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Ford, Biggest Loss!

Ford Motor Co. lost $5.8 billion in the fourth quarter amid slumping sales and huge restructuring costs, pushing the fabled automaker’s deficit for the year to $12.7 billion, the largest in its 103-year history.

Ford’s new entry in the SUV market is the Edge, a name seemingly appropriate for a company that recently borrowed $18 Billion.

The Penny May Be Gone Soon!

Two things came together this evening for me. I saw this Copper Chart by Lars Lindgren at JS Mineset

(Click chart to enlarge in PDF format)

Then came this article from GATA:

Raw material prices in general have skyrocketed in the last five years, sending copper prices to record highs of $4.16 a pound in May. Copper pennies number 154 to a pound.

Copper as the chart indicates has fallen to $2.50 a pound, That means a penny is worth more than $.01, almost double and if Lindgren is right then will be worth much more. But only pennies minted prior to 1982.

Since 1982, the Mint began making copper-coated zinc pennies to prevent metals speculators from taking advantage of lofty base metal prices.

The best solution says Francois Velde, senior economist at the Chicago Fed, would be to “rebase” the penny by making it worth five cents rather than one cent.

Save all those pre-1982 pennies, they may be worth a nickel!


It Is Your Work, But Do I Need Permission?

A little chill went up my spine the other day when I received this email, edited for confidentiality:

“My name is ——-. I noticed you are using the article
that I wrote on ———and ——– for Ultimate
Magazine in the Oregonian. I know you did not receive permission from me
to use that article. Did you receive permission from the Oregonian?
Thank you for responding to this email.”

How should someone who owns a blog respond? I responded in part this way:

Blogs all over the
internet quote from media sources all the time without seeking permission
and we never use the information as if it were our own. We have quoted from
an article of yours in the past about —– on ——, an
article that appeared in Homes & Gardens. Our understanding was that it was
ok to quote as long as we did not change the thrust of the piece and gave
credit to the author.

The author of the email responded:

Allrighty, I have talked with the Oregonian. As a contractor to the
Oregonian, I own the rights to my work after the Oregonian prints the
article. Writing books and articles is how I make my living. When I write
articles or books contracts are signed, payments are made. When another
newspaper/organization re-prints my articles, they pay me.

… I would like you to remove
my articles from it (your blog) unless you want to pay me for my work. I am assuming you
do not. When people lift my articles to promote their business, products,
etc. I’m essentially working for that organization for free. Although I do
free work for charities sometimes, this is not one of those cases.

I can only liken this to my coming into your store, taking a piece of
furniture out of it, featuring it in my own store to promote my business,
and not paying you.

Thank you for taking my work off your website.

Before taking her work off my site, I emailed her

I will be happy to remove your articles from our blog. Let me mention that when I Googled (Your Name) Portland, the first mention of you was on page 2 and the next two entries were (the two articles attributed to you on our blog). Our site gets 80 visitors a day from all over the world and I assume that more know (Your Name) now than before because our audience is more world wide than The Oregonian’s and especially since the piece was in Ultimate which has a circulation of what, 50,000?

I don’t think your (Furniture store) analogy is apt. If you take a piece of furniture from our shop and put it in yours, no one knows about our shop. By using your work to support our business more people are learning about (Your Name). What is the difference between using parts of your article and singling you out, and reviewing a book and quoting parts of the book and giving attribution to the author and even recommending the book. Like a book review, we didn’t quote the entire article, which encourages those who want to go online to read the whole thing. However, in the case of the Ultimate article, it is NOT online.

I have never thought that I was taking and not giving something in return. Sometimes I am amazed where links to our blog show up. One more thing, each quarter we email (our mailing list) reminding them of the articles we have posted on our blog. It’s one more shot at someone reading your article, another shot a recognition that could lead to another article on which you get paid.

Am I wrong? If we had to get permission for every quote we use in a post we would never post anything. Aren’t we doing the correct thing by quoting and attributing? Help me out here.

Quotes Attribution Copyright Mover Mike

Ron Paul for President

You may not have heard, it certainly didn’t seem to get much presss, but Congressman Ron Paul from Texas is running for presiden as a Republican in the upcoming 2008 elections. Ron Paul knows that U.S. Gold Reserves have not had an independent audit since the 1950’s. Ron Paul is the one who would ask:

1.) Why do we value our gold at $42.22 per ounce when Euroland and Russia value it a market;
2.) Who’s gold is it; the citizens?, the Treasuries?, or the Federal Reserve’s?
3.) How is it we are using unconstitutional money that is not even redeemable instead of the Constitutional mandate that a dollar is 371.25 grains of fine silver?

Congressman Paul has proven he is the only Federal politician who supports these issues. Congressman Ron Paul’s email is the following: http://www.house.gov/paul/contact.shtml.

Ron Paul Ron Paul for President Gold Mover Mike

Further Thoughts About the SOTU

Couple of further thoughts about the SOTU speech:

Did you notice that both President Bush and VP Cheney drank water at the same time last night. Bush put his down first and started speaking while Cheney was still drinking. That Cheney is pretty talented!

What’s with Russ Feingold and Kucinich being buddy buddies with Bush last night?

I saw Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the audience with her cold smile:

I was reminded of the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart remark after viewing Hillary’s smile, “That look…is where boners go to die.”

Did you notice two things in the speech.

First, Bush said

And to further protect America against severe disruptions to our oil supply, I ask Congress to double the current capacity of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

We currently have a SPR that contains 700 Million barrels of oil. We import 12 Million barrels of oil per day. At that rate it would take 60 days to double the SPR’s size. If we imported an extra 2 million barrels of oil it would take another 350 days. I can imagine with supplies so tight, that oil prices will be moving higher. I wonder, is the threat of a larger war an impetus for a doubling of reserves?

Second, for all the talk lately about Bush doing a 180 on Global Warming, Bush only said one sentence about it, calling it “climate change”:

These technologies will help us become better stewards of the environment – and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change.

SOTU Bush Strategic Petroleum Reserve” Climate Change Mover Mike

Sen. Obama, Dirty?

From Judicial Watch,

For the second time in two months Illinois Senator Barack (Hussein) Obama, who plans to run for president in 2008, is defending his strong and unethical ties to a shady political fundraiser indicted for taking hefty kickbacks on government deals.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama Antoin Rezko Corruption Mover Mike

That Old Devil, Global Warming

“the coldest outbreak in years” is expected for large parts of the U.S. between Feb. 2-6.

Cold Weather U.S. Mover Mike

Thoughts on the State of the Union Speech

Some thoughts about the State of the Union speech tonight. I thought the domestic part, the first part was very well organized and had a theme. It didn’t jump around promising something to everyone like so many in the past of both parties: a few salient ideas. Smaller government the theme, with an emphasis on market solutions and a warning that something must be done about entitlements.

Where Bush is especially good is his use of code words: morality, liberty, honor, sacrifice. The speech about Iraq was chilling. I think one must be blind not to see the heavy, black, war clouds in the background. He outlined the stakes: it is our civilization and our freedoms at stake. He outlined the pending civil war between the Sunnis, supported by Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and the Shias, supported by Syria and Iran, with only the U.S. able to keep the Middle East from sliding into chaos. Then most chilling of all, the words Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons and then seeing Nancy Pelosi stand to applaud. I see no good end from all of this. With all that’s at stake, do we pull out if the 20,000 new troops fail or do we escalate again? And does someone in Iran lose his head over our ships in the Gulf precipitating a massive exchange of weapons?

One more observation: The Democratic response was quite good. Webb acknowledges something that is in the craw of many of us in the middle class, when he said that the CEO’s salary has increased to 400 times the yearly salary of the worker. Many of are upset over this widening gap. I don’t think government has a solution. What are they going to do deflate the income of the CEO and inflate the wages of the worker and make our products even more uncompetitive?

On the war all I heard from Webb is get the hell out and no acknowledgement of what we stand to lose if the Islamofacsists win.
State of the Union Speech Bush Webb Iraq Syria Iran Mover Mike

The Oscars Require Film Viewing

Now that the Oscar nominations are out, movie fans now have a little over a month to see all the nominated films and performances before voting.

I have the following movies or performances still left to see:

Leonardo DiCaprio – BLOOD DIAMOND
Ryan Gosling – HALF NELSON
Peter O’Toole – VENUS


My work is cut out. The ones in Bold are the ones we’ll probably see.


Marvelous little list of things you would give up if the Islamofascists took over in the U.S. over at Prying1 in A Lesson For Liberals.

BTW, Prying1 has this quote at the top of his blog:

It is not a sin to be ignorant but it is a sin to remain ignorant. – – prying1, 2006

That’s pretty close to my view of stupidity. Let me paraphrase: It is not a sin to be stupid but it is a sin to spout stupidity.

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