Storm Large…Tonight!

Getting us hyped for tonight’s show, Rock Star: Supernova, The Oregonian has Storm Watch by Lee Williams.

Storm’s stunning Tuesday night performance culminated with the 6-foot-tall singer stage-diving into the arms of the CBS studio audience. The maneuver whipped up a frenzy of screams from the viewers at Dante’s, and scored with viewers nationwide as well. “Rock Star” co-host Brooke Burke said Tuesday night’s viewership was up 15 percent from the previous week.Storm’s stunning showing scored accolades from the “Rock Star” judges to boot. Far from getting ousted on Wednesday night’s “elimination” episode (27-year-old singer Phil Ritchie was voted off) the judges asked Storm to perform an encore of the song instead.

“It was my favorite performance,” Storm said, speaking by phone from the Hollywood mansion, of last Tuesday’s performance. “It felt very good — like I had my boots back on from my old punk-rock days.”

The 37-year-old is the oldest singer in the house of now 10 other rockers, and her age proved to her advantage when the show’s producers posted last week’s song choices. Storm saw the ’80s track go up but said, “No one was taking it. It’s a great punk rock song, but the rest of the house is too young to remember.”

And that stage dive? A suggestion/dare from the show’s house band, Storm says.

“But I didn’t know I was going to do it until the last minute,” she said. The show’s producers, who keep tight track of each performer, were asking her right up to air-time if she was going to do the dive, she said.

” ‘It’s 50/50,’ ” she said she told them. “I ended up just nailing it (the song), just rocking it, and it felt right.”

We are rooting for you Storm. Wow us again!

Rock Star: Supernova airs 9-10 tonight and 8-9 p.m. Wednesday on CBS

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