Salton City Earthquakes

It is interesting to me that since 6/24 there have been 62 75 earthquakes in the Salton City area of California and just today there have been 50 58 so far yesterday and 5 today at 8:49PM .

When I look at the map of Baja and lower California, I wonder how long it will be before the Sea of Cortez joins with the Salton Sea.

Salton City Earthquakes USGS Mover


2 Responses to “Salton City Earthquakes”

  1. How long? Our great grandchildren’s, great grandchildren’s great grandchildren won’t see it.

    Swarms in that area aren’t unheard of. It doesn’t mean a big pop is coming necessarily. The biggest quake in the Imperial Valley since I’ve been in San Diego County (1950) was in the ’80s. I think it was 5.9 or 6.1. Kicked a leg out from under the new City Hall in El Centro but otherwise didn’t do much harm.


  2. My goodness yes. Maybe 10,000 years from now.

    George Ure over at Urban Survival is tarnishing his reputation by predicting 9.0+ earthquakes that never happen and grasping for straws to prove that his pre-sight “web bots” work. Mike, stick to strict construction of the U.S. Constitution, Guard the Borders and macroeconomic commentary. Earthquakes are not predictable and the continents will not significantly change in the next 1000 years.


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