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Storm Large’s Encore

Someone meaning to be derogatory, commented on one of the blogs about Rock Star: Supernova, “Can you imagine watching Storm Large for an hour and a half?” Portland fans would say, “Hell Yeah!” You decide! Here is the encore she gave Wednesday night:

Storm Large Rock Star Mover Mike

Gold and the USD

Something very bullish is happening in the charts of gold over the last seven weeks. I have posted about the “island” that was left at the bottom. A gap down on 6/13 and a gap back up on 6/30, leaving an island of 2 1/2 weeks. Gold traded up as high $669 on 7/14 before correcting. However it never filled the gap on 6/30, instead it has rallied and today left another gap from $621.90, trading as high as $640! (see chart).

Is Gold signaling weakness in the USD? James Turk sure thinks the USD is about to break down. The founder of Gold Money says

I therefore expect that it won’t be too long before the Dollar Index begins falling away from here, and a close in the Dollar Index below 84.00 is likely to start a rout in the dollar.

Gold James Turk GoldMoney Mover Mike USD

Psalm 83?

Now this is a strange tale.

CNN reports an engineer in Dublin, Ireland was

digging up bogland last week to create commercial potting soil somewhere in Ireland’s midlands when “just beyond the bucket of his bulldozer, he spotted something.”

It was a book of Psalms and archeologists think it is from the time of 800 to 1000 AD. It is odd that it could have survived in the bog for that length of time and odd that it was unearthed and not destroyed. The real strange thing is that

the book was found open to a page describing, in Latin script, Psalm 83, in which God hears complaints of other nations’ attempts to wipe out the name of Israel.

Jerry Jenkins along with Tim LaHaye and Joel Rosenberg spoke with CNN’s Kyra Phillips about whether this is a signal of the “end times”. Jenkins and LaHaye are co-authors of the left behind series of novels detailing the rapture. Joel Rosenberg is a geopolitical writer who has specialized in novels that interpret the prophesies as it relates to Israel and the Middle East. Rosenberg’s latest novel is The Copper Scroll.

Psalm 83 Dublin Ireland Jerry Jenkins Tim LaHaye Joel Rosenberg Mover Mike

Sad Day for Phil on Rock Star: Supernova

Well, Storm wasn’t dissed this week. She was called to do an encore of “Anything Anything” (Dramarama). She didn’t do the dive into the pit the second time. She was even more intense and left everything on the stage. What a performance!

The bottom three this week turned out to be Patrice, Zayre and Phil. All three gave their best performances so far, and in the end Phil was released. Gilbey just didn’t think Phil wanted to be a member of the band enough.

Which reminds me of a comment I saw on The Portland Mercury, PDX Blog devoted to Portland:

I’ll continue to vote until she’s (Storm Large) in the final 3, after that I’m voting her out. I’d be totally embarrassed for Portland if someone as talented as Storm was the lead singer for ass-hacks like Tommy Lee. Posted by: mercjunkie | July 6, 2006 11:09 AM

Can’t say I don’t disagree with mercjunkie.

What is the attraction to Storm? For me she’s the fast girl I was afraid to date in high school. Oh, I wanted to, but I could see that going out with that beer swillin’, cigarette smoking, loose woman, the opposite of good ol’ mom could change me from the conservative, “wanta be a lawyer” and then make it in politics, white guy.

I wanted to learn about sex from her, but didn;’t want her to think it was my first time. So some of us marry the “good girl” the one we put on a pedestal, only to find that a real woman doesn’t want to be put there. She wants you to know and appreciate all her aspects, the light and the dark, and love her all the more. Took me a long time to learn that. Here’s to all the Storm’s I missed in life.

mercjunkie Storm Large Rock Star Supernova Mover Mike

Bad News from PD!

When you buy stock in a natural resource company, you expect to reap capital gains if the price of oil, or silver or gold or copper go up. The reason is leverage. Your costs remain relatively fixed but your revenue soars. Or that’s how it should be, only it’s not with today’s announcement from Phelps Dodge (PD), and If I were a shareholder, I would be livid.

According to the WSJ Online (by subscription only),

PD’s second-quarter net income fell 31% despite high commodity (copper) prices, due to a huge charge tied to hedges the company put in place to protect against volatility of metals prices.

Seems PD sold options on copper at an average $.95 and copper double and doubled again. They had to buy them back! It cost them

$514.6 million…for mark-to-market adjustments on copper price collars and put options that covered about 25% of its production. Similar hedges cover about 20% of Phelps Dodge’s 2007 production, and the company declined to say whether it would try to unwind those.

So PD investors be prepared for some more disappointing earnings.

Now PD is not alone. Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) has done much the same thing in Gold with options averaging prices of $300 per ounce. Gold has doubled and is likely to double again and again and again. Meantime, ABX is only down $3 Billion. But, hey, it’s only shareholders money and the government will probably bail ABX out. The lesson for shareholders: do not buy shares in companies that hedge their production.

Derivatives Phelps Dodge PD Barrick Gold Corp. ABX Mover Mike

David Ignatius, Wrong Again!

David Ignatius has it wrong when he says

Wars end when both sides decide they can gain more from a negotiated settlement than from continued fighting.

WWI didn’t end with The Versailles Treaty in 1919. WWII was really a continuation of WWI. The fighting may have stopped with the partioning of Korea, but the war has continued. Did the first Gulf War in Iraq end or was it continued ten years later? Israel has had a number of violent outbreaks called wars, but the war has never ended.

Liberals like to think that a ceasefire ends a war, that a negotiated settlement ends a war. They don’t understand that talking too early leads to more war. What it really does is give the losing side a chance to regroup, reload, learn from its maistakes and believe it can outlast the other side. That is not “ending” a war. Wars end when the loser sues for peace, is crushed and made to believe it can not win on the battlefield. That is the way WWII ended, and we have had over 50 years of peace with Japan and Germany. Not so with any diplomatic settlement in the Middle East and not so with the Cold War. Russia is back thinking more than ever that it can compete with the U.S.

No, David, what you and your kind want is appeasement which allows the enemy to gain confidence and nibble us to death. How many times do we have to learn the lesson?

David IgnatiusIsrael Lebanon Mover Mike

Oregon Quakes 7-26-06

MAP 1.7 2006/07/26 18:45:07 45.918 -119.325 0.0 0 km ( 0 mi) ENE of Umatilla, OR
MAP 1.1 2006/07/26 05:51:57 42.231 -121.974 5.2 16 km ( 10 mi) W of Klamath Falls, OR

Rock Star: Supernova 7-25-06

Hell, yeah! That was with a few exceptions, an awesome show. And what a way to end it with Storm large diving head first into the audience. She is one fine rock singer, full of energy and seething with s-e-x. As for the rest:

Zayra Alvarez – Call Me (Blondie) The outfit and the song: Space cadet
Dana Andrews – About a Girl (Nirvana) She got down and dirty, but so far it seems pasted on.
Dilana – Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) This woman is fearless, just a great redition of the Lauper hit. And I love Cydi Lauper. Top Five.
Jill Gioia – Brown Sugar (The Rolling Stones) She uses her sex as a sledgehammer, not good.
Storm Large – Anything Anything (Dramarama) Top Five!
Josh Logan – No Rain (Blind Melon) He has a great voice, but he can’t be what Supernova wants.
Magni – Heroes (David Bowie) Probably Top Five, but to me he’s cold.
Patrice Pike – Remedy (The Black Crowes) Dark horse, could get better, but probably not.
Toby Rand – White Wedding (Billy Idol) He showed his dirty side. Top Five.
Phil Ritchie – One Headlight (The Wallflowers) Please, send him home. I’m tired of seeing him look at us through his hair and I’m tired of his flopsy moves.
Lukas Rossi – Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) What can I say, but Top Five
Ryan Star – I Alone (Live) He does not look like he’s having any fun.

My bottrom three: Zayra Alvarez, Josh Logan, and Phil Ritchie. Do we only get to eliminate one?

Storm LargeRock Star Supernova Dilana Lukas Rossi Mover Mike



Storm Large in Portland Monthly

The new Portland Monthly just arrived and lo and behold, a short article about Storm Large.

Q: If you had kids would you encourage them to give rock camp a try?
A: The only way I could see doing that is if they had no interests and just wanted to sit around on their ass. But if you want it bad enough, if you feel that’s who you are, if everyone around you says you suck-but when you do it, you feel more like yourself than when you’re doing anything else-you do it.

There’s more in the August, 2006 edition. Storm Large, Portland’s own.

Storm Large Rock Star Supernova Mover Mike



Oregon Quakes

MAP 1.1 2006/07/25 10:48:07 42.224 -121.993 8.3 18 km ( 11 mi) W of Klamath Falls, OR

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