the door?

CDL Physical Doors Observations

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  1. Check out John’song. It has a very nice bridge and good guitar riffs.

    Mover Mike

  2. Hi Mike,

    The Door in the Wall was a thrilling read. The suspense was palatable. Hey I am proud to announce that I posted my first original piece opf music to my site. I am accepting accolades.

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