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Arab League Chief Moussa In Houston

Can this really be the answer to Iran’s nukes?

US cannot accept Israeli nuclear weapons: Arab League chief

The United States cannot denounce Iran’s nuclear program while accepting Israel’s possession of nuclear bombs, Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa told the US Arab Economic Forum in Houston, Texas Tuesday.[…]

“There is no moral and legal ground to distinguish them. Both are bad and all military nuclear programs or programs of weapons of mass destruction should not be allowed.”

The difference is, Mr. Moussa, Israel doesn’t threaten its neighbors as Iran does, by saying Israel should be wiped from the map. There is no moral equivalence!

Amr Moussa Israel Iran Mover Mike


Is the Senate finally getting it:
From The Washington Times,

Key backers of the Senate immigration bill said yesterday they are willing to consider a compromise that would delay the guest-worker program and “amnesty” portions until the borders have been secured.

Border Security Mover Mike

Gold Diggers

Gold Digger Ordered to Fill Hole

All Henry Mora got was the shaft when he went digging for gold.

Volunteer accused of embezzling from bingo

The case against (Charlotte M.) Luciani unfolded Oct. 3, when bingo officials “found discrepancies in cash amounts,” namely that forms reporting the nightly revenue did not match up with the amounts shown on cash register tapes (while Luciana was on vacation!).

Gold Diggers’ Lesson #1: Do not go on vacation!

Henry Mora (Charlotte M.) Luciani Mover Mike

Steve Porter!

Every Tuesday I get an email “tunesday” from musician Steve Porter from the UK. The email is a unique way to market one’s music. I liked the tune today and I’ve played it more than once, already. It has a nice little hook that is remembered after the song plays. Check him out at his website where if you are so inclined can download other music and buy his CDs.

Steve Porter Music Mover Mike

Beavers Win!!!

Beavers win national championship. Congrats to a team that never quit. That come from behind win in game two against NC was thrilling, all the time the announcers saying it is very hard to come back if a team gets down 5-0.

Photo by the AP

The pitching in game three for both sides was exciting to watch. The game was so close, it came down to an error and an unearned run.

Tax Revenues Are a Windfall for Louisiana

At stores, every day is like Christmas Eve…. “Retailers are doing wonderful, restaurants are doing wonderful, car dealers are doing wonderful”.

In the NYT, (Registration is required) Tax Revenues Are a Windfall for Louisiana
By LESLIE EATON, we learn that

more tax dollars than ever are pouring into the state’s coffers as the budget year draws to an end.[…]

Part of the upswing has come from gamblers dropping more dollars at casinos and video poker machines. Another part has come from higher oil and gas prices, which not only increase the state’s taxes and royalties, but also increase profits in the petrochemical industry, which is a vital part of the Louisiana economy.

But the biggest surge by far has been in sales taxes, as hurricane victims have used federal aid, insurance proceeds and their savings to replace items as disparate as socks and S.U.V.’s. Officials forecast that the state will end up with almost $500 million more in sales tax revenue than they expected before the storms hit.

Politicians will be politicians however. Cautioned by the governor not to spend wildly, budget battles were muted, though there was money allocated for some of the member’s pet projects. And not to be left out

A raise has been approved for teachers and other school workers…

Louisiana Tax Revenues Katrina Mover Mike


Guard the Borders Blogburst

The following article is reprinted with permission via Minuteman HQ email.

An Update from the Minuteman Fence Project Manager

First, let me say thanks to the brave ranchers who are stepping up to put their lives on the line to stop the illegal invasion. They live and work within spitting distance of the Mexican border every day. These brave men and women are working side by side with Minutemen in this war zone they call home, allowing us to secure America.

Second, let’s be clear. Not every single mile of the border or every ranch or rancher is the same. The full-on Israeli-style Security Fence is our primary design and first choice for construction. However, when circumstances dictate adjustment to a Border Fence with barbed wire and a vehicle barrier or another design to meet local requirements, we will make the necessary adaptations—and keep building.

Our plan: Do the job until our government does its duty.

    * Announce the need for the Minuteman Border Fence.

    * Ask again that President Bush do his duty and secure the border.

    * Schedule a groundbreaking to get the Border Fence launched.

    * Begin raising the $55 million needed for 70 miles of fence in AZ.

    * Work with ranchers to design fence to meet specific private landsite requirements.

    * Get steel and contractors to manage the sites.

    * Register and vet fencing volunteers.

    * Build a Minuteman Fence Security Plan to patrol fencing.

    * Set up Volunteer Crews administration and crew management

    * Continue to build fence as fast as resources allow.

    * Start more sites in TX, CA and NM as donations and volunteer capacity permit.

    * Continue Border Watch and Fence Operations until the border is secure.

Click to view details of fence diagram.

A Comprehensive Design

Numerous fence design variations will be required to effectively deal with border crossings by illegal aliens, drug dealers and livestock. Derivation from the primary design is necessary to accommodate local ranchers’ specific terrain, topography, herds and other factors.

The important point to remember is that MCDC will not let Vincente Fox tell us or the US ranchers we are working with where or what we can build. No matter what the fence design, MCDC will erect a well-built fence—and fences work. We know they are effective, because we see the results; incursions reduced, and all of the opposition groups and open border supporters screaming to stop the fence.

1) Security Fence – Illegal alien crossing design: A physical barrier capable of stopping people and vehicles has been designed to fit the general terrain. It is also a daunting psychological deterrent that cuts illegal crossings by 95% or more. The security fence will not be easy to compromise by climbing over with a ladder, cannot be cut with wire cutters, breached by ramming with a vehicle, or tunneling under undetected. While no fence can be a 100% impenetrable barrier—the Minuteman Border Fence is an excellent design and will prove time-consuming enough that Border Patrol agents can be alerted and respond before the incursion can be completed.

Our fence plan will keep costs near $150 per foot.

2) Border Fence – Halting drug dealers, illegal aliens and livestock: This style of fence is necessary where full Security Fencing cannot be installed. A physical barrier with a 5 wire barbed wire fence 5′ 6″ high, a vehicle barrier with a horizontal steel barrier in 12’ sections welded to steel post 30” high and razor wire on the ground between the wire fence and the vehicle barrier. This barrier will stop vehicles and cattle and slow down illegal aliens.

This design similar to Border Patrol designs is intended to accomplish the following: Mexican drugs are coming across the border in vehicles and on the backs of mules. The steel barrier stops drug vehicles and is high enough to stop mules from walking over and low enough to keep them from going under. The barbed wire fence keeps Mexican livestock in Mexico. Thousands of diseased Mexican cattle are presently allowed to walk freely into the US unchecked, and MCDC is working with our ranchers to stop the spread of disease. This design is cheaper and faster to erect where urgent conditions warrant, especially in cases of diseased cattle incursions.

Schedule Facts:

April 20, 2006 – Chris Simcox announces the Minuteman Border Fence is to be built if President Bush does not send armed troops to secure the US – Mexico border by Memorial Day 2006.

May 27, 2006
– Successful groundbreaking was held in Arizona on Memorial Day weekend. First 2.5 miles of 10 miles of Border Fence erected. Continue fence fundraising through direct mail, email, national radio affiliates and national speaking tours.

May 27 to June 30
– Finished the first 2.5 mile section of fence, applied for permission on next 7.5 miles, repaired vandalized fence, ordered steel, finalized fence design/civil engineering specifications, retained two local Arizona contractors who hire legally, started vetting volunteers for work crews, completed volunteer delivery of donated construction truck, continue next 7.5 miles, acquire vehicle barrier steel, install vehicle barrier, test/install fence camera technology, plan and implement 24×7 fence security.

June 27 – Second site layout to be finished.

July 6-15
– Security Fence at second location starts.

Peter Kunz
Project Manager
Minuteman Border Fence



A Successful Start on a Security Fence

The successful groundbreaking was held in Arizona on Memorial Day weekend, as President Bush refused to immediately deploy National Guard and reserve troops to secure America’s out-of-control southern border with Mexico.

Hundreds of volunteers—along with Minuteman Founder Chris Simcox, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Congressman Steve King, AZ gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater, WeNeedAFence.com founder Colin Hanna and AZ Congressional candidate Randy Graf—dug holes, mixed concrete, put up fencing while opposition groups jeered and skeptics said it could not be done. Now MCDC continues with dedicated volunteers, engineers and contractors using LEGAL crews to work with local Arizona land owners in building mile after mile of border security fencing on private land along the border with Mexico. The first site is 10 miles long and the first 2.5 miles of Minuteman Border Fence already has been completed.
How can You Help?

Build the Minuteman Border Fence by sending donations and volunteering to participate in making the US border secure.

Donate to Build the Minuteman Border Fence

VOLUNTEER to Build the Minuteman Border Fence

Sign up as a volunteer and get access to the “Minutemen Border Cams” an active web based surveillance link on the fencing project. The Minuteman Border Fence is placing cameras which will be monitored via computer over the Internet by registered Minutemen across the country, so that Minuteman volunteers can observe and report illegal crossings from the computer in their living rooms 24/7.

The Border Fence is already making a difference.

Local reports indicate that drug and human trafficking has already been reduced. There are fewer vehicles in the area where the fence is under construction—proving again that having a presence and taking positive steps to do SOMETHING to secure the border reduces the flow of illegal aliens, potential terrorists, drug and human traffickers, murderers, rapists and thieves in these areas.

More than 1,500 have volunteered to build the fence.

Planning and organization continues as volunteers, materials and contractors are being coordinated in an unprecedented alliance with over 1,500 Minuteman Border Fence volunteers. In the true spirit of the Minutemen of the American Revolution these patriots have joined together to form an army of volunteers to secure our borders and protect America’s sovereignty, security and prosperity.

“The undertaking is monumental and historic” says Chris Simcox.

MCDC is beginning construction of the Israeli-style border security fence at a second ranch location in early July and later throughout the year in TX, CA and NM as more resources are marshaled. Two fencing companies that hire legally have been retained to run the jobs sites and coordinate volunteer construction crews as Minutemen volunteers are scheduled to provide labor and security. Crews of four to ten volunteers under the guidance of professional fence installers can install as much as 3 miles of fence in a week.

The nay-sayers are wrong. The reality is the Minutemen are here to stay, and this mission will be completed. In April of 2005, over 800 volunteer men and women took action to secure the border. This year there are more than 200,000 Minuteman Civil Defense Corps activists not only guarding the border but building fence, faxing our elected representatives, making phone calls, voting open border politicians out of office, starting local chapters and contributing their time, money and expertise. MCDC is an explosive grassroots effort enjoying the energetic support of political Democrats, Republicans and Independents—all American patriots who have earned the trust of the public by keeping our word to remain vigilant until our borders are secure.

The fencing will be built on private land with privately donated funds, engineering and labor. Its construction at every step will serve as an example to educate the public about the feasibility and efficacy of fencing to secure America’s borders from illegal invasion by aliens and international criminal cartels. An IRS-authorized charitable non-profit organization is facilitating, administering and reporting tax-deductible donations specifically and solely for construction of this Minuteman Border Fence project. Monetary and in-kind contributions for this effort will go directly into meeting hard costs such as building materials for this private fencing operation.

We have a monumental challenge ahead to raise $55 million. We urgently need your help for this effort to succeed. With your help MCDC can make America more secure by continuing to urge citizen volunteers to support the Minuteman Border Fence.

Be sure to send this to EVERYONE you know who wants to help STOP illegal aliens at the border! Thank you!

Donate to Build the Minuteman Border Fence

VOLUNTEER to Build the Minuteman Border Fence

Go www.minutemanborderfence.com and join with us TODAY.

Sincerely for America,

Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

So Who Taught Him to Hate?

From KATC3, Terror Ringleader has Louisiana Ties

“I couldn’t believe it but its true – that’s him I saw on TV,” says Narcisse Batiste. Family members woke him up Thursday night when they saw his son – Narseal – was one of 7 suspects arrested for plotting Al-Queda like attacks.

Narseal Batiste and his five brothers and sisters grew up in both Marksville and Chicago. His father is a baptist preacher at a church in Bunkie. “They were brought up under strict supervision – church – school – they were taught to love everybody,” says Narcisse Batiste. “I don’t believe it – I don’t believe my son’s capable of doing it because he never showed anything bad in life.”

Narseal converted to Islam in the early ’90s. About five years ago he moved his wife and four children from Marksville back to Chicago. Since then, father and son have not spoken. Today, Narcisse Batiste has a lot of questions for his son. “Were you involved? What have you been doing? Your dad never taught you to do this.”

As of Friday afternoon, Batiste still hasn’t heard any official word from his son – or the government on the arrests. He’s hoping to find the federal charges false.

Mover Mike

Condi vs. Cheney

Dr Jack Wheeler in his latest edition of To The Point (by subscription only) tells the story of a fight between Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney that indicates Condi has joined the “dark side”, the side of the appeasers.

At the center of the drama is one of the great unknown heroes of America’s victory in the Cold War, a geopolitical genius with the distinctive name of Enders Wimbush.


Enders Wimbush was the Director of Radio Liberty, broadcasting into the Soviet Union itself …

He was determined to give a voice to those within the Soviet Union calling for freedom, rather than have Radio Liberty be like Voice of America, purveying left-slanted news and popular music.

…it was inconceivable that the Soviet Union itself would break apart.

But break apart it did – thanks in large part to the broadcasts of Enders Wimbush’s Radio Liberty.


So it was that Wimbush got a call from someone in touch with Dick Cheney’s office to inform him that the president of RFE/RL, Tom Dine, was retiring, and would he consider throwing his hat in the ring to be Dine’s successor?

“The Vice-President views Iran as one of the country’s most urgent national security threats,”…


The RFE/RL presidency is chosen by a vote of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which oversees all non-military US international broadcasting, including Voice of America and Radio Marti to Cuba. There are currently seven members (there are two vacancies), three of whom are Republican, three are Democrat, with the seventh being the Secretary of State, who normally designates a surrogate.

Condi’s designate on the BBG is Karen Hughes, George Bush’s closest political confidante next to Karl Rove, and Under-Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

The vote took place in Prague (where RFE/RL is headquartered) on June 10th. It was a choice between Wimbush and Jeff Trimble, Tom Dine’s former deputy and now interim president. Trimble, as a left-wing liberal, was the candidate of the three Democrat board members – especially Jeffrey Hirschberg, a Washington attorney who is in Putin’s pocket with extensive business interests in Russia.

Hirschberg was so frantic to block Wimbush – who would have no qualms about broadcasting the flaws and fascism of Putin’s Russia – that a month ago he had begun a smear campaign against him so disgusting that Wimbush had his lawyer consider a character-defamation lawsuit.

At the Prague meeting, the three Republican members made it clear that Wimbush had the strong support of the office of the Vice-President, the office of the Secretary of Defense, and members of the President’s National Security Council.


Now came the vote. Three for Wimbush. Three for Trimble. And then Karen Hughes cast the deciding vote – for Trimble.

Dr Jack Wheeler Condoleezza Rice Dick Cheney Mover Mike/a>

Ground Zero Lawsuit

From The NY Daily News, NY is fighting a class-action lawsuit:

Fifty-seven Ground Zero workers have died and thousands of others have been sickened by exposure to a noxious mix of chemicals released when the World Trade Center was reduced to smoldering rubble…[…]

The city is trying to beat back a class-action lawsuit filed by some 8,000 workers and the families of the dead who claim the city, in its haste to clear the site, exposed them to dangerous levels of asbestos, lead and other toxins.

Weren’t the residents of NYC told that the air was ok to breathe? Was that true? Should they be included in the lawsuit?

Ground Zero 9/11 Lawsuit Mover Mike

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