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My teacher friends won’t like me saying this, but when I went to Madison High School, it was one of the biggest schools in the city. We had over 3,000 students and received a fine education. There was never talk about class size that I recall. Today, that’s one of the big reasons for the schools needing more money: to lower the class size.

In California, according to the SacBee this morning, the state is trying to figure out how to spend a $2.9 Billion windfall won from the governor. Now, experts are questioning the merits of reduced class size.

Comprehensive research of California’s existing class-size reduction program shows no solid connection between shrinking classes and boosting student achievement. That’s raising questions about the state’s pending decision — through Senate Bill 1133 — to pour $2.9 billion over the next seven years into decreasing class size at additional grade levels.”This is really a dark continent in terms of any research,” said Stanford education professor Michael Kirst, who has studied the state’s class-size reduction program.


(Schwarzenegger’s) secretary for education, Alan Bersin, said the proposal to shrink classes will improve education for the state’s neediest students.

“The research is clear that class size reduction, in and of itself, does not improve student achievement,” Bersin said. “But that, coupled with improved teaching, can be decisive.”(emphasis added)

Here may be the reason we hear so much from the NEA about class size. In California, the $2.9 Billion and emphasis on lower class size, according to State education officials, will result in an estimated need for an additional 2,000 to 3,000 teachers.

More teachers, bigger membership and more power!

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