Gleanings From Novak’s Free Newsletter

Robert Novak, in his free newsletter makes several points about the new book Hubris by David Corn and Michael Isikoff: For example why wasn’t Armitage prosecuted by the Special prosecuter Fitzgerald?

…Corn never comes to grips with the fact that Armitage could not be prosecuted under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act because (Valerie) Plame was not a covert operative under terms of the law.

I have contended for some time that Valerie Plame was already “out” when Armitage leaked her name.

This 463-page book that is endlessly discursive does not acknowledge this distinction, nor does it seriously consider that she was no longer assigned to foreign missions because her cover already had been broken. It never even mentions the report that Mrs. Wilson had been outed long ago by the traitor Aldrich Ames.

I have always contended the MSM wanted Wilson to be telling the truth to further the belief that we were lied to by President Bush about the need to go into Iraq

The book’s effort to cleanse Wilson stoops to deception, including the omission of Wilson’s political activism such as his giving and his campaign activities as an advisor to Al Gore in 2000. This surely was known to the authors, who chose to ignore it. And this kind of omission is typical. Also missing is the July 2004 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Republicans, unchallenged by the Democratic minority, which undermined Wilson’s conclusions from his African mission and undercut his insistence that his wife did not suggest him to the CIA for that mission. After that report, Wilson disappeared from the Kerry-for-President campaign — something that also goes unmentioned in this book.

The newsletter covers some other subjects. Such as the William Clinton eruption on the Chris Wallace show was planned, to get Democrats to stop being wusses in reaction to Republicans.
The declassification of the NIE report:

Bush described the recent partial leak of the NIE — first released in April — as a political ploy in an election season. This gives him two lines that resonate with both his base and independent voters: The leaking of classified information is wrong, and the media have behaved irresponsibly in participating in it in the first place, and even more so with a partial leak.

Many of us have been saying that the MSM and Democrats publicise information that is half the truth which has the effect of demoralizing the war effort and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. There is a difference between free speech and aid and comfort intended to sway voters in this country. I am personally happy, if Novak’s take is correct, that Bush is finally taking on the MSM; fighting them with the whole story.Robert NovakMichael Isikoff David Corn Hubris Valerie Plame Joseph Wilson NIE Report Mover Mike 


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  1. Golly Gee, are we still at war in Iraq; I was wrapped up watching the Astros win in extra innings I figured everyone else had gone to bed. lol

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