Tax Revenues Are a Windfall for Louisiana

At stores, every day is like Christmas Eve…. “Retailers are doing wonderful, restaurants are doing wonderful, car dealers are doing wonderful”.

In the NYT, (Registration is required) Tax Revenues Are a Windfall for Louisiana
By LESLIE EATON, we learn that

more tax dollars than ever are pouring into the state’s coffers as the budget year draws to an end.[…]

Part of the upswing has come from gamblers dropping more dollars at casinos and video poker machines. Another part has come from higher oil and gas prices, which not only increase the state’s taxes and royalties, but also increase profits in the petrochemical industry, which is a vital part of the Louisiana economy.

But the biggest surge by far has been in sales taxes, as hurricane victims have used federal aid, insurance proceeds and their savings to replace items as disparate as socks and S.U.V.’s. Officials forecast that the state will end up with almost $500 million more in sales tax revenue than they expected before the storms hit.

Politicians will be politicians however. Cautioned by the governor not to spend wildly, budget battles were muted, though there was money allocated for some of the member’s pet projects. And not to be left out

A raise has been approved for teachers and other school workers…

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2 Responses to “Tax Revenues Are a Windfall for Louisiana”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how Louisianans can afford to buy these things and not think twice about the sales tax, and how the state treasury is collecting money…

    …courtesy of the other 49 states’ residents?

  2. Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your response. Our candidate supports securing the boarder and shares your concern about the Islamothreat to our culture. However, he does not support abolishing the Federal Reserve. I await your response.


    Raymond Smalley

    Raj for Congress

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