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# 36!

The 36th worldwide earthquake this year of 5.9 or greater:

MAP 6.3 2006/11/30 21:20:13 -53.948 -133.548 10.0 PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE

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UPDATE: Typhoon Durian (Reming)

Typhoon Durian lashed the Eastern Phillipines with winds of 225 kilometres an hour, blowing away small houses, uprooting trees and cutting power to thousands of homes. Durian also stranded almost 4,000 people at ports in Luzon, Bicol and Samar.

There was good news in the municipality of Naval

…the rice farmers are already safe because the harvest season for palay has just been over and almost all farmers are over and done with harvesting their rice produce for this planting season.

Typhoon Durian Reming Phillipines Mover Mike

Update: Corn and Wheat

I happened to notice that Wheat was up $.125 to $5.240. I took a look at the chart and it appears that Wheat has broken out of a flag formation. The flag pole goes from $3.76 on 9/15/06 to $5.57 six weeks later . The flag drops from $5.57 to $4.46 over five weeks. I would expect the goal to be the height of the pole from $4.46 or $6.27 (see chart).

Corn since 9/15/06 has advanced from $2.225 to $3.747. While it is due for a rest after that run, I don’t see any signs of a near term top. Today there is a new high of $3.78 (see chart).

See Mover Mike: Grain stockpiles at lowest for 25 years

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Update: Gold

On October 26th I asked if it was time for Gold?

Gold has broken out above $600, it currently is $645. Next it looks like we challenge the last high of $666.

A one ounce gold coin is now $666 up from $620 in that post and the ETF, GLD, is $63.5. On top of that the USD hit a 15 year low and most expect it to trade at its all time low of 80.5.

Gold USD Mover Mike

Typhoon Durian Nears Luzon, Phillipines

That’s bearing down on Luzon, Typhoon Durian. Winds are currently 143 mph and is expected to be a Category 5 at landfall.

Typhoon Durian Phillipines Mover Mike


6.1 in Indonesia!

The 35th 5.9 or greater earthquake worldwide in 2006 happened today in Indonesia:

MAP 6.1 2006/11/29 01:32:22 2.524 128.280 70.4 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA

There were no reports of seismically triggered waves, casualties or damage one hour after the quake struck, said Andi Zulfikar of the local meteorological and geophysics agency.

Indonesia Earthquake Mover Mike

Another “super typhoon” to roar out over East Sea

From the Vietnamese news Thanh Nien

Typhoon Durian formed off the Filipino coast early Sunday at 9.20N-144.40E moving northwesterly at 20kmph, expected to enter the East Sea within the next few days.[…]

The storm is expected to be packing winds of 250kmph as it hits the Philippines, fanning fears of another super typhoon in the East Sea.

Typhoon Durian Philippines Mover Mike


Typhoon Durian tracking map:


The Season’s Biggest Turkey!

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital has some alarming words about the USD and an idea about where we are heading:

This week the U.S. dollar was carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Against the Swiss franc, Euro, British pound, and Japanese yen, the dollar lost 3%, 2.2%, 2% and 1.8% of its value respectively. To put those declines into perspective, in terms of the Euro the Dow Jones’s 60 point plus decline this week translates into the equivalent of a 320 point decline when measured in euros.

Peter Schiff USD Mover Mike

Oregon Coast Quake

MAP 4.1 2006/11/25 05:03:12 44.143 -128.638 10.0 359 km (223 mi) WNW of Bandon, OR

Oregon Earthquake Mover Mike

USD Lower, Gold Higher!

Marketwatch is reporting

U.S. stocks opened sharply lower Friday, as investors returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to a steep dollar decline that pushed the euro to its highest level in a year and a half and the British pound to an almost two-year high.

Gold is up $9.90 to $638.50 and the USD is challenging the low set back in May when Gold hit $725.

USD Dollar Gold Mover Mike

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