Storm Large In Bottom Three

Well, Storm got her wish and rang up her first bottom three, along with Ryan and Dilana. Storm sang Helter Skelter, Ryan was manic and jumped off the amps and Dilana gave a weird performance singing a Talking Heads song. In the end Ryan was booted.

Storm acted surprised because Gilby said she hadn’t grown much in nine weeks and Dilana looked relieved. She had avoided being dispatched even though her mouth had severely wounded her. The remaining five get a good lesson in song writing. That could be very valuable.

Who will be the next to go? I can only guess. My money is still on Storm in the top four!

Storm Large Rock Star Supernova Mover Mike

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  1. I was surprised with Gilby’s comment too. They never have given her any feedback that encourages growth…it is either great or i hated it.

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