Israel has run out of time!

Purported Rice plan is a no-go!

The plan:

# a U.N.-mandated multinational force that can help stabilize in the region
# disarming Hezbollah and integrating the guerrilla force into the Lebanese army;
# Hezbollah’s return of Israeli prisoners;
# a buffer zone in southern Lebanon to put Hezbollah rockets out of range of Israel;
# a commitment to resolve the status of a piece of land held by Israel and claimed by Lebanon;
# and the creation of an international reconstruction plan for Lebanon.

Why would Hezbollah agree to disarmament when they just claimed victory?

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared victory on Saturday after Israel announced it was withdrawing its forces from the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbail, where Israeli troops found unexpected difficulty in dislodging the guerrilla group from its strongholds.

Why on earth would you integrate Hezbollah into the Lebanese army? Do you want to radicalize the Lebanese? Do you have any idea how wide a buffer zone needs to be? Already, the Hezbollah have a new missile that fires over 30 Miles.

In another development noted by Doctor Zin, Iran said there can be no cease-fire deal without Syria and Iran involved and for once I would agree.

The Rome conference (which is meeting today) is to be attended by the US, Canada, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, as well as the UN and the World Bank.

Meanwhile, Israel has run out of time! The Rice plan is a no-go, but the reins are pulling hard on Israel. All the media can do is carry the Hezbollah side regarding casualties and make out Israel as the bad guy. If you are israel you must crush the enemy early and break their will to fight. Now they are fighting a real fight and a PR fight. A cease-fire will only encourage Israel’s enemies.

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