Who is Jeffrey Sachs?

Dr Jeffrey Sachs has an editorial on the NYT Op-Ed page today. He writes:

AMERICANS have a perfect retort to Osama Bin Laden’s call for expanding the terrorism war to Sudan. We should respond by showing our abiding concern for the plight of Africans by helping to save millions of children who are at risk of death from disease. In honoring the sanctity of the lives of the least among us we have the best chance to defeat the ideologies of hate.

He wants to team up with world health organizations to fight measles in Africa. A byproduct of the measles initiative are its methods to get vaccines out to remote rural villages which can also serve to fight malaria.

The campaigns — in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda — urgently need around 20 million (long-lasting insecticide-treated bed) nets, at a cost under $200 million. All of these countries have significant Muslim populations; all urgently need our help.

Full coverage in these campaigns would protect 40 million children against malaria and save perhaps 200,000 lives each year.

Back in 2001 Roger Bate wrote about Malaria

Malaria is on the increase in all tropical regions of the planet – especially in Africa. In 2000, the disease killed more than one million people and made 300 million seriously ill.

Given the devastating humanitarian and economic costs of malaria, you might expect the international community to be fighting the disease with all its might. But instead, the world’s politicians are trying to force developing countries to abandon their best weapon in the fight against malaria – the pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). The United Nations (UN) is even promoting a treaty that might completely ban the use of DDT across the globe.

Jeffrey Sachs is director of the Millenium Project, one of the goals of the project according to the book Global Deception by Joseph A. Klein

…wealthy developed countries, particularly the United States, must be either persuaded or forced into transferring vast amounts of wealth to poorer nations in order to supposedly eradicate world poverty and disease.

The cost of spraying DDT to kill mosquitos is miniscule and the rewards large compared to the large cost and miniscule rewards of the Sachs suggestions.

Since 1972, when DDT was banned 50 Million people have died of malaria.

The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) held a conference in New York in January 2004 to address this issue, among others. The conference, titled, ‘Eco-Imperialism: The Global Green Movement’s War On The Developing World’s Poor.’ CORE supports the use of DDT in African countries. CORE spokesmen Cyril Boynes and Niger Innis described how the traditional environmental movement is imposing the views of mostly wealthy, Americans and Europeans on mostly poor Africans. Paul Driessen, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, described how traditional environmental groups are “preventing needy nations from using the very technologies that developed countries employed to become rich, comfortable and free of disease.” Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace and Greenspirit also supports these views. Conference moderator Deroy Murdock eloquently described how traditional environmental groups perpetuate poverty and misery in developing countries through ‘eco-centric’ policies.

Who is Jeffrey Sachs? He is one of the misguided elitists at the UN who by their policies keep people in poverty. Didn’t we see the same wrong headed policies from the Democrats using welfare on poor blacks in the US?


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  1. In 1979 I saw Jeffrey Sachs, who was then a teaching assistant and graduate student in economics, have a spirited discussion with a returning alumnus about defici spending. The alumnus, who had majored in economics in th 1940s, argued that deficit spending was bad for governments and for the United States government in particular, because it would lead to inflationary pressures and problems in the balance of trade. Mr. Sachs argued that there was nothing wrong with deficit spending; it would lead to expansion that would solve any problems that might otherwise arise. The irony is that ten or fifteen years later, Professor Sachs became a consultant to the eastern European nations as they came out from under the thumb of the USSR, and told them to halt their deficits because deficit spending was uniformly bad. It sounds to me as if he’s changed his opinion again.

  2. It’s all about PC..Look at Angelina Jolie..supporting poor ole Africa and ahem..Palestinian children who grow

    up to be suicide bombers but never once visiting an American or Israeli child who was victimized by Muzlim terrorists…UGH.

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