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The Nuanced George Bush

The latest Early Warning Report written by Richard Maybury came today and has the fascinating observation that President Bush is back to warning about meddling in other countries. This was the reason people in the Middle East hate us and seems to go along with the thoughts of Michael Scheuer, author of Through Our Enemies’ Eyes, that Osama bin Laden hates the U.S. for three reasons: We are allies with Israel; we have sullied the holy land of Saudi Arabia; and we have supported dictators and despots that have killed and robbed Muslim people of their freedoms.On August 7th President Bush and Secretary of State Rice Discuss the Middle East Crisis in Crawford, Texas:

And as far as this administration is concerned, we clearly see the problem and we’re going to continue to work to advance stable, free countries. We don’t expect every country to look like the United States, but we do want countries to accept some basic conditions for a vibrant society — human rights, human decency, the power of the people to determine the fate of their governments. And, admittedly, this is hard work because it flies in the face of previous policy, which basically says stability is more important than form of government. And as a result of that policy, anger and resentment bubbled forth with an attack, with a series of attacks, the most dramatic of which was on September the 11th.

On August 31st President Bush Addresses American Legion National Convention at Salt Lake City, Utah:

To understand the struggle unfolding in the Middle East, we need to look at the recent history of the region. For a half- century, America’s primary goal in the Middle East was stability. This was understandable at the time; we were fighting the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and it was important to support Middle Eastern governments that rejected communism. Yet, over the decades, an undercurrent of danger was rising in the Middle East. Much of the region was mired in stagnation and despair. A generation of young people grew up with little hope to improve their lives, and many fell under the sway of radical extremism. The terrorist movement multiplied in strength, and resentment that had simmered for years boiled over into violence across the world.

On September 9th President Bush Discusses Global War on Terror in Washington, D.C.:

Fifth, we’re working to deny terrorists new recruits, by defeating their hateful ideology and spreading the hope of freedom — by spreading the hope of freedom across the Middle East. For decades, American policy sought to achieve peace in the Middle East by pursuing stability at the expense of liberty. The lack of freedom in that region helped create conditions where anger and resentment grew, and radicalism thrived, and terrorists found willing recruits. And we saw the consequences on September the 11th, when the terrorists brought death and destruction to our country. The policy wasn’t working.

In checking his latest pronouncement about the Middle East and Iraq, President Bush changes the message subtly when he discusses Global War on Terror in Washington, D.C.:

Iraq is not the reason the terrorists are at war against us. They are at war against us because they hate everything America stands for — and we stand for freedom. We stand for people to worship freely. One of the great things about America is, you’re equally American if you’re a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, an agnostic or an atheist. What a powerful statement to the world about the compassion of the American people that you’re free to choose the religion you want in our country. They can’t stand the thought that people can go into the public square in America and express their differences with government. They can’t stand the thought that the people get to decide the future of our country by voting. Freedom bothers them because their ideology is the opposite of liberty, it is the opposite of freedom. And they don’t like it because we know they know we stand in their way of their ambitions in the Middle East, their ambitions to spread their hateful ideology as a caliphate from Spain to Indonesia.

Bush seems to be reflecting the divide in this country. On the one hand they hate us for the stability we sought in the Cold War by supporting despots which deprived their young people of economic development that produced simmering anger. On the other hand it is a clash of civilizations. They hate us for the freedoms we enjoy. Freedom of religion, speech and thought, but also the freedom to be morally corrupt.Maybe, Bush is trying to get the people of this country united against the terrorists. The more liberal blame the anger on poverty and people like me blame it on the religion of Islam. If we are to be successful, we need to be primarily speaking with one voice.Early Warning Report Richard Maybury Michael Scheuer Through Our Enemies’ Eyes Israel Iraq Mover Mike

Halftime Football

At halftime it’s Oregon 24 to 3 and Oregon’s luck continues to hold in instant replay. A called fumble by the refs with Oregon losing the ball is challenged by Coach Bellotti and call is reversed. Oregon with 5 seconds to go kicks field goal. Meanwhile Oregon state is trailing 28 31 zip in first half. Are you getting nervous Riley?

Oregon Oregon State PAC 10 Football Mover Mike


Studio 60 and Pirates of Penzance

Studio 60 had a musical sketch featuring the music from the the Major General’s song from the Pirates of Penzance. It is a popular format for comedy, parody and education. Here are some examples:

Mike Stanfill, Private Hand – Flash Animation – The Elements, by Tom Lehrer

The Buff Barbarian Song

How about a cartoon character:I am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual
Sung to I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General
from The Pirates of Penzance


I am the very model of a cartoon individual

My animation’s comical, unusual and whimsical

I’m quite adept at funny gags; comedic theory I have read

From wicked puns and stupid jokes to anvils that drop on your head.

I’m very good at fancy dances; I can even pirouette

Then smack the villain with a fish; I know my cartoon etiquette

I can make my face all mean and really give you quite a fright

Then make up with flowers made of real exploding dynamite.

When in a jam I just yell “stop” and villains in their tracks are froze

Then I sneak up and utter “start” and take my hands and honk their nose

I am quite proud to be in such a hierarchial progeny

From Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird to Babs and Buster Bunny.

To suit my mood I can call forth a lot of different sceneries

Like outer space and desert scapes and Himalayan eateries

From this bag here why I can pull most anything imaginable

Like office desks and lava lights and Bert who is a cannibal.


You see, in matters comical, unusual, and whimsical

We are the very model of cartoon individuals!

Then there’s David Hyde Pierce’s Monologue on SNL:

Oh, Kelsey is our show’s big star, I’m number two, that’s only fair
‘Cause he deserves it, even though I’m young and thin and have more hair.”[ four soldiers from the general’s army return to repeat the last two lines in song ]

Soldiers: [ singing ]
“Kelsey is the show’s big star, he’s number two, that’s only fair
‘Cause he deserves it, even though he’s young and thin and has more hair.”

While I have not found the transcript of Studio 60’s version of the Major General’s song from Pirates of Penzance, here is the movie version starring Kevin Cline:

Studio 60 NBC Major General’s song Pirates of Penzance Mover Mike


Oregon Earthquake

MAP 1.6 2006/09/29 00:43:23 45.068 -122.834 26.6 3 km ( 2 mi) W of Mount Angel, OR

Gleanings From Novak’s Free Newsletter

Robert Novak, in his free newsletter makes several points about the new book Hubris by David Corn and Michael Isikoff: For example why wasn’t Armitage prosecuted by the Special prosecuter Fitzgerald?

…Corn never comes to grips with the fact that Armitage could not be prosecuted under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act because (Valerie) Plame was not a covert operative under terms of the law.

I have contended for some time that Valerie Plame was already “out” when Armitage leaked her name.

This 463-page book that is endlessly discursive does not acknowledge this distinction, nor does it seriously consider that she was no longer assigned to foreign missions because her cover already had been broken. It never even mentions the report that Mrs. Wilson had been outed long ago by the traitor Aldrich Ames.

I have always contended the MSM wanted Wilson to be telling the truth to further the belief that we were lied to by President Bush about the need to go into Iraq

The book’s effort to cleanse Wilson stoops to deception, including the omission of Wilson’s political activism such as his giving and his campaign activities as an advisor to Al Gore in 2000. This surely was known to the authors, who chose to ignore it. And this kind of omission is typical. Also missing is the July 2004 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Republicans, unchallenged by the Democratic minority, which undermined Wilson’s conclusions from his African mission and undercut his insistence that his wife did not suggest him to the CIA for that mission. After that report, Wilson disappeared from the Kerry-for-President campaign — something that also goes unmentioned in this book.

The newsletter covers some other subjects. Such as the William Clinton eruption on the Chris Wallace show was planned, to get Democrats to stop being wusses in reaction to Republicans.
The declassification of the NIE report:

Bush described the recent partial leak of the NIE — first released in April — as a political ploy in an election season. This gives him two lines that resonate with both his base and independent voters: The leaking of classified information is wrong, and the media have behaved irresponsibly in participating in it in the first place, and even more so with a partial leak.

Many of us have been saying that the MSM and Democrats publicise information that is half the truth which has the effect of demoralizing the war effort and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. There is a difference between free speech and aid and comfort intended to sway voters in this country. I am personally happy, if Novak’s take is correct, that Bush is finally taking on the MSM; fighting them with the whole story.Robert NovakMichael Isikoff David Corn Hubris Valerie Plame Joseph Wilson NIE Report Mover Mike 


Recent Oregon Quakes

MAP 2.4 2006/09/27 17:58:21 45.575 -121.591 6.7 6 km ( 4 mi) N of Parkdale, OR

MAP 1.8 2006/09/23 06:36:53 45.575 -122.578 21.6 3 km ( 2 mi) NNW of Maywood Park, OR

MAP 3.9 2006/09/23 05:44:59 42.971 -126.640 10.0 176 km (110 mi) W of Port Orford, OR

Drudge Is The Man!

You know who you are who resorts to ad hominum Ad hominem attacks on the ideas you read here in this blog saying, “You get all your ideas from Drudge!” As if that taints anything I post. I deny it, it is not true, but you think that’s an easy putdown of what I write here at Mover Mike.

Well here’s news from Drudge:

In the stampede of books attempting to make their mark this season comes THE WAY TO WIN, by longtime political reporters Halperin and Harris.The political director of ABCNEWS and the national politics editor of the WASHINGTON POST make it official in their new insider tome on DC politics and how it’s played: The four words in every newsroom and campaign headquarters are: Have you seen DRUDGE? (emphasis added)


Halperin and Harris explain: “So many media elites check the DRUDGE REPORT consistently that a reporter is aware his bosses, his competitors, his sources, his friends on Wall Street, lobbyists, White House officials, congressional aides, cousins, and everyone who is anyone has seen it, too.”

I am proud of visiting Drudge many times a day. His headlines send me scampering to the sources and you have to know that others are doing it as well!

When you say, “You get all your ideas from Drudge!”, I can resort to an ad hominum Ad hominem attack as easily as you: I smell stupidity, you naive little girl!

Get the book. Don’t take my word or Matt Drudge’s word for it:

Matt DrudgeDrudge Report ABCNEWS WASHINGTON POST Mover Mike


Ok I exercised my venom so I have exorcised “naive little girl with a “strike through” I am not alone when it comes to stupidity. I believe it was Mark Twain who said: I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed. “I smell stupidity” is more succinct.


From Wikipedia about the political affiliation of Mark Halperin:

One such allegation of misleading balance came from Mark Halperin, political director of ABC News. He stated in an internal e-mail message that reporters should not “artificially hold [George W. Bush and John Kerry] ‘equally’ accountable” to the public interest, and that complaints from Bush supporters were an attempt to “get away with … renewed efforts to win the election by destroying Senator Kerry.”When the Drudge Report published this message[13], many Bush supporters viewed it as “smoking gun” evidence that Halperin was using ABC to propagandize against Bush to Kerry’s benefit, by interfering with reporters’ attempts to avoid bias. An academic content analysis of election news later found that coverage at ABC, CBS, and NBC was more favorable toward Kerry than Bush, while coverage at Fox News Channel was more favorable toward Bush.[1]


Studio 60 Kills!

Studio 60 has the freshest writing my wife and I have watched in a long time.

You talk “no spin”, NBC has delivered a strong show that just might change some things at the networks.

No spin on the fact that the director relapsed and tested positively for “blow” and couldn’t get a job directing a movie for 18 months. No excuses, he told the truth, it didn’t reflect well on him, let’s deal with it and move on.

The writers came up with a very funny sketch called “Crazy Christians”. The original producer was fired because he tried to run it. The new boys were hired and were made a promise that they could run it. The network president kept her word even though some affiliates said they wouldn’t run the show. Some advertisers withdrew. The sketch was funny, but before it ran the cast circled up and said a heartfelt prayer to Jesus of which any Christian would be proud. (Stay tuned. It’s one thing to do a Crazy Christian sketch. Can they do a Crazy Muslim sketch?) And the advertisers who want back in when the show suceeds will pay 120% of their old fee as a form of coward’s penalty.

We must get a transcript of the lyrics to the opening sung to the Major-General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance.!

Studio 60 stars Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet, Steven Weber, Sarah Paulson, D.L Hughley, Timothy Busfield, Nathan Corddry, and Aaron Sorkin, formerly of West Wing, as Exec Producer.

Studio 60 Aaron Sorkin NBCCrazy Christians Mover Mike


If you want to read about your favorite TV show, check out tvsquad.com, it’s all about blogging television and this post about Studio 60.

Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s Healthy Kids Plan

Gov. Ted Kulongoski is running for re-election and he has just come up with some “bread and circuses” to win the hearts of Oregon voters. Here is the problem as outlined on his website:

More than 117,000 Oregon children live without health insurance. They lack access to doctors, medicine, eyeglasses, asthma inhalers, and the other health care services people with insurance take for granted. Nearly half these children may be eligible for coverage under one of Oregon’s existing public programs, but they are not enrolled. Thousands more are from working families who earn too much to qualify for those programs, but not enough to pay for private insurance.

Here is the Governor’s Healthy Kids Plan:

Provide every child in Oregon access to the health care he or she needs to grow into a happy, productive adult.

How much will this plan cost the residents of Oregon?

The Governor’s proposal funds the Healthy Kids Plan with federal, state and other fund revenue sources, maximizing federal revenue available to the state. The Healthy Kids Plan will cost up to $292 million more than what the state currently spends on kids’ health coverage every biennium (approximately $110 million state dollars and $182 million federal match).

Where will this money come from? The Governor today has proposed an increased cigarette tax that will bring the state’s tax on cigarettes level with Washington and raise $160 million that will be used for the Healthy Kids Plan.Has anyone hanging around the governor suggested that users of cigarettes may quit or smoke less and that the tax will not raise $160 million?
Has anyone close to the governor whispered in his ear that this will mean we have a vested interest in keeping smokers smoking?And if it is our intent to maximise the number of smokers to provide $160 million, has anyone tripped to the notion that with all that secondary smoke there will be more kids in need of health care?I smell stupidity!Gov. Ted Kulongoski Healthy Kids Plan Cigarettes Oregon Mover Mike

Clear Lake, Oregon Loop Trail

I had an amazing experience Sunday. My wife and I and our friends from Central Oregon decided to hike the five mile circumferance of Clear Lake.

…created volcanically, Clear Lake boasts some very clear, blue water.

Clear Lake is fed by snow run-off that passes through miles of volcanic rock, coming into the lake virtually pure. And being a few degrees above freezing, it doesn’t harbor much in the way of algae. A hike around the north end of the lake brings you to this treasure: Great Springs, where the clear water just flows out of the rock, to the delight of the butterflies that land there to drink.

We started the hike at Clear Lake Resort and joined the trail moving clockwise. Soon we were in an old growth forest and could from time to time get a peek at the clear, blue lake. One stop gave us a great view of the three sisters towering above the lake. It’s an easy trail, relatively level until you reach the old lava flows where the lake starts from underwater springs. We had Ralph, our Golder Retriever with us, and every chance he got would go for a swim in the frigid water. I could see ahead that while only about five miles around, that five miles looked like quite a distance around to the other side.

About half way into the hike I started to worry, needlessly, that we could be out here until dark, if we didn’t pick up the pace. I got into a rhythm and my friend Bill said don’t let us hold you back. So Ralph and I stepped out. Through the lava fields, we walked, studded with vine maples draped in their yellow and red fall colors. At about the three mile mark we came to a bridge that crosses the MacKenzie river and the trail started rising back to the resort.

Ralph and I were moving as fast as I could walk. Arms swinging with each step, I marveled that my thighs weren’t protesting the steady climb. It felt so good to be alive! On we walked. The pace seemed slow, so I broke into a jog and still no thigh problem. My shirt was soaked, the sun was giving my back a gentle push and my heart hardly moved above an idle. Only in my dreams have I had jogs like this. I waited ten minutes before my friends met me back at the car, where I handed them a cold beer.

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