A Baker’s Dozen Plus One, Predictions for 2007!

1. Oregon State will break the trend and win the Civil War at Oregon!

2. Katie Couric will preempt coverage of March Madness NCAA Basketball title game with s-l-o-w talk about the failure of the swallows to return to Capistrano.

Last year’s predictions (here)

3. In 2006, I predicted Gold would go to $750 per ounce. It reached $723. In 2007 I predict Gold will trade as high as $850. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $636.

4. In 2006, I predicted Silver would go to $13 per ounce. It reached $15.20. In 2007 I predict Silver will trade as high as $19. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $12.85.

5. In 2006, I predicted Oil would trade at $75 per barrel or higher. It reached $77.95. In 2007 I predict Oil will trade no higher than $70. It closed on Friday, Dec. 29th at $61.05.

6. In 2006, I predicted the Dow Jones Average would hit 9000. It closed 2005 at 10,717.50. Instead the DJIA closed 2006 at 12,463.15. There is so much money sloshing around the world that has to go somewhere. The money has moved from high techs to housing and oil and now to the stock market. I suspect it will desert the stock market, so I will stick to my 2006 prediction of DJIA 9,000. The money could go to precious metals, but it may be too early, yet.

7. Israel did not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities as I predicted, but it is still possible. Since we are “At War”, I am more inclined to think that war will flair between Iran and the U.S., through some incident in the Persian Gulf between our ships and their cruise missiles.

8. Is there a black president in our future? Condi Rice not Obama, who will be torpedoed by Hillary, but there will be no fingerprints.

9. In 2007, everyone will know the name, Leo Wanta!

10. In 2007 the USD index will trade at a new all time low of 78. It closed 2006 at 83.43.

11. Hat tip to Joe Scarborough:

Gore will feel growing pressure to save the party from Hillary Clinton.

Al “The Hoaxster” Gore has the media behind him and all the children have indoctrinated their parents with (whisper) global warming. Even I would vote for Al Gore over Hillary Clinton and John McCain!

12. Since there is no difference between Dems and the GOP, the Dems will find themselves supporting the war in the Middle East and our participation will get bigger.

13. There will be a large earthquake on the West Coast of U.S. (above 5.9). I suspect it will be in the NW.

14. Dreamgirls will be best picture and Jennifer Hudson will win Best Supporting Actress for her role as Effie.

2007 Predictions
Oregon State Beavers Civil War Katie Couric Capistrano Gold Silver Oil DJIA USD Israel Iran Condi Rice Obama Hillary Clinton Al Gore Global Warming Earthquake Leo Wanta Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson Academy Awards Oscar
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2 Responses to “A Baker’s Dozen Plus One, Predictions for 2007!”

  1. You can think what you “Wanta”; maybe you’re right; but I like the old admonition to avoid the appearance of impropriety make sure Wanta stays clear of major investment opportunities. Maybe he could have Jeff Skilling act as his advisor; not that I’m calling Wanta a crook; but if it looks and smells like it, for goodness sakes, don’t step in it.

  2. FWIW–I predicted that the Beavs would finish no less than 3rd in the Pac-10. Was I right, or what?

    Interesting call on the black presidential candidate for the next election. I don’t see Dr. Rice competing well in the primaries, if she runs at all. I do, however, see Barrack Obama being a very popular choice, even to the point of bringing over some disenfranchised Republicans. Note that I’m not judging the quality of his candidacy for President, just his potential for really appealing to a lot of people.

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