American Idol – The Finals

The finals of Americam Idol are over. Sure, Taylor won the first round, Katharine won the second round and Taylor won the third. However, this is not about two out of three being the winner. It’s about CDs and whose would you buy. I already have some Joe Cocker, some Michael McDonald and some Elton John. I don’t have any Katharine McPhee.

To quote Nekesa Mumbi Moody of the Canadian Press

…she (Katharine) showed her true strength as she sang her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, breathing new life into a standard that has been so oversung by overwrought divas that most people wince when the opening notes of it are played. McPhee actually put her own beguiling stamp on it, infusing the classic with the kind of grace and innocence that Judy Garland did decades ago, and making it seem fresh and new.

Then there was the song Since I fell for you that Katharine sang way back in March. I downloaded two of the best versions by Michael Bolton and Barbara Streisand and those singers don’t come close to the Katharine version.

I’ll vote for Katharine and I will buy her CDs and she will get even better. Taylor can’t get better. I’m hoping for a Kat win, Taylor will take second place!

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