Oh My God, No!

Worse than anyone competing for a spot on American Idol. Unable to carry a tune. Not sure she even knows the words. It’s Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton singing the National Anthem:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton American Idol Mover Mike


2 Responses to “Oh My God, No!”

  1. You might have been kind enough to post this with a much stronger warning, Mike, such as “Wait one hour after eating before watching!” or something to that effect.

    Anyone who has just eaten will no doubt be able to make that New Year’s resolution of losing weight a reality by playing this after every meal.

    Yeah, okay, so maybe it’s called bulimia… But up until clicking on this YouTube I had been able to accomplish ONLY the “binge” part of my “diet.” Watching Hillary do anything even remotely patriotic has allowed me the opportunity to accomplish the “purge!”

    Will have that spare tire off me in no time, thanks to you, Mike! Appreciate it…

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