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Let me take a different tack with Global warming. Here’s CO2 Science on Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming

There is little doubt the air’s CO2 concentration has risen significantly since the inception of the Industrial Revolution; and there are few who do not attribute the CO2 increase to the increase in humanity’s use of fossil fuels. There is also little doubt the earth has warmed slightly over the same period; but there is no compelling reason to believe that the rise in temperature was caused by the rise in CO2. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that future increases in the air’s CO2 content will produce any global warming; for there are numerous problems with the popular hypothesis that links the two phenomena.[…]

The observation that two things have risen together for a period of time says nothing about one trend being the cause of the other.

When I was a stockbroker, there was an amazing correlation between the direction of the stock market after the Super Bowl and the winner of the Super Bowl called the Super Bowl Effect.

According to the unconventional but surprisingly accurate indicator, stocks rise when a team from the National Football Conference or one from the pre-1970 National Football League wins the Super Bowl. It’s worked for 26 of 29 Super Bowls.

However, just because there is correlation doesn’t imply cause. CO2 Science goes to point out

In thus considering the seven greatest temperature transitions of the past half-million years – three glacial terminations and four glacial inceptions – we note that increases and decreases in atmospheric CO2 concentration not only did not precede the changes in air temperature, they followed them, and by hundreds to thousands of years! There were also long periods of time when atmospheric CO2 remained unchanged, while air temperature dropped, as well as times when the air’s CO2 content dropped, while air temperature remained unchanged or actually rose. Hence, the climate history of the past half-million years provides absolutely no evidence to suggest that the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 concentration will lead to significant global warming.

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Update: Check out Maxedoutmama for a further discussion of the “crock” of global warming in Journalistic Scientific Malpractice

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