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I Am Now the Owner of a Class B CDL

When I last posted about getting my Class B CDL, I was finishing training and took my test on May 8th. I passed both the Pre-trip and the Driving test and was assigned a route. A cover driver had been driving the route for the last two and half weeks. The first day Thursday the 11th, I rode with the driver in the morning and in the evening over some of the most narrow streets in Portland with parked cars on both sides of the street and through parts of the West hills with its twisty streets.

The cover driver asked me if I wanted to drive and Thursday I shuddered and declined. That night I think I had nightmares about those streets and woke with a real fear that I was not capable of doing the driving. I remembered the book, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway and told the cover driver, “I’ll drive it!” and she sat and watched. I did great and we did a practice run with no children on board after the pick up run. I was set and Friday, afternoon the 12th was my first solo. I have now completed a week of driving by myself and I am amazed. If you had told me a month and a half ago that I would be driving up Broadway Drive in a big yellow bus, I would have thought you crazy.

I did have one mishap on Thursday. Where I pick up the kids, the street slopes and it can be easy to roll backwards. The proper procedure is to secure the bus by setting the emergency brake. Then when you are ready to leave, you move the gearshift into drive and put your foot on the gas then release the brake. It’s called “driving against the brake.” When I was ready to leave, my emergency brake was set, but I hadn’t shifted into drive. When I released the emergency brake, I rolled backwards a foot or two and hit the bus behind me. There was no damage to either bus, but it required getting the names of all the students, taking about 20 minutes, then filling out all the accident forms the next day.

Because of this incident I was required to be retrained before I could drive again the next morning. So for an hour, my trainer and I practiced driving around the yard, stopping, securing the bus, shifting into drive and driving against the brake, over and over and over. Then the next day after my morning run, I was required to watch a movie about the Smith System of driving, used by bus drivers and truckers across the country. Of course all the drivers knew about my incident and they knew, also, the bus I hit was driven by the Supervisor of Field Safety.

The Smith System involves five steps to good driving:

A – Aim high in steering. Look out five to six seconds in front of the bus and fifteen seconds on the highway. That gives you time to see out 650 feet to a 1/4 of a mile ahead.
G – Get the Big Picture. Try to imagine “what if” scenarios when you look ahead to the sides and to the rear.
K – Keep Your Eyes Moving. This increases your peripheral vision.
L – Leave Yourself an Out. By keeping spacing in front of you and to the sides, if something does happen, you can better maneuver to avoid an accident.
M – Make Sure They See You. Use your signals, drive with your lights on, use your horn.

The acronym to remember those five keys to driving is this: All Good Kids Love Milk.

Who is Tom Bearden?

What if:
There was an available technology, meaning right now, that could extract energy from the “air” that could power your home and car for FREE?

What would be the implications of such a technology?

* no more utility companies
* no more gasoline stations
* no use for refineries for gasoline
* a big part of our current trade imbalance would disappear
* the USD would strengthen
* there would be less competition for the remaining world’s oil, thus less need for as much military spending
* the Ethanol production would be obsolete
* if electricity were free, suppose your growing season could be extended artificially with giant greehouses
* coal and everything involved with the production of coal would be obsolete
* the production of greenhouse gasses would plummet
* there could be massive unemployment in those industries affected, but massive new employment involved in the conversion
* I have barely scratched the surface of the implications.

Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his waves were non-Hertzian, and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance. His discovery was apparently so fundamental that he intended to provide free energy to all humankind.

According to Tom Bearden, Tesla electric waves are now described as Longitudinal Electromagnetic (EM) energy and it fills the vacuum of space. It is like a river of energy, and we now have the means to dip our “paddlewheel” into that river, without disrupting the flow, and capture that energy. Some may call it “zero point” energy. Scientists have found through theory and experiment that when you lower the tempurature of a vacuum to absolute zero
there still remains a non-thermal radiation or simply called the “zero point” radiation.

Soon, we will be able to buy a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

Recall my conversations with Mark Goldes
Chairman & CEO at Magnetic Power Inc., he late last year announced

self-powered Magnetic Power Moduleâ„¢ is expected to provide sufficient energy density in the future to power automobiles, as a replacement for existing engines that require fuel. It also may grow to one megawatt modules for power plants.

His first unit should be available before the end of 2006!

Who is Tom Bearden?

Ph.D., nuclear engineer, retired Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army), CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study. Tom is a theoretical conceptualist active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, KGB energetics weapons and phenomena, free energy systems, electromagnetic healing via the unified field action of extended Sachs-Evans electrodynamics, and human development. Particularly known for his work establishing a theory of overunity electrical power systems, scalar electromagnetic weapons, energetics weapons, and the use of time-as-energy in both power systems and the mind-body interaction.Your Amazon orders that begin with clicks here, regardless of your final purchases, are helpful to supporting this site’s efforts. Thanks again!

Tom Bearden zero point energy Oil energy independence Tesla Electromagnetic (EM)

Oregon Earthquake

From the USGS: Oregon Earthquake

MAP 2.6 Magnitude 2006/05/20 00:21:58 (Date and Time)
44.298 -120.872 (Location)
8.0 (Depth)
2 km ( 1 mi) WSW of Prineville, OR

Mogambo Guru’s Words to Ponder

It has been an on-going question for me: Why didn’t the Jews leave Germany, Poland, Austria, etc. in the 1930s with the first whiff of anti-semiticism? I am sure some did leave, some debated the situation, some pooh-poohed the naysayers, most hoped for the best.

History repeats. Now Iran wants to have a national dress code and on the clothes will be a symbol indicating your non-Muslim religious preferences.

Iran’s roughly 25,000 Jews would have to sew a yellow strip of cloth on the front of their clothes, while Christians would wear red badges and Zoroastrians would be forced to wear blue cloth.

Do we have a similar conundrum for Americans regarding the USD? I thought about the question while reading The Prudent Investor post about the Dollar Collapse written by thr Mogambo Guru. Here are some words that started the question going through my mind:

My Infallible Mogambo Reasoning (IMR) is along the lines of “Suppose I told you that your money would gradually and continuously lose a lot of its value. Maybe half. Or more. My intuition tells me that you would not be happy.”

I pause to gauge your reaction, which ranges between homicidal anger and paralyzing fear. Exactly so! Then I go on to say “But that same intuition tells me that you WOULD be happy, very happy, if I told you that I knew of a way to let you keep all your wealth, and you would not lose anything!” Ha! I can see by that smile on your face that I was right!

So how to achieve this miracle of wealth-preservation? All you have to do is sell all your dollars and dollar-denominated assets today, before the dollar is devalued further! Then you’d like to stick someone else with the whole loss!

Now you are ready for today’s Mogambo Daily Pop Quiz (MDPQ). The question is “Would YOU stick around to take your share of financial lumps, of up to half of your net worth (or more), meted out month after month, year after year, in a promised ‘orderly decline’, or would you sell out now, and not take any lumps at all?” (emphasis added)

Mogambo goes on:

If you want the optimal, and probable, solution to our nation’s economic difficulties, here it is, as horrific as it sounds: We get into a shooting war with a powerful group of enemies that we owe money to, thus giving us the “right” to default on our debt to them. Then the government declares martial law and suspends the Constitution and Bill of Rights, giving them the power to confiscate our property and lives. And since I said “optimal”, then expect the use of biological weapons to kill the older people, thus solving the Social Security and Medicare crisis, by reducing the population of old people. And most importantly, most of our infrastructure is destroyed, thus providing a lot of future work (and vast fortunes) after the war.

This is the kind of repugnant, horrifying things that have always become inevitable when you had a fiat currency, especially one created by debt, and when the people let the government (or, in this case, the Federal Reserve, the government’s willing whore) produce too much of it.

So now the second question, Would you ever leave the country, move, take up residence in another country? Aren’t we now in the same position as the Jews prior to WWII? What are we going to do? The guts it takes to sell out of all USD denominated assets and move! Most of us will remain unconvinced of the need,won’t be able to summon the courage. I am writing about this stuff and can’t make the move. Survival is only a TV reality show. The voice in my head says, “What if I’m wrong?”

Suppose you sold everything. Suppose you end up with $500,000. Do you buy gold coins? How do you transport 20 plus pounds of gold out of the country? I have many more questions than answers.

I do know that no fiat currency has ever survived. I know from reading history that when the Reichmark collapsed it took 87 trillion Reichmarks to buy an oz. of Gold. Right now it takes $657 to buy an ounce of Gold. If the USD becomes as worthless as the Reichmark, Gold will be the only thing that helps us survive.

USD Gold Inflation

Update: I had a conversation with Terry Krohn, author of The Eye of the Pyramid, yesterday, about his upcoming sequel, due out in August. He has a scene in his book of two ordinary guys sitting down over breakfast. In their conversation one says it used to be that a guy could be the sole breadwinner, and my wife could stay home with the kids. Now it takes two incomes just to keep even with the bills. Some say it’s because Americans need to own everything that comes along. That we’re all about instant gratification and debt. The other guy agrees, but says he’s just into keeping the famaily together. They both agree that something is wrong in this country.

I agreed with Krohn in his assessment, something is wrong. No matter what your party, your religion, your color, deep down you know something is not working. I will have more to say soon about Krohn’s new book, Power of the Scepter.

No Room for a Birdie!

Here’s an interesting chart from Jim Sinclair.

The 30-year Treasury bottomed in Jan. 2000 at 92.22 and has been in a bull market for 5 1/2 years peaking in June 2005 at 118.75. Really, it has been a rising bond stairway since 1989, meaning if you bought bonds on weakness since 1989 you had a guaranteed ticket to giant bond gains plus the interest. And if you leveraged yourself, oh my, things were rosy.

The USD on the other hand has been on just the opposite stairway, from a peak in 2001 at 120, 4 1/2 years of a falling USD, to 80 1/2. What a trade: Long bonds, Short the USD. You may have not played gold, because of its reputation as a “barbarous relic”.

Gold bottomed in 2001 at $250 and recently hit $730. Here’s what we’ve had: falling interest rates, falling USD and rising gold. Now, when I look at the 30-year Treasury, I see a massive head and shoulders top, and a breaking of key monthly lows of 106.375 and 105.625. The USD appears weak and I expect it to get weaker and gold in a short squeeze that may send the price of gold, soon, to the old high of $850-$875. We soon will have rising interest rates, which should mean a rising USD, instead it’s falling and a rising price of gold. If you are a leveraged hedge fund and programmed via the old rules, you are likely to have your portfolio blow up. If you are a leveraged hedge fund and missed these changes taking place in these key instrumments, you are likely to have your portfolio blow up.

These are the most dangerous times, when things stop working they way you think they should and you are so far out on the limb that there’s no room for a birdie!

30-year Treasury USD Gold


Some are clearly worried!

Haven’t writen much about derivatives lately. Oh, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open, and suspect the march higher of commodities prices could be upsetting some investors plans, however aside from rumors, it’s held together.

Some are worried though. Check out these excerpts from the president of the New York Federal Reserve, Timothy Geithner, at a New York University conference:

the development of credit derivatives was, on balance, likely to make financial markets more efficient and stable but that the instruments, which now cover underlying credit exposures totalling more than $17,000bn (that’s $17 Trillion), could still throw up “negative surprises”.[…]

While acknowledging the progress, Mr Geithner said dealers and big banks should take “a cold, hard look” at the amount they lend to hedge funds and their margin practices for derivative transactions – the rules about how much funds can borrow against individual trades.

—–The task is one of “formidable complexity” in many cases, Mr Geithner said. An institution needs not only to assess the risk inherent in individual instruments but also “to capture the broader risks the institution might confront in conditions of a general deterioration in confidence in credit and an erosion in liquidity in these markets”.

That requires banks to analyse very low probability but extreme scenarios, he said – a particularly challenging exercise given the recent development of new financial instruments, the rapidly increasing significance of hedge funds and other relatively new participants in capital markets, and changes in market structure.

Normally, derivative players don’t worry too much about events that could happen out there on the end of the tail. Here, Geithner is clearly worried. And, he is worried about the leverage involved and the risk assessment of the newer players and the new derivative products. Whoa, Nancy!

On top of all that, we have the talking heads calling for a top week after week in precious metals without understanding that the “bigs” are trapped in gold shorts to the tune of 10,000 to 14,000 tons and nowhere to buy it back without sending gold to heavenly prices. Then we have a USD that is clearly headed lower. My gosh, even Merrill Lynch is bearish on the USD.

The CPI was just released. Add another worry!

Energy prices pushed the U.S. consumer price index up 0.6% on a seasonally adjusted basis in April, the Labor Department said Wednesday.
And higher shelter costs boosted the core CPI index, which excludes food and energy prices, to a 0.3% gain.
The increase in the CPI and the core rate were both slightly higher than forecast. Economists expected a 0.5% gain in the CPI, according to a MarketWatch survey. The core CPI was expected to rise 0.2%.

Timothy Geithner derivatives Merrill Lynch Gold


American Idol – May 17th

Well…three are left. Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks are competing for American Idol. Clive picked the first song for each, the judges individually picked the next song and the contestants picked the third and last song. The evening was a treat for the ears and the eyes. Elliott has more soul than a young man should have. Katharine, absolutely nailed her second song and she just wins you over with her eyes and smile. Taylor absolutely nailed the Joe Cocker song You are so beautiful. I think all three did just great. And to those who lament Chris being gone, he was missed, but we didn’t miss him. The singing was that good.

Who goes home? My choice would be Elliott. He needed to have a moment like Katharine did with Somewhere over the rainbow and he didn’t.

American Idol Katharine McPhee Entertainment

R.I.P Stanley Kunitz

He didn’t make it to 101.

Stanley Kunitz has died, one of my favorite poets. On July 30, 2005 on his birthday, when he turned 100, I shared one of his poems with you, The Portrait. Please take a look at this wonderful poem by Stanley Kunitz:

Halley’s Comet

Miss Murphy in first grade
wrote its name in chalk
across the board and told us
it was roaring down the stormtracks
of the Milky Way at frightful speed
and if it wandered off its course
and smashed into the earth
there’d be no school tomorrow.
A red-bearded preacher from the hills
with a wild look in his eyes
stood in the public square
at the playground’s edge
proclaiming he was sent by God
to save every one of us,
even the little children.
“Repent, ye sinners!” he shouted,
waving his hand-lettered sign.
At supper I felt sad to think
that it was probably
the last meal I’d share
with my mother and my sisters;
but I felt excited too
and scarcely touched my plate.
So mother scolded me
and sent me early to my room.
The whole family’s asleep
except for me. They never heard me steal
into the stairwell hall and climb
the ladder to the fresh night air.
Look for me, Father, on the roof
of the red brick building
at the foot of Green Street—
that’s where we live, you know, on the top floor.
I’m the boy in the white flannel gown
sprawled on this coarse gravel bed
searching the starry sky,
waiting for the world to end.

Most of the things people predict don’t come true, but isn’t there a fascination with the possible. That’s why we watch the news about hurricanes and the earthquake predictions and why we go to NASCAR races. Many people are focused on the year 2012 as the End Date. The boy in the white flannel gown is in all of us.

Stanley Kunitz Poetry Halley’s Comet


I love opinions like this:

Gold in New York fell the most in 17 months on speculation a rally that drove prices to a 26-year high was exaggerated.

“In the near term, it’s possible” this is the end of the rally.

Friday marked the beginning of a “ten percent to 20 percent correction that can literally take place in a manner of days, but more likely weeks, since copper, gold and silver had extremely high overbought readings,” said Peter Grandich, editor of the Grandich Letter.

Grandich, who isn’t right too often, yet gets his name in print often, thinks we could have a 10 to 20 percent correction of $73 to $146.

I’ll keep mine, thank you very much. Here’s London Irvine’s take:

Rumours still swirl of firms and commodity financing banks in deep trouble, and of hedged precious metals miners broke, but still in denial. Bear raids in commodity bull markets are an everyday fact of life. We may get a little more margin call selling today. Hedge fund and other house commodity traders usually over leverage, especially once over confidence about the direction of the market sets in.But I doubt this bull is dead. In my opinion the bull is just getting primed for bear. But first the UK quality press emulating the scandal sheets and pressing the case for the top.


Guard the Borders Blogburst

Reformation or Revolution?

by Heidi and Kit at Euphoric Reality

Tonight, the President will address the nation on his plans for illegal immigration. Unfortunately, he’s already given his word to Vicente Fox on Sunday that his plan to put a few National Guard troops on the border is just a temporary formality, of sorts, and not meant to intimidate anyone. Right. Heaven forbid we intimidate anyone to deter them from breaking our laws!

The question then arises, who does Bush feel more compelled to explain himself to – us Americans or the Mexicans? He owes the American people everything , and the Mexican government nothing! So why is he assuring Fox of anything concerning our internal national policies?!

I have no illusions about what we’ll hear from President Bush tonight. But before he tries to lull anyone into complacency tonight, let’s look at the reality of the Goode Amendment, which Bush will no doubt reference in his speech tonight. Troops on the border to bolster security? It’s not what it sounds like:

OK, here are the dirty little secrets.

“(d) Conditions of Use- (1) Whenever a member who is assigned under subsection (a) to assist the Bureau of Border Security or the United States Customs Service is performing duties at a border location pursuant to the assignment, a civilian law enforcement officer from the agency concerned shall accompany the member.”

So, each military member will simply now be a buddy for a Border Patrol guy.

Now look at this:

“(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to–

(A) authorize a member assigned under subsection (a) to conduct a search, seizure, or other similar law enforcement activity or to make an arrest;”

So, the military has nada authority.

BUT it gets better;

“(h) Termination of Authority- No assignment may be made or continued under subsection (a) after September 30, 2007.’”

This is a ONE YEAR DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush’s speech tonight seems to be a weak bid to stem the hemorrhage of voters from the Republican Party. As the party’s leader, Bush has a responsibility to lead and direct his party, and he may just be leading it to a crushing defeat in the upcoming elections. People who voted for Bush not once, but twice, are abandoning the Republican Party in droves. On a recent news radio poll, 80% of the callers who had voted for Bush twice, now heartily disapprove of him. Of that 80%, 90% of them said it was due to his mishandling of our border security. But Democrats shouldn’t celebrate any victories yet, because it’s not just Republicans – what it’s doing to the two-party system is even worse.

This issue is splitting the American people into a majority who demand border security and immigration enforcement and a small, but vocal minority who demand amnesty. There are now two schools of thought coalescing around the faltering Republican Party and its bumbling missteps. The debate is happening now and we need to be a part of it. So let’s debate!

Kit and I dove into this a little deeper and have each represented a school of thought concerning the future of the Party, and by extension, our two party-system. In the interest of full disclosure, Kit is an increasingly-reluctant Republican and I am a furious Independent (formerly Republican who split from the party over a year ago).

The Reformer
by Kit Jarrell

Immigration is about as hot an issue as this country has seen in a while. Die-hard conservatives who once proudly pasted Bush/Cheney stickers on the backs of their cars are suddenly screaming for the President’s head on a platter in the wake of his seemingly deliberate ignorance of the will of the American people, who in a new poll overwhelmingly call for border security and lower immigration numbers. A low rumbling has been heard in the blogosphere as some call for a conservative boycott of the 2006 elections in an effort to “show those GOP folks who’s boss.”

In the last few days, several conservative bloggers have stepped back a bit, asking if perhaps we’re not being too hasty. Captain Ed says we’re shooting ourselves in the foot if we simply sit home on Election Day.

…we still have to vote in November. If our preferred candidate does not win in the primaries, we still have to act responsibly and choose between the two major party candidates in the general election. Not only will abdication result in a loss of control over our own representation, the failure of GOP candidates has national implications that will wind up hamstringing the politicians that really have worked on our behalf — the Tom Coburns, the John Boehners, the Jon Cornyns. And by sitting on our hands, we will have proven too inflexible to be dependable — which will only encourage Republican candidates to reach out to the center-left more than ever before.

He’s right. Here’s how I see it:

The time for us to be acting is now, before the elections. We need to be seeking out and supporting candidates that we know will act with integrity and fortitude, who will understand and respect the rule of law, and who will do the job they were elected to do: represent the will of those who voted them in.

However, if Election Day rolls around and our candidate didn’t make it, that is no excuse for us to sit home and do nothing. What happens if we throw a temper tantrum and refuse to vote? Democrats win. And let’s face it: As much disillusion as we may feel right now, it’s nothing compared to what this country will sink to if a liberal is elected back into the White House.

Stop the ACLU agrees, and quotes the Anchoress

I just have to ask all of you people – on every side – who have decided that immigration is one man’s burden, and that every good thing President Bush has done is to be negated because he hasn’t snapped his fingers and done what YOU think is the solution to the immigration problem…what did Clinton do about immigration, what did Bush 41 do? What did St. Reagan do? What did Carter do? What has any president, congressperson or senator done about immigration for the last 30 years, except kick the issue down the road for someone else to deal with?

As hard as it may be to hear, she’s got a point. The responsibility for the scope and breadth of the current immigration problem lies on all of our shoulders. Illegals didn’t suddenly start showing up in the last year. Politicians have been ignoring the problem for decades…and so have we.

Anchoress goes on:

[On] immigration…one man is to blame, one man is at fault, one man must find the Solomonic solution. And if he doesn’t, he’s a bum no matter what else he’s done. Meanwhile, the press can’t get over the president who smiled and cried his way through two terms, and they still work on his legacy. Can you ever recall a time in history where 6 years after an administration ends, the ex-president is still breathlessly being polled-on, still being given (on most days) as much press as the current president? I can’t.

Is Bush wrong on this issue? Absolutely. Am I angry about it? You’re damn right I am. But he’s what we’ve got for another two years. I’m not asking everyone to go to Bush rallies and cheer. I am, however, telling you that being a conservative isn’t like being a liberal. We don’t get to take our toys and go home simply because someone’s not playing fair. We don’t get to scream for the nanny because we’re not getting what we want. We’re not part of that tribe. We don’t get the luxury of tantrums and whining and petulance. Let’s leave that for the cowards who’d rather hold up a sign than pay their dues as freemen.

As conservatives, we are the ones who see the big picture. We have to. Yes, immigration is one of the biggest issues facing this country. Yes, we need to act now. Yes, we need to hold our politicians accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). But sitting at home or boycotting the elections will only show everyone that we’re just as spineless as the liberals we deride.

Liberals run when things don’t work out. We don’t. We stay until they’re finished, until they’re done, until the problem is taken care of. Don’t throw up your hands yet. There’s still work to be done.

The Revolutionary
By Heidi

I see the point made above. There is no doubt that we cannot sit back and do nothing. If we do – we deserve worse than we get. But can the Republican Party be reformed by simply finding new candidates? I know Democrats that are vastly disappointed with the direction of their party, too. Personally, I figure the system is broken. I think our Founding Fathers would be heartsick to see the extent of corruption within our two party system – it’s like a grandiose house that has rotted from the foundation up. It would be best to tear it down and build something new and rock-solid on the foundation our forefathers built.

I am not prepared to give Bush a free pass by comparing him to our previous do-nothing Presidents. Never has there been a time in history when we have faced the sheer glut of problems rooted in the invasion of illegals – we’re at 20 million or more – twice what the government will admit to. Never have we faced the crises of a foreign government managing our internal domestic policies, or our own government actively undermining our own laws, hamstringing our law enforcement, and refusing to listen to the majority of the American people. The American people have spoken – but nobody is listening!

Bush is the leader of the Republican Party. If he did the right thing, our majority-Republican Congress would follow. End of story – mission accomplished. Since he WON’T do the right thing, he puts those elected officials in the vulnerable and dangerous place of having to go against the entire executive branch in order to do what their people demand. As we’ve already seen, there’s few of them that are man enough to do that. And that’s what Bush is banking on! He’s the one risking his own party, not those who abandon the Republican Party because it no longer speaks for them!

I think the Anchoress’ defensive position is much more dangerous to the Republican Party than anything else: “How is one man supposed to do what countless others haven’t?” That alone is a losing proposition! She asks what all the other presidents did about illegal immigration. Well, here are several extenuating points to ponder about that:

1) we’ve never had 20-28 MILLION illegals before
2) we never had a 9/11 before
3) we were not at war
4) those Presidents didn’t promise the entire country that nothing mattered to them as much as our national security. Bush did.

The Republicans know that conservatives can’t go anywhere else without risking the liberals taking control. I think Republicans count on the fact that conservatives are trapped, and they abuse it. Republicans caution rebellious conservatives by reminding them of how fourteen years ago, disaffected voters split the vote between Bush 41 and Perot. “Look what happened,” they mourn, “we got eight years of Clinton.” Republicans paint those independents as having sabotaged the election. Yet, what was the best candidate they could field against an incumbent Clinton in 1996? Bob Dole? C’mon – that’s the best they could do? Losing two elections to the likes of Bubba Clinton is not the fault of the Independent voter – it’s the result of a weak-willed Republican Party. They handed those elections to Clinton with a big red bow on top! That alone tells me they don’t have what it takes to survive a reformation – they play it way too safe.

Today, we can’t elect third-rate leaders just because we’re voting against a floridly silly Al Gore or a treasonous John Kerry – who feels good about that?! Voting for the lesser of two evils, to vote against the worse candidate, is not the way any Republican or Democrat can hope to win an election. Neither party is any longer representing the American people, but rather big money interests and powerful small interest lobbies. Elections are a big money game. Though an Independent Perot couldn’t win with his millions 14 years ago, he may have just been well ahead of his time. Here we are a decade and a half later, and millions of us are actively looking for a candidate with a spine of steel and an unswerving loyalty to the American people and the sovereignty of our homeland! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready! There needs to be a radical overthrow of the rotten parties currently in control.

There’s a confluence of circumstances that may make possible today what was impossible 14 years ago – field a powerful Independent that truly represents the American people. I’ve heard people caution that we can’t afford to be single-issue voters. I beg to differ – when it comes to our national sovereignty, nothing is more important. Illegal immigration and Mexico’s meddling in our domestic affairs are the greatest threat to our national sovereignty that our generation has ever seen. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can handle the gravity of the problem – they’ve already proven that to their everlasting shame.

It’s time to throw them all out – the spirit of the American Revolution burns deeps inside many of us. It’s time to ignite that fire and accomplish what lesser men and women have deemed impossible.

__________________________________________This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It is syndicated by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration in our country, join the Blogburst! Send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

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