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Got a comment from pril at i count to 4 advising me check out

Mike is awesome and has some discussion going on about (George) Taylor.

Over at SOS Forests, Michael E. Dubrasich has posted an article titled Debunking Global Warming Once and For All and has this chart that I’ve not seen before:

I see a strong correlation between sunspot activity and temperature, but a negative corelation with CO2! SOS thinks that we are in a period between glacial periods called the Holocene.

We are reaching the end of the Holocene. It has already gone on 2,500 years longer than average. Solar irradiation is declining with the slow but steady pace of astral rhythms

He believes Al Gore and the Global warming crowd have it exactly wrong and thinks we are on the verge of another Ice Age.

SOS Forests goes on in another post about the IPCC. He quotes The Oregonian writing about the report:

About 85 percent of Oregon’s release of greenhouse gases is in the form of carbon dioxide.


The major source of carbon dioxide emissions is the burning of fossil fuels.

Then they broke down the CO2 emissions into percentages: 42.5 power plants, 37.7 transportation, 11.9 industry, 4.6 residential, 3.3 commercial.

Then SOS writes

Note that forest fires are not mentioned, nor is biological decomposition. Individually the B & B Fire in 2003 released more greenhouse gases in two weeks than all human-generated GHG’s that year in Oregon. The Biscuit Fire of 2002 was five times bigger than the B & B. (emphasis added)

Let me repeat that the B & B fire consumed 90,769 acres in 2003 released more greenhouse gases in two weeks than all human generated greenhouse gases in Oregon in that year. SOS continues on:

Nationally, 9,725,000 acres burned in wildfires last year, and an additional 2,845,000 burned in prescribed fires.

Are you starting to get an inkling why George Talor and so many more scientists are saying global warming is a hoax. Suppose SOS Forests is right about the ending of the Holocene. Some people caught up in the global warming hoax are today saying, one way to halt global warming is to freeze CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it.Cold Storage Solution For Global Warming? Carbon Dioxide Could Be Frozen In Underground Reservoirs

Come on people, can you smell the stupidity?

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  1. Mover Mike:

    You made me post Barbara Boxer on Global Warming, and she signed me up to one of her PACs! Here’s a slightly edited post I submitted to Mike D on the topic:

    If a recognizable model of a human can be made from five or six popsicle sticks, then a number of the current hagiarchy apparently think they can use those figures, apply vast strings of numbers and giant computers to crunch them, and then tell you where the human race will be in 30 years. That is what climate modeling is. That is why I suspect George Taylor may be upset — his scientific training makes him a skeptic when it comes to highly politicized science, and Kulongoski’s use of our tax money to send Bradbury around the State testing the politcal waters for Al Gore sure seems like politics, don’t it?.

    About 15 years ago, at an international global warming/carbon sequestration at OSU, I delivered an analysis of computerized climate models as reflected by documented historical forest conditions in the western US. Other scientists from Russia, China, Canada, and the US also delivered papers at the conference, and the results were published by EPA in 1993 (I’ll send a link to anyone interested). The forest predictive models that were being used at that time to reflect climate change had the same flaws noted by George Taylor and Portland’s Chuck Weise for current climate models:

    a) they couldn’t accurately (or even close) predict the past;

    b) they were incredibly simplistic, given the nature and complexity of the systems they purport to predict (see “popsicle stick man”);

    c) there were vast “gaps” in scale between the types of data gathered, the timeframes considered, and the long-term, global-scale predictions this stuff was claiming to produce. The problem was exacerbated by attempts to use multiple models to “span” these gaps.

    That was before Al Gore got on the problem, though, and Governor Ted rushed to his aid in Oregon. My own scientific research is in the area of western US catastrophic wildfires; my professional expertise is in reforestation and reforestation planning; and I have had some experience with computerized predictive models, including writing peer-reviewed publications on the topic. Here’s my best advice, based on those perspectives, if we want to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible in Oregon, and want to make good money doing it:

    1) Stop unnecessary forest wildfires — a massive source of carbon in the sky — and protect our remaining (and highly threatened) old-growth at the same time by a comprehensive and sustained effort to remove competing brush and ladder fuels.

    2) Log as many snags as possible as quickly as possible and turn them into solid wood products and electricity. The power is an off-set, but solid wood products will last longer than rotting snags–especially when the snags reburn. At this time there is a superabundance and unprecedented great number of dead trees in western Oregon. Their principal “function” (Conservation Biology-speak) seems to be to burst into incredibly hot and destructive flames from time to time, thereby further accelerating the carbon in the air problem, killing ever more wildlife, and destroying ever greater amounts of wildlife habitat and cultural resources. And threatening rural residents and communities, etc.

    3) Plant a lot of healthy young trees to replace the dead trees, and begin regular maintenance with prescribed fire to protect the old-growth. The people doing this work would be ideally equipped and trained and located to manage occasional wildfires, further reducing long-term operating costs.

    Trust me. If this prescription is followed, the Kulongoski crew will be boggled by the amount of carbon credits they can give to each other, and even to other states (California) and countries (Canada)! Plus, we’ll have great increases in stable, well-paid, skilled, full-time employment and good schools in our rural Oregon communities again; safe, beautiful, and attracitve forestlands; more wildlife, wildflowers, and wild berries; and a lot more carbon in our electricity, wood products, forests, and soil, and not in the air. Honest.

    Bob Zybach

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