Beavers Win!!! 39 to 38!

That’s just about the finest game I have ever seen. Beaver fans have a great team to be proud of, and Mizzou, you battled like no other team, and you also can be proud. Temple is one of the finest runners I’ve seen. My heart was in my throat every time he touched the ball. Time after time Oregon State had Missouri in third and very long and you found a way to make a first down. I am proud of Mike Riley and the team for wanting to go for 2 points for the PAT. Most would have settled for a tie and slugged it out in OT. What a finish.

On another note CBS has got to have its head examined for interupting the game for funeral highlights that could easily have waited. Is it just me or does Katie Couric talk s-l-o-w? I called KOIN, but the lines were jammed. Not a good moment for local fans.

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