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A Baker’s Dozen Plus One, Predictions for 2007!

1. Oregon State will break the trend and win the Civil War at Oregon!

2. Katie Couric will preempt coverage of March Madness NCAA Basketball title game with s-l-o-w talk about the failure of the swallows to return to Capistrano.

Last year’s predictions (here)

3. In 2006, I predicted Gold would go to $750 per ounce. It reached $723. In 2007 I predict Gold will trade as high as $850. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $636.

4. In 2006, I predicted Silver would go to $13 per ounce. It reached $15.20. In 2007 I predict Silver will trade as high as $19. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $12.85.

5. In 2006, I predicted Oil would trade at $75 per barrel or higher. It reached $77.95. In 2007 I predict Oil will trade no higher than $70. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $61.05.

6. In 2006, I predicted the Dow Jones Average would hit 9000. It closed 2005 at 10,717.50. Instead the DJIA closed 2006 at 12,463.15. There is so much money sloshing around the world that has to go somewhere. The money has moved from high techs to housing and oil and now to the stock market. I suspect it will desert the stock market, so I will stick to my 2006 prediction of DJIA 9,000. The money could go to precious metals, but it may be too early, yet.

7. Israel did not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities as I predicted, but it is still possible. Since we are “At War”, I am more inclined to think that war will flair between Iran and the U.S., through some incident in the Persian Gulf between our ships and their cruise missiles.

8. Is there a black president in our future? Condi Rice not Obama, who will be torpedoed by Hillary, but there will be no fingerprints.

9. In 2007, everyone will know the name, Leo Wanta!

10. In 2007 the USD index will trade at a new all time low of 78. It closed 2006 at 83.43.

11. Hat tip to Joe Scarborough:

Gore will feel growing pressure to save the party from Hillary Clinton.

Al “The Hoaxster” Gore has the media behind him and all the children have indoctrinated their parents with (whisper) global warming. Even I would vote for Al Gore over Hillary Clinton and John McCain!

12. Since there is no difference between Dems and the GOP, the Dems will find themselves supporting the war in the Middle East and our participation will get bigger.

13. There will be a large earthquake on the West Coast of U.S. (above 5.9). I suspect it will be in the NW.

14. Dreamgirls will be best picture and Jennifer Hudson will win Best Supporting Actress for her role as Effie.

2007 Predictions
Oregon State Beavers Civil War Katie Couric Capistrano Gold Silver Oil DJIA USD Israel Iran Condi Rice Obama Hillary Clinton Al Gore Global Warming Earthquake Leo Wanta Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson Academy Awards Oscar
Mover Mike

Another Maupin Quake

MAP 2.6 2006/12/30 11:28:38 45.121 -120.937 15.9 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

6.3 in Yemen!

MAP 6.3 2006/12/30 08:30:50 13.383 51.378 10.0 GULF OF ADEN

ADEN, Yemen: An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude struck the Gulf of Aden Saturday, off the coast of southeast Yemen but there were no reports of casualties or damage as Sunni Muslims celebrated the first day of the most important holiday on the Islamic calendar.

Yemen Earthquake Mover Mike

Two Oregon Quakes

MAP 1.2 2006/12/29 11:57:16 44.161 -121.921 7.6 33 km ( 20 mi) WSW of Sisters, OR

MAP 2.2 2006/12/29 06:13:47 45.117 -120.932 14.4 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

Beavers Win!!! 39 to 38!

That’s just about the finest game I have ever seen. Beaver fans have a great team to be proud of, and Mizzou, you battled like no other team, and you also can be proud. Temple is one of the finest runners I’ve seen. My heart was in my throat every time he touched the ball. Time after time Oregon State had Missouri in third and very long and you found a way to make a first down. I am proud of Mike Riley and the team for wanting to go for 2 points for the PAT. Most would have settled for a tie and slugged it out in OT. What a finish.

On another note CBS has got to have its head examined for interupting the game for funeral highlights that could easily have waited. Is it just me or does Katie Couric talk s-l-o-w? I called KOIN, but the lines were jammed. Not a good moment for local fans.

Oregon State Beavers CBS Mover Mike

Mud Volcanies

These mud volcanoes in Romania look a lot like Yellowstone:

Volcano…very, Very Interesting !!! (part 2) – video powered by Metacafe

Hat tip Mini TV Clips + Online Games

Mud Volcanoes Romania Mover Mike

Tin Hits Record On Supply Fears

From Forbes,

On Wednesday, the price of tin skyrocketed to a 17-year high. On the London Metal Exchange, the price per ton for delivery in three months reached $11,350, the highest level since 1989.


According to data collected by Societe Generale, the shortage of tin supplies will rise to 25,000 tons in 2007 from a deficit of 3,000 tons in 2006.

Tin consumption is rising in part, according to BaseMetals.com, because of increasing environmental pressure placed on solder manufacturers to eliminate lead. As a consequence, the amount of tin content in solder, used to join metal in electronics and plumbing, has climbed to 97% from 30%.(emphasis added)

But, there is no inflation!

Tin Tin consumption Mover Mike

Gale Norton to Shell!

Do you wonder why I am pessimistic. Look at the revolving door between government and industry:

Gale Norton is back providing oversight of energy development issues on public lands in the American West, this time as a key legal advisor for a major global oil company.

Months after she resigned her cabinet post as President Bush’s Interior Secretary—and then seemed to disappear from public view—the Coloradan apparently has accepted an offer to serve as counsel for Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

Shell, one of the world’s largest producers of oil, was also one of the companies that Norton’s Interior Department routinely engaged on matters of drilling in sensitive ecological settings.

How can you regulate a company and then go to work for them? If you were Shell, would you hire Norton if she had screwed you over?

Gale Norton Interior Secretary Royal Dutch Shell Mover Mike

The Dread, Real or Hoax?

Gol’ Dang, now we are getting some freaking returns on our defense dollars: The Dread!

United States Patent 6520169, owner Trinamic Technologies, LLC,
West Hartford, CT

The Dread Trinamic Technologies Mover Mike

The Reality

The newspapers are filled with lookbacks at 2006, the biggest stories, the most blogged words, the best toys, cars, stocks, mutual funds, ad infinitum. Me, I am more pessimistic about the trend and the future than ever before.

We argue over politics, but it makes no difference who gets elected. We will spend more money that we don’t have, we will send more men to foreign countries to die, we will have more regulations, and our government will employ more people. Those who will run for the presidency will turn my stomach, the schools will want more money, yet only 50% of the students can pass minimum standards at graduation. The hoax that is global warming will make headlines and the few who will say anything intelligent about the lack of proof will be overwhelmed.

In Socialism Again, J. R. Nyquist shares my pessimism.

Over the past thousand years the West has “evolved” from the simple Iron Age economy of post-Roman feudalism to the ultra-complex global economy of today. This development occurred because economic freedom and governments with built-in checks and balances gave ordinary people a chance to build something for themselves and their posterity. But that wasn’t all. Aristocratic and Christian idealism successfully mitigated the usual course of enslavement and pillaging. The lords and nobles of England, in particular, exercised a noble self-limitation (and constitutional restraint). Quite logically, the fastest development of wealth went to the freest and ablest societies, the ones least encumbered by tyrannical or rapacious overlords. England and its offshoot, the United States, were the leading countries in this process.So why do I say that this process approaches a dead end?

My analysis has nothing to do with resource depletion, global warming or Marxian pauperization. We can all see that Western ideals of freedom have been eroding away. Welfare entitlements, environmentalism and wealth redistribution have proven irresistible. Liberty is giving way to regulation. The noble creed of aristocratic culture based on a mix of classical and Christian ideas has fallen before a demagogic cycle of political promises, a regime of gross flattery aimed at the common man, increased government bureaucracy, further promises, and further bureaucracy. The education system follows the logic of socialism, with a subtle tendency to indoctrinate the next generation. The economic system is Keynesian, with no long-term future and no guiding principle other than short-term enjoyment. Here the logic of Late Antiquity, with its emphasis on bread and circuses, finds its Electronic Age variant. The resulting culture presents us with a stupefied general public and a debased politics. Where there is a will to confront present dangers there is no wit. And more often than not there is neither the will nor the wit. When we look at immigration policy, trade and national security (particular pertaining to counterintelligence), the government will not admit that dangers threaten because democracy hasn’t the stomach for tough decisions.

Nyquist concludes with these words:

Things are going to get very nasty before they get better. And don’t expect a political leader to say anything truthful about the situation until our illusions are thoroughly extinguished.

I will continue to write about our preference for socialism, the hoax of global warming, the debasing of our currency, the mess we call politics, the government’s lies about inflation and the coming rise of gold. However, I don’t expect to change many minds. The babble of the stupid is just too loud!

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