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6.2 in South Sandwich Islands

MAP 6.2 2007/02/28 23:13:20 -55.174 -29.184 35.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION

Mover Mike’s Oscar Predictions

Overall, I don’t expect this year to get over half of the total nominations right, but here are the majors:

# Will win
* Should win

Best Picture-Correct
“The Departed” #
“Letters from Iwo Jima”
“Little Miss Sunshine”
“The Queen”

Best Actor in a Leading Role-Correct
Leonardo DiCaprio for “Blood Diamond”
Ryan Gosling for “Half Nelson”
Peter O’Toole for “Venus”
Will Smith for “The Pursuit Of Happyness”
Forest Whitaker for “The Last King Of Scotland” #

Best Actress in a Leading Role-Correct
Penélope Cruz for “Volver”
Judi Dench for “Notes On A Scandal”
Helen Mirren for “The Queen” #
Meryl Streep for “The Devil Wears Prada”
Kate Winslet for ” Little Children”

Best Director-Correct
Clint Eastwood for “Letters From Iwo Jima”
Stephen Frears for “The Queen”
Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu for “Babel”
Paul Greengrass for “United 93”
Martin Scorsese for “The Departed” #

Best Supporting Actor-Wrong
Alan Arkin for “Little Miss Sunshine”-Winner
Jackie Earle Haley for “Little Children”
Djimon Hounsou for “Blood Diamond”
Eddie Murphy for “Dreamgirls” #
Mark Wahlberg for “The Departed”

Best Supporting Actress-Correct
Adriana Barraza for “Babel”
Cate Blanchett for “Notes On A Scandal”
Abigail Breslin for “Little Miss Sunshine”
Jennifer Hudson for “Dreamgirls” #
Rinko Kikuchi for “Babel”

Best Foreign Film-The “Should Win” Did Win
“After the Wedding ” (Denmark)
“Days of Glory” (Algeria)
“The Lives Of Others” (Germany)*-Winner
“Pan’s Labyrinth” (Mexico) #
“Water” (Canada)

Best Screenplay – Adapted-Wrong
Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines,
Peter Baynham and Dan Mazer for “Borat”
Alfonso Cuarón & Timothy J. Sexton for “Children of Men”#
William Monahan for “The Departed”-Winner
Todd Field & Tom Perrotta for “Little Children”
Patrick Marber for “Notes On A Scandal”

Best Screenplay – Original-Wrong
Guillermo Arriaga for “Babel”
Iris Yamashita for “Letters from Iwo Jima”
Michael Arndt for “Little Miss Sunshine”-Winner
Guillermo Del Toro for “Pan’s Labyrinth” #
Peter Morgan for “The Queen”

Academy Awards Oscars Predictions Mover Mike


Out of 24 catagories, I was correct on 15 and wrong on 9. Not bad.

An Inconvenient Science Fiction

Patrick J. Michaels, senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute and author of Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media, has written about An Inconvenient Truth in NRO. I call global warming a hoax, Michaels, great last name, calls it science fiction. Some highlights:

According to Al Gore, unless we do something serious, 630,000 cubic miles of ice on Greenland will melt and by 2100, sea levels will rise over 20 feet. Michaels writes:

According to satellite data published in Science in November 2005, Greenland was losing about 25 cubic miles of ice per year. Dividing that by 630,000 yields the annual percentage of ice loss, which, when multiplied by 100, shows that Greenland was shedding ice at 0.4 percent per century.(emphasis added)

Science published another paper showing that the recent acceleration of Greenland’s ice loss from its huge glaciers has suddenly reversed.

Al Gore wants us to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Michaels writes:

The Kyoto Protocol, if fulfilled by every signatory, would reduce global warming by 0.07 degrees Celsius per half-century. That’s too small to measure, because the earth’s temperature varies by more than that from year to year.

I love this: Michaels writes that President Bush proposes we reduce gasoline consumption by 20% over the next decade by converting corn to ethanol.

But it’s well-known that even if we turned every kernel of American corn into ethanol, it would displace only 12 percent of our annual gasoline consumption. The effect on global warming, like Kyoto, would be too small to measure, though the U.S. would become the first nation in history to burn up its food supply to please a political mob.

See here my post about Ethanol, Another Boondoggle!

An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore Patrick J. Michaels Greenland Ethanol Corn Mover Mike

Reluctance to Face Evil

Do you remember the movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson?

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son.

I was reminded of the movie when I read the weekly column by J. R. Nyquist, this week titled EVIL IN POLITICS. Nyquist writes:

The sad truth is, we refuse to recognize evil because we don’t want the responsibility and the risk involved in fighting evil. To see a great evil makes one responsible for doing something. The moral choice is clear. If you see a baby crawling towards a cliff, you have a responsibility to pull the baby from danger.

From the actions of Sadaam, we knew he was evil. He killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; he gassed them, executed them. He invaded two countries. He committed acts of military aggression against two neighboring countries.

His people suffered decades under a regime of arbitrary arrest, torture and murder.

From the mouth of Ahmajinedad comes evil. He threatens a holocaust with his new nuclear weapons and he threatens the U.S. with destruction and he appears to be aligned with a resurgent Russia, who crows that its ICBMs named Satan are still aimed at America.

Do we sense the danger? No. We are busy clinging to a high lifestyle. We want to enjoy the good things. We spend money we do not have. We borrow and encourage an entitlement mentality in our young people. We’ve lost our thrift. We no longer believe in duty. And now we haven’t the time or the energy to recognize enemies (foreign and domestic). For those who think the U.S. is playing the “great” international game, I have news. The U.S. isn’t playing at all. The U.S. doesn’t have a coherent strategy and doesn’t possess institutions capable of coming up with one. We are fighting a war “against terror” while the big enemies with the big battalions set us up for the kill. America is not as powerful as people generally think. Military power is often misunderstood because of its complexity. You see, even if Russia and China are weaker than the United States (and that is debatable), their ruthlessness grants them a kind of power that we cannot master. It is the power that every dictator builds upon.

And what do we do in this country in the face of evil. We see evil in President Bush who had the courage to stand up for the UN and take out Sadaam. We see our military as evil for making prisoners wear dresses or strip naked in front of women at Abu Ghraib. Do you know what Sadaam did to his prisoners? We nanner-nanner at the “wicked oil companies”, while we drive SUVs that get 12 to 15 miles a gallon; a gallon which costs us less than $2.50, when it should be $5.00 to $7.00 per gallon to encourage us to utilize new technologies.

We tolerate fools in this country who would wad our Constitution, destroy our currency, spend us into the poor house, make us beholden to foreigners, export the production of critical systems to China, count Putin as our friend and attempt to force our one friend in the Middle East, Israel, into stupid “land for peace” schemes. We worry more about the hoax of global warming and the death of Anna Nicole-Smith than about the evil that gloats at our ineptitude.

There are voices today, just as there were in 1936. There are environmental fascists, socialists, minority racists and America-haters. Do we remember what such voices signify? Promising freedom they will deliver the exact opposite.

Benjamin Martin reconized the dangers ahead and still he was reluctant to get involved until his son was murdered. Maybe, he was reluctant because remembered how dirty he had to get to counter evil. What will it take for us to get involved?

The Patriot J. R. Nyquist Iraq Iran Putin Mover Mike

Update on Maupin, Oregon Quakes


Robert Somerville noticed my interest in earthquakes in Maupin, Oregon and did some other inquiries and found that others have a peaked interest in the area, too.
Earthscope, with the help of the government and universities, has installed an array of instruments across the west

…a continental-scale seismic observatory designed to provide a foundation for integrated studies of continental lithosphere and deep Earth structure over a wide range of scales. USArray will provide new insight and new data to address fundamental questions in earthquake physics, volcanic processes, core-mantle interactions, active deformation and tectonics, continental structure and evolution, geodynamics, and crustal fluids (magmatic, hydrothermal, and meteoric).

Earthscope tells Somerville

This array gives us a lower threshold of quake detection then we previously had, which means it is quite possible these type of earthquakes have been occurring for quite some time right under our noses.

We are definitely watching this area with much interest and once we learn more we will post it to our site.

Earthscope’s site has a wonderful map of the array with a menu of each year since 2004 showing how the array has grown. I have subscribed to their newsletter. They intend to shed more light on the mystery. Is Maupin more active or just better detection?

Maupin, Oregon Earthscope Mover Mike

6.2 Near Peru

MAP 6.2 2007/02/24 02:36:23 -6.915 -80.321 15.4 NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU

The Quakes in Maupin

Maupin, Oregon, geologically, has been more active recently and I have been searching for clues as to why. One possible reason: the subduction zone built the Cascades and may be responsible for the Maupin quakes. It also could be related to the activity in the Three Sisters or Newberry Crater.

In addition, to the north of maupin, at Tygh Valley is an anticline that has been active.

In structural geology, an anticline
is a fold that is convex up or to the youngest beds.

Maupin Earthquakes Anticline Mover Mike


MAP 1.1 2007/02/23 18:46:56 45.367 -121.713 3.4 19 km ( 12 mi) SSW of Parkdale, OR

Oregon Earthquakes

MAP 4.4 2007/02/23 09:38:19 43.143 -126.854 10.0 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON

MAP 2.0 2007/02/23 14:43:46 45.126 -120.933 17.0 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR


American Idol Tonight–WOW!

12 women competed for ten spots tonight and they set the bar very high. The night was so much better than last night!

I loved Stephanie. She was sexy, great hair and great voice.



I loved Sabrina–I immediately thought of Barbara Streisand. What a voice and what emotion.

Antonelli–nervous, bad enunciation, cute, looks like my daughter, but will be lucky to make it past Thursday.

I loved Jordin–!!

Nicole–great voice, funky, weird body movements and weird song.

Haley–Great voice, but Miss America-ish.

I loved Melinda–“She blew it out the box, baby!”

Elena–seems to need better breath control.

I loved Gina

I loved LaKisha–my word, this lady has a big future!

American Idol Mover Mike

What Two Men Will Be Voted Off?

This will come as a shock: Based on last nights calling, DialIdol.com has the top three men most likely to NOT be voted off as:

1-4 Odds Sundance Head
1-10 Odds Sanjaya Malakar
1-10 Odds Chris Richardson

Boy I have it exactly opposite. These three I have as MOST likely to be voted off on Thursday.

American Idol DialIdol.com Mover Mike

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