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Hurricane Paul Nears Category Three

Category Three Hurricane:

Winds 111-130 mph (96-113 kt or 178-209 km/hr). Storm surge generally 9-12 ft above normal. Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings with a minor amount of curtainwall failures. Damage to shrubbery and trees with foliage blown off trees and large trees blown down. Mobile homes and poorly constructed signs are destroyed. Low-lying escape routes are cut by rising water 3-5 hours before arrival of the center of the hurricane. Flooding near the coast destroys smaller structures with larger structures damaged by battering from floating debris. Terrain continuously lower than 5 ft above mean sea level may be flooded inland 8 miles (13 km) or more. Evacuation of low-lying residences with several blocks of the shoreline may be required.

Hurricane Paul Hurrican Cabo San Lucas Mexico Mover Mike


Hurricane Paul has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Paul. The colder water has sapped the energy of the storm and maximum sustained winds have dropped from 110 mph to 65 mph. In addition, the storm will miss Cabo, turning right sooner than expected and make landfall on the Mexican mainland sometime Thursday.

Terrorist Finance Tracking Program Apology

Michelle Malkin has an excellent post about the MSM, specifically the NYT and the LAT, and the way they leaked the story about President Bush looking at bank records to catch terrorists, jeopardizing national security, and then the apology issued by the NYT, but buried in the paper, hopefully so no one could see it.

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Guard the Borders Blogburst

Beheadings Aren’t Just For Islamists Anymore

By Toni at Bear Creek Ledger

Those pro-illegal aliens should be paying attention to what’s happening with the drug cartels south of the border. This is what we in the US have to look forward to if there isn’t something done to control our southern borders.

We also have Venezuela’s Chavez giving legal ID’s to members of Hezbollah and Hamas but he is also assisting their efforts to become proficient in Spanish to help these terrorists to infiltrate the US.

Here’s a story that is definitely not been publicized on the front page but should be since these drug cartels are controlling many areas of our southern border. I am getting to the point of believing the US should be placing active duty troops on our southern border to protect us. There is an assault and invasion occurring today that has been ignored and local law enforcement doesn’t have a prayer against these drug cartels. And don’t tell me about “posse comitatus”! These troops would be attacking foreign invaders.

From the Modern Tribalist is a story from ContraCostaTimes:

For all the beefed-up enforcement along the border, the militialike group of drug cartel enforcers known as the Zetas appears stronger than ever, a result of better training, successful recruiting in Central America and continued desertions from the Mexican military, U.S. intelligence officials say.

The Zetas have again become entrenched in Nuevo Laredo, and they practically control the movement of people through an intricate web of spies, checkpoints and skillful use of technology, provoking an extraordinary cross-border human exodus, U.S. and Mexican authorities say.

Last year, U.S. and Mexican authorities reported that the number of Zetas was falling rapidly, the result of both government pressure and ongoing warfare with rival cartels. But the shadowy group of elite former military officers, soldiers and others has now grown to more than 500 nationwide, with hundreds more in a support network throughout the country, U.S. officials said. Some of those networks are deepening their ties to Texas cities, including Houston and Dallas, with the help of Texas gang members.

A shootout late Friday between Zetas and members of the Mexican military – reportedly acting on tips from the Sinaloa cartel – involved grenades and bazookas in a residential neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo, U.S. authorities said. The firefight killed four people suspected of drug trafficking – believed to be Zetas – and injured at least four others, authorities said.

The report could not be independently confirmed.

The Zetas, enforcers of the gulf cartel, are battling rival members of the Sinaloa cartel for drug distribution routes, including the Interstate 35 corridor into Texas.

U.S. authorities said the gulf cartel has established training camps in the states of Tamaulipas – its base of operations – and Nuevo Leon, both of which border Texas, and in the central state of Michoacan. The organization is recruiting former Guatemalan special forces military personnel known as Kaibiles and members of the notorious cross border gangs known as Maras, including the violent Mara Salvatruchas with ties to El Salvador.

“The resiliency and determination of these criminals are beyond anything I have seen in my years in U.S. law enforcement,” said one U.S. intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They’re tough, and they won’t break easily. They pose a serious threat to Mexico and to security along the border.”

Be sure to read the rest of the article to fully realize the threat we are facing.

Beheadings are becoming the new tactical choice of these terrorists/drug cartels and the US is allowing this to be imported with impunity to the US. For those who are planning travel to Mexico you better be sure of where you’re going because Mexico is not a safe country for travel.

Mexico City — To send a chilling message to their underworld rivals, Mexican drug cartels are adopting a method of intimidation made notorious by Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

Already this year, at least 26 people have been decapitated in Mexico, with heads stuck on fences, dumped in trash piles and — most recently — tossed onto a nightclub dance floor.

Although beheading goes back centuries as a form of execution, it has become the latest tactical escalation of a turf war that gets nastier all the time, with hit men looking for new ways to instill fear.

“Before, they tortured the hell out of people, but they didn’t throw their heads out in public,” said James Kuykendall, a retired U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent.

Why this form of murder and mutilation is being used now is anyone’s guess.

Beheadings have had a high international profile in recent years, as the tool of radical Islamist groups that release videos of hostages being executed.

In Mexico, as crime bosses fall and turf shifts, the pattern of killing is changing.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


Hurricane Paul Aims At Cabo

Once again Cabo San Lucas is looking at a storm heading its way. Tropical Storm PAUL is now aimed at Cabo.

All have missed and did little damage before. Pray that Cabo will be saved again.

Cabo San Lucas Tropical Storm PAUL Hurricane Mexico Mover Mike


Hurricane Paul Aims at Cabo. Max sustained winds are 85 mph

“Flags of Our Fathers”

I saw Flags of Our Fathers last night.

I can tell you one thing, those young men

the amateur warrior plucked from a life of nondescript normalcy and asked to save the free world from genocidal fascism

landing on Iwo Jima suffered and died for something. It wasn’t clear from the movie why they fought. Was it out of duty to their country or their fellow soldiers who they grew to love?

Whatever the reason, they did what they were ordered to do at great peril. When they got home, they deserved more from their country than to be treated as heroes. They earned respect. Instead they were used to raise money for the war effort and then discarded.

Flags of Our Fathers Iwo Jima Movie Review Mover Mike

Three Strike Groups Off Coast of Iran

DEBKA says the U.S. now has three strike groups in the Persian Gulf; the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group, the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and the USS Enterprise. The Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group just arrived and is stationed 60 km from Kuwait off the coast of Iran.

According to Navy.mil a “Strike group” may consist of

* a carrier – The carrier provides a wide range of options to the U.S. government from simply showing the flag to attacks on airborne, afloat and ashore targets. Because carriers operate in international waters, its aircraft do not need to secure landing rights on foreign soil. These ships also engage in sustained operations in support of other forces.* a guided missile cruiser – multi-mission surface combatant. Equipped with Tomahawks for long-range strike capability.

* two guided missile destroyers – multi-mission suface combatants, used primarily for anti-air warfare (AAW)

* an attack submarine – in a direct support role seeking out and destroying hostile surface ships and submarines

* a combined ammunition, oiler, and supply ship – provides logistic support enabling the Navy’s forward presence; on station, ready to respond

Navy Strike Group Iran Persian Gulf Mover Mike

Update: USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) is a Wasp class amphibious assault ship and looks like a carrier. According to Wikipedia,

are designed to land forces on hostile shores, and they are the largest vessels of this type in service anywhere in the world. To the untrained eye they may resemble an aircraft carrier. However, despite the fact that they normally carry a small number of AV-8B Harrier II aircraft, and have a secondary role supporting this type in larger numbers, their primary role is not operating fixed wing aircraft. They have a large air wing of helicopters which are dedicated to ferrying troops and equipment ashore from the ships. They also possess a well deck for launching smaller landing craft, up to 2 hovercraft LCAC or landing craft LCU.

Iwo Jima is currently serving as the flagship for the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG), which includes the USS Nashville (LPD 13), USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41), USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), USS Bulkeley (DDG 84), USS Cole (DDG 67), and USS Albuquerque (SSN 706). Additionally, the Iwo Jima ESG includes the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), as well as various supporting elements from Assault Craft Unit 4, Beachmaster Unit 2, and
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 26.


The central command includes Iran and the Persian Gulf.

On Oct. 7, aircraft assigned to Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1 stationed aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) participated in their second heaviest day of close air support in the skies over Afghanistan since they began operations in there early September. Enterprise with its embarked air wing is currently located in the Northern Arabian Sea.

“Stream of Consciousness” Googling

Here’s my “stream of consciousness” route to a post on Mover Mike.

I received my first issue of my free one year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Featured on the cover and inside is a story entitled The Worst Congress Ever by Matt Taibbi. It is an interesting article, totally biased against the Republicans (Read here my thoughts on the article). The article names the 10 worst Congressmen. Nine of ten are Republicans.

I went to Technorati and searched for other mentions of the article by searching for “Rolling Stone“.(Read about others posting about “Congress”) I found a Live Journal article by mparent7777 entitled Bush’s Absolute Power Grab. Mparent quotes an article by Carla Binion who quotes Robert Dreyfuss who covers national security for Rolling Stone. Dreyfuss quotes political science professor John Mueller to buttress his view that the war on terrorism is bogus.

I read an article that Mueller wrote for Foreign Affairs, The Iraq Syndrome, and am intrigued by several things especially Mueller’s comments about support for various wars and how that support flags over time. (Read here my thoughts on the article)

Who is John Mueller I wonder, so off to Google I go to get a bio and writings of Mueller asking myself if Mueller is biased?

John Mueller holds the Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies, Mershon Center, and is professor of Political Science, at Ohio State University where he teaches courses in international relations. He has written extensively and has not served in any administration that I can see. One book he has written appeals to me and I order it on Amazon.com: “Capitalism, Democracy, and Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery.” by John E. Mueller

John Mueller, The Iraq Syndrome

John Mueller writes an article, The Iraq Syndrome, in Foreign Affairs. Here is a summary of the article:

Public support for the war in Iraq has followed the same course as it did for the wars in Korea and Vietnam: broad enthusiasm at the outset with erosion of support as casualties mount. The experience of those past wars suggests that there is nothing President Bush can do to reverse this deterioration — or to stave off an “Iraq syndrome” that could inhibit U.S. foreign policy for decades to come.

I have argued that the way we conduct the war in Iraq, gives either pause or comfort to future enemies. I didn’t know that erosion of support for this war is declining faster than in the Korean or Vietnamese wars and Mueller makes a case that the erosion is not related to a peace movement within the U.S.

Mueller points out that some argue that Americans back quick winning and the minute you start to lose, support vanishes. Would winning get back support? Mueller argues that more than 80% of those who strongly oppose the war will not change to supporting the war.

Gary Jacobson, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego, has documented that the partisan divide over the war in Iraq is considerably greater than for any military action over the last half century and that the partisan split on presidential approval ratings, despite a major narrowing after the attacks of September 11, 2001, is greater than for any president over that period — greater than for Clinton, Reagan, or Nixon.

One could argue, I suppose that the MSM is responsible for this slide in support by aiding the enemy with stories like Abu Ghraib or blood from the battlefield. One could argue that we should be isolationists and avoid entangling alliances. One could argue that the way to make America safe is not to take on the Axis of Evil, but make our borders safe at home. But then we look at how our government reacted in Lousiana, or any crisis in the past, and the conclusion I come to is: don’t believe the phrase, “I’m from the government. I’m here to help you!”

Consequences of this erosion include a reluctance to challenge North Korea directly and a direspectful attitude from Iran that makes any U.S. unilateral action improbable. It would seem to me that the only hope of confronting beligerent states now or in the future lies in multilateral action, and there I do not see Russia, China and the U.S. ever being on the same side.

John Mueller The Iraq Syndrome U.S. foreign policy Mover Mike

Technorati on “Congress”

Those commenting on the Rolling Stone article The Worst Congress Ever by Matt Taibbi:

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Just like today’s resurfacing of my brake rotors, so too do we need to stick Congress on the lathe of democracy and smooth away the warped partisans who do harm to our braking system of reasoned debate before laws are passed.

eightandfive – Rolling Stone’s Cover Story on Congress
Hurts Your Brain To Read – a brief summary
The Blue Voice – And Just In Case You Need Some Motivation

And a new scandal among Dems: Another Democratic Scandal by Crazy Politico’s Rantings

Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi Congress Mover Mike


The Worst Congress Ever by Matt Taibbi.

I received my first issue of my free one year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Featured on the cover and inside is a story entitled The Worst Congress Ever by Matt Taibbi. It is an interesting article, totally biased against the Republicans The article names the 10 worst Congressmen. Nine of ten are Republicans.

Taibbi writes

…Congress …has hijacked the national treasury, frantically ceded power to the executive, and sold off the federal government in a private auction. It all happened before our very eyes. In case you missed it, here’s how they did it — in five easy steps:


It is no big scoop that the majority party in Congress has always found ways of giving the shaft to the minority. But there is a marked difference in the size and the length of the shaft the Republicans have given the Democrats in the past six years.

Taibbi says the last time the two parties worked together was the Senate Watergate Committee that nearly led to Nixon’s impeachement. I would add that the party split widened when Democrats stuck up for all the Clinton’s law breaking, refusing to investigate their own. Now, Taibbi blames the lack of investigations in the last six years on “nasty partisanship.” It started with the Dems.

Then there are bills “open to amendment” In 1977, when Democrats held a majority 85% of bills brought to the floor were open to amendment. In 1994, under Democrats that figure declined to 30%. The nasty Republican Cabal have reduced the percentage to almost zero. One out of 111 bills were “open”. It started with the Dems.


In the Sixties and Seventies, Congress met an average of 162 days a year. In the Eighties and Nineties, the average went down to 139 days. This year, the second session of the 109th Congress will set the all-time record for fewest days worked by a U.S. Congress: ninety-three. That means that House members will collect their $165,000 paychecks for only three months of actual work. (emphasis added)

It didn’t start with this administration. It has been a continuing problem. Congress needs more and more time to go home to campaign (raise money). Taibbi says the big problem for Dems is that government has to rely on continuing resolutions which fund programs at a very low level, thus programs wither from a lack of funding. I get his point, but so do programs I favor like building a fence to secure the border. And, I am incensed that total government spending continues to climb.


Regarding oversight which is the job of Congress:

From the McCarthy era in the 1950s through the Republican takeover of Congress in 1995, no Democratic committee chairman issued a subpoena without either minority consent or a committee vote. In the Clinton years, Republicans chucked that long-standing arrangement and issued more than 1,000 subpoenas to investigate alleged administration and Democratic misconduct, reviewing more than 2 million pages of government documents.

From my prospective, Clinton and Hillary were two of the most corrupt in recent history.

Guess how many subpoenas have been issued to the White House since George Bush took office? Zero —

I would say there have been a lot of investigations in the press that amounted to nothing: Joe Wilson and Valarie Plame – Wilson lied; Abu Ghraib – sheeit! We had worse done to us in Basic Training in the army.


There is a simple reason that members of Congress don’t waste their time providing any oversight of the executive branch: There’s nothing in it for them. “What they’ve all figured out is that there’s no political payoff in oversight,” says Wheeler, the former congressional staffer. “But there’s a big payoff in pork.


Here Taibbi takes after GOP ex-congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham and Ohio’s Congressman Bob Ney and Abramoff. There’s no mention of Sen. Henry Reid (Democrat Minority Leader) who just made $1.1 Million on property he said he sold three years earlier. For once Taibbi puts his finger on the real issue:

The greed and laziness of the 109th Congress has reached such epic proportions that it has finally started to piss off the public.

That’s the correct target of this article: CONGRESS. They have become corrupt and we should blame ourselves for allowing this to happen and fix the problem!

Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi Congress Mover Mike


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